I went 12-4 in week 12. My season record improves to 110-77 (.588). Next season, I should probably try to pick games against the spread, because pick ems have been a bit too easy. I do not say that to brag about how I performed because I think many people could be successful just picking games. For now, I will finish out the season with the pick ems though. I am still undefeated when picking Eagles games, but this weeks Eagles game will be the toughest one to pick yet.

Thursday Night

Washington (5-6) at Cowboys (5-6)

The Cowboys are reeling. I don’t think that gets fixed this week. There will still be no Elliot and no Sean Lee. Tyrone Smith will probably be back, but now RT La’el Collins is injured and may not play. Washington moves into second place in the NFC East, and Dallas falls to 5-7.

Washington 24- Cowboys 9

Sunday 1pm

Vikings (9-2)  at Falcons (7-4)

This is easily the game to watch in the 1 o’clock hour. The Falcons have been playing much better, in part due to their success on first down. The race for both the NFC South, and the NFC wildcard, is tight, and Falcons cannot afford a loss. But, the Vikings are tough and are in a tight race of their own for the 1st overall seed. Vikings take this one as the better team.

Vikings 24- Falcons 21 


Patriots (9-2) at Bills (6-5)

The Patriots win. Patriots are too good to lose to a team that has lost 3 of their last 4 games.

Patriots 30- Bills 20


49ers (1-10) at Bears (3-8)

Jimmy Garoppolo makes his first start for the 49ers. I think it goes well. The Bears are not good. They are poorly coached, and their offense is a mess. Kyle Shanahan finally has a decent QB to coach up. It will be fun to see what the 49ers do.

49ers 24- Bears 10


Broncos (3-8) at Dolphins (4-7)

A battle between two teams that are a mess. The Broncos have thrown 3 QBs out so far, and all 3 have been bad. Meanwhile, the Dolphins have been among the worst offenses in the league, despite having “offensive guru” Adam Gase at head coach. When two teams this bad play, how do you pick a winner? I pick the Broncos just because they have a better defense, but I honestly have no clue in this game.

Broncos 10- Dolphins 7


Lions (6-5) at Ravens (6-5)

Ravens have only beaten bad QBs, mostly because they have a bad QB, and it is hard for bad QBs to beat good QBS. The Lions have a good QB. The Ravens will lose this game. Their defense is good, but their offense is a joke, and Joe Flacco is awful.

Lions 20- Ravens 6


Buccaneers (4-7) at Packers (5-6)

Jameis Winston is back this week, but will he get back to form right away? Does it matter when playing the Packers without Aaron Rodgers? This is another game that doesn’t matter at all, but I have to pick all 16 games so I will say the Bucs win.

Bucs 27- Packers 24


Texans (4-7) at Titans (7-4)

Tom Savage cannot stop turning the ball over. While Marcus Mariota seems to have taken a step back this year, the Titans should still be able to beat Tom Savage.

Titans 17- Texans 6


Colts (3-8) at Jaguars (7-4)

The Jaguars need a bounce-back win and will get it against the Colts.

Jaguars 20- Colts 3


Chiefs (6-5) at Jets (4-7)

The Chiefs have just been awful, and are so bad they may have to consider a QB change. For now, Alex Smith is still the QB. Can they right themselves against the Jets? I feel like they have to, they are in danger of losing the division to the Chargers.

Chiefs 17- Jets 16

Sunday 4pm

Browns (0-11) at Chargers (5-6)

It is the Browns, of course, the Chargers will win this one.

Chargers 100- Browns 0

Giants (2-9) at Raiders (5-6)

I do not understand why so many people made such a big deal about Eki Manning being benched. Eli has been awful the last couple years. And yes, it is not only his fault, but he does share some of the blame. Even at his peak, he was never this all-time great QB. Yet people act like him being benched for his poor play is the biggest travesty ever. My problem is benching him for Geno Smith as opposed to letting Davis Webb play. Regardless, any three of these QBs would lose to the Raiders, who while not good, are less of a mess than the Giants.

Raiders 20- Giants 0


Rams (8-3)  at Cardinals (5-6)

The Rams dominated the last time they played the Cardinals, which took place in London. I see a similar result the second time. The Rams are just a much better team, and the Cardinals have mostly been terrible when they play good teams.

Rams 35- Cardinals 17


Panthers (8-3) at Saints (8-3)

Another great game. The Saints won the first matchup, but these are both different, and better teams than they were when they last played. But I think the Saints still win. Cam Newton is too wildly inconsistent this season to trust. Even if he does play great, the Saints are still a better team.

Saints 30- Panthers 27

Sunday Night

Eagles (10-1) at Seahawks (7-4)

The Eagles are heavy favorites in this game. It is rare the Seahawks are this big of underdogs in their own home. Fact is, the Eagles are better than the Seahawks. Especially with Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor injured. The big line makes me nervous, but I think Eagles win a close one.

Eagles 24- Seahawks 21

Monday Night

Steelers (9-2) at Bengals (5-6)

Steelers win, and this will be yet another boring Monday Night Football game.

Steelers 30- Bengals 17