I spent all Monday night thinking I had picked the Falcons to win. Then, I go to start writing this article, and double check last weeks predictions to see how I did, and realize, I picked the Seahawks. The mind and the ego will do some impressive gymnastics to make you feel better I guess. I still managed to go 9-5 picking games this week, but it was very disappointing to learn that I was rooting for the Falcons to improve my predictions. My season record is now 98-73 (.573). I improved to 10-0 picking Eagles games as well. Picking the Eagles is easy because they always win. No teams have a bye this week. So there are 16 games to pick.

Thanksgiving Games

Vikings (8-2) at Lions (6-4)

The Vikings have been playing great, but the Lions won the matchup between these teams earlier in the year, and it was because they matched up well. They still match up well. Their defense can stop the Vikings offense. In a close game, that is low scoring, I will bet on Matthew Stafford to make a play before Case Keenum does.

Lions 17- Vikings 13


Chargers (4-6) at Cowboys (5-5)

The Cowboys will not have Ezekial Elliot on Thursday, and will also be without Sean Lee. They do not win games when Sean Lee doesn’t play. With Tyrone Smith likely returning, their offense might play better than it has, but their defense will continue to struggle, and it will cost them another loss.

Chargers 31- Cowboys 24


Giants (2-8) at Washington (4-6)

The Giants managed to get a win against the Chiefs, but they are still a bad team. Washington is not going to fail to score a TD like KC did. All a win would do for the Giants is cost them a chance to draft one of the top QBs coming out in this draft.

Washington 27- Giants 17

Sunday 1pm games

Bears (3-7) at Eagles (9-1)

The Eagles should take this game fairly easily. The Bears are a bad team, and the Eagles are a very good team. I have a hard time seeing Mitch Trubisky having success, in Philly, against this defense. However, the Bears have gotten a couple upset wins this year, so Philly cannot just come in expecting to win this game. Still, the Eagles should and will win this game/

Eagles 35- Bears 10


Buccaneers (4-6) at Falcons(6-4)

The Falcons have only been okay, but the Bucs have been bad. I will take ok over bad any day of the week.

Falcons 27- Bucs 20


Bills (5-5) at Chiefs (6-4)

A battle of the two imploding teams. Neither team has won a game in November. They have been an embarrassment in recent weeks. So what team rights the ship. If the Bills run Nathan Peterman out there at QB again, it will surely be the Chiefs. Even if Tyrod Taylor plays though, I will give the Chiefs the edge since it is a home game.

Chiefs 20- Bills 7


Browns (0-10) at Bengals (4-6)

Browns lose because they are the Browns.

Bengals 20- Bengals 3


Titans (6-4) at Colts (3-7)

The Titans are a mediocre team, but even they will beat the Colts. The Colts are a disaster, and they may be running their franchise QB out of town because of how incompetent their owner Jim Irsay is.

Titans 27- Colts 17


Dolphins (4-6) at Patriots(8-2)

Come on, this isn’t even a question. Pats win.

Patriots 38- Dolphins 13


Panthers (7-3) at Jets (4-6)

Picking Panthers games is tough because there is no logic to when they play well. I will say they lose this game because they are due for a bad game, and the Jets have been scrappy this year, winning games just when you start to count them out.

Jets 20- Panthers 17

Sunday 4pm games

Seahawks (6-4) at 49ers (1-9)

Even without 2/3rds of the Legion of Boom, the Seahawks will beat the 49ers. However, if Jimmy Garoppolo plays, it could get interesting. I think the Seahawks get a win either way though.

Seahawks 26- 49ers 20


Broncos (3-7) at Raiders (4-6)

The Broncos and Raiders were both supposed to be much better than this. Yet, here we are. The Raiders have been bad, but the Broncos have played even worse. The Raiders manage to get a win.

Raiders 30- Broncos 17

Saints (8-2) at Rams (7-3)

The Saints defense struggled to stop Washington’s offense. The Rams have a chance to really pick on the Saints defense if Washington can have success. This should be a high scoring game. Ebb and flow, makes me think the Rams will take it in the end.

Rams 38- Saints 35


Jaguars (7-3) at Cardinals (4-6)

Jaguars get another fairly easy game. The Cardinals have been stepped over whenever they played a team with a winning record. That is not likely to change against the Jags.

Jags 20- Cardinals 6

Sunday Night

Packers (5-5) at Steelers (8-2)

The Steelers defense has been playing very well, and that isn’t likely to change as they take on Brett Hundley who has looked very poor so far this season. The Steelers have had a couple let down games, but I do not think this will be one.

Steelers 30- Packers 10

Monday Night

Texans (4-6) at Ravens (5-5)

I do not like either of these teams. The Texans were the real deal with Deshaun Watson at QB, but with Tom Savage, they are not good on offense. The Ravens have been awful on offense as well with Joe Flacco having the worst season of his career. Still, the Ravens are at home and have the edge on defense.

Ravens 13- Texans 6