I went 9-5 last week. This brings my season record to 89-68. A record that is good for a winning percentage of .567. Now my career winning percentage is way better than Marvin Lewis. If you are curious why I keep picking on Lewis when there are many other bad head coaches in the league, none of them have been around as long as he has. Usually, mediocrity loses you the job. But with Marvin, he gets to keep his job. He is just like Jeff Fischer was. I am sure Lewis will make a fine coordinator, or College coach when he finally loses his job though. Anyway, back to the topic, I am on a hot streak and would like to keep it that way. I remained undefeated picking Eagles games, but to be fair they didn’t play, so that was a given. It is the final week with teams on a bye. It was supposed to be six teams, but the Bucs and Dolphins bye weeks were moved to week 1 after their week 1 matchup was postponed due to a hurricane. The Panthers, Colts, Jets, and Niners all have a bye. After this, it is back to having 16 games every week.

Thursday Night

Titans (6-3) at Steelers (7-2)

Steelers are tough to predict because they have had weeks where they are just off. They had one last week, yet managed to pull it together enough to win. Still, I can’t judge games like that. The Steelers are the better team, so they will probably win.

Steelers 24- Titans 17

Sunday 1pm

Lions (5-4) at Bears (3-6)

The Lions were in a funk, but luckily, they have had a stretch of weak opponents to right the ship. Now they get to play the lowly Bears, coached by the incompetent John Fox. So the Lions should win again. And they need to win. They are two games behind the Vikings, and the NFC Wildcard race is tight between the Lions, Panthers, Falcons, Seahawks, and Cowboys. The Lions have lost to two of those teams, so they do not have a ton of room for error.

Lions 26- Bears 16


Jaguars (6-3) at Browns (0-9)

The Jaguars played ugly last week but got the win. Now, they get a bit of a gimme game against the Browns. The Browns are hot garbage. The Jaguars should not have much trouble here.

Jaguars 31- Browns 14


Ravens (4-5) at Packers (5-4)

Both these teams are bad. The Packers are bad only because of a tragic injury to their QB. The Ravens are bad because they have little talent on offense, and their QB has fallen apart. Still, their defense is good enough to handle Brett Hundley.

Ravens 17- Packers 7


Chiefs (6-3) at Giants (1-8)

The Chiefs are in a major funk. They have lost three of their last four games. The only game they won was against the Broncos, who are in an even bigger funk. The Chiefs were lucky enough to get a  bye, and then a chance to play the Giants out of the bye. The Giants seem like a team that has given up. Chiefs get back on track here.

Chiefs 35- Giants 10


Rams (7-2) at Vikings (7-2)

This may be the game of the week. The battle for the bye in the playoffs and home field throughout is tight. Three teams are 7-2, and one is 8-1. Now either the Rams or the Vikings will be able to knock one of those four teams down. I lean towards the Rams, who have more firepower on offense while not being much worse on defense.

Rams 28- Vikings 24


Washington Football Team (4-5) at Saints (7-2)

Washington has had a tough go. There have been very few easy games for them of late. Their last four weeks they played the Vikings, Seahawks, Cowboys, and Eagles. Now, they have to play another top team in the Saints. The Saints are dominating right now. While I would be very happy if the Saints lost and gave the Eagles some breathing room, I do not think it happens here.

Saints 30- Washington 20


Cardinals (4-5) at Texans (3-6)

The Texans without DeShaun Watson are a bad team. Tom Savage is not a good NFL QB. Yet, the Cardinals will have Blaine Gabbert going up against him, so they are not in a much better place QB wise. Still, the Cardinals have won games when they play lesser teams like the Savage led Texans.

Cardinals 17- Texans 6


Buccaneers (3-6) at Dolphins (4-5)

The game that was supposed to be played in week 1. And oh how things have changed since then. At that point, people though Cutler could be good on the Dolphins with Adam Gase as head coach, and people thought the Bucs could compete for the playoffs. Clearly, both those thoughts were wrong. I think Ryan Fitzpatrick could have a good game here. The Dolphins have been shredded like swiss cheese through the air.

Bucs 24- Dolphins 13

Sunday 4pm

Bills (5-4) at Chargers (3-6)

The Bills made the baffling decision to bench Tyrod Taylor. I guess Taylor is to blame for allowing almost 300 rushing years and 6 rushing touchdowns last week. Who knows, maybe Nathan Peterman will be good. I doubt it, but maybe. Bills keep falling apart and lose to the Chargers. Melvin Gordon should have a fun day.

Chargers 30- Bills 10


Bengals (3-6) at Broncos (3-6)

Two teams who are both falling apart at the seams. Broncos have lost six of their last seven, and five in a row. The Bengals haven’t been on a losing streak like this, but have been just as bad overall. Both teams have managed to beat up on bad teams when they get the chance. I say the Broncos are due for a win, but this game is hard to choose either way.

Broncos 24- Bengals 20


Patriots (7-2) at Raiders (4-5)

The Patriots are clicking right now. They had the early speed bumps, but have dominated ever since. It would be foolish to pick against them when they are playing the way they are.

Patriots 31- Raiders 24

Sunday Night

Eagles (8-1) at Cowboys (5-4)

The Cowboys will be without Zeke and Sean Lee in this game. They may also be without Tyrone Smith. The Cowboys are 0-3 without Sean Lee. Their team defensive stats improve almost two-fold with him on the field. When he is off the field, they give up 32 points per game. With him on the field, they give up only 18 points per game, though granted against weaker competition. With the Eagles playing as great as they are, with weapons all over the field, and the defense dominating, Eagles take this one. If Tyrone Smith can’t play, they take it easy.

Eagles 35- Cowboys 17

Monday Night

Falcons (5-4) at Seahawks (6-3)

Did the Falcons get their mojo back, or was it just one good game against a banged up team? We will find out against the Seahawks, who also happen to be banged up. They won’t have a backup LT to exploit like they did against Dallas. I think The Falcons play a good game but lose to a better team.

Seahawks 24- Falcons 21