32. New York Giants (1-8)- Last Week- 30(-2)

They may have one win while the Browns do not, but the Browns haven’t given up on the season like the Giants have. Watching the corners put no effort at all into tackling the Rams players, convinced me that even the Browns could beat the Giants right now. They are a team that has already defeated themselves before they step onto the field.

31. Cleveland Browns (0-9)- Last Week- 32(+1)

Now, being better than the Giants is no feat. The Browns are still awful, and since they do not get to play the Giants, may very well go winless this year. This may have actually been their best game of the year, and they still came away looking bad because of their inability to stop the pass.

30. Houston Texans (3-6)- Last Week- 29(-1)

Tom Savage is not good. He was great when he was at Rutgers, but years of switching colleges did him no favors. He is now a below average QB, barely worthy of being a backup. The Texans are just a bad team with him behind center.

29. San Francisco 49ers (1-9)- Last Week- 31(+2)

The Niners got a win! It was against the Giants, but hey, when you are 0-9, you will take a win where you can get it. Even better, it seems like Jimmy Garoppolo may be able to play after the bye week.

28. Indianapolis Colts (3-7)- Last Week- 28

The Colts are a disaster. Now it seems like Andrew Luck may be done in Indy. Good for him. The Colts front office and ownership are a joke.

27. Miami Dolphins (4-5)- Last Week- 25(-2)

The Dolphins are bad. Offensive “guru” Adam Gase coaches the worst offense in the league. Take a time to consider the fact the Eagles liked both Adam Gase and Ben McAdoo, and many Eagles fans liked Hue Jackson, and then watch those coaches this year. Eagles made out well with Dougie P.

26. Cincinnati Bengals (4-6)- Last Week- 26

Fire Marvin Lewis.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6)- Last Week- 27(+2)

Hey, they won a game. No Jameis Winston, and no Mike Evans, and they win a game against the Jets. They still aren’t good, but it is curious they play best without those two players.

24. Arizona Cardinals (3-6)- Last Week- 24

Adrian Peterson hasn’t been great for Cardinals. He is getting a ton of carries, but averaging only 3.6 yards per carrying. Cardinals continue to only beat bad teams, and lose to any team that is half decent.

23. Chicago Bears (3-6)- Last Week- 22(-1)

Even without Aaron Rodgers, they can’t beat the Packers. I think John Fox has to go. He doesn’t even give his rookie QB a chance to be good.

22. Denver Broncos (3-6)- Last Week- 19(-3)

Speaking of bad coaching, Vance Joseph has been a disaster of a hire. Their offense is a disaster. Their special teams is an even bigger disaster. Isaiah McKenzie has muffed a punt in consecutive weeks, yet Joseph says he will stick with him at punt returner. Why? They can’t fire Joseph after only one year, but he does not look promising as a head coach.

21. Baltimore Ravens (4-5)- Last Week- 23(+2)

They didn’t play this week, so there isn’t much new to say for them. They go up because enough team sucked this week.

20. Green Bay Packers (5-4)- Last Week- 21(+1)

Well, they managed to win a game, but I still put their chances of making the playoffs at 0%. no Aaron, no playoffs. Beating the Bears doesn’t convince me otherwise.

19. LA Chargers (3-6)- Last Week- 18(-1)

Not sure what is more embarrassing. The Chargers-Jaguars game. The fact the Chargers lost the game. The Chargers first season in LA. The number of fans who show up to Chargers games. Or, the fact I have still been referring to them as the San Diego Chargers in these posts. Well, at least no one saw my embarrassment, then again, no one watches the Chargers either.

18. New York Jets (4-6)- Last Week- 15(-3)

What an awful loss after that big win over Buffalo. That may be the killing blow to the Jets season. At 4-6, they would need to go on a 10 game winning streak to make the playoffs.

17. Oakland Raiders (4-5)- Last Week- 20(+3)

Like the Ravens, the Raiders didn’t play, but they did benefit by other teams playing poorly, so they move up the rankings.

16. Buffalo Bills (5-4)- Last Week- 12(-4)

What a disaster. Two bad losses in a row. The Saints imposed their will on the Bills all game. They are still holding a playoff spot because the rest of the AFC after the top 6 teams is just awful, but the Bills need to get it together.

15. Washington Football Team (4-5)- Last Week- 13(-2)

After an emotional, hard-fought win in Seattle, the Washington Football team just had nothing in their game vs the Vikings. They didn’t really have a chance in this matchup, the Vikings threw all over them, and ran over them.

14. Tennesee Titans (6-3)- Last Week- 6(+2)

Marcus Mariota is starting to look more and more like himself every week. He is running again and is throwing better. If he gets back to form, the Titans and Jaguars will be in for an exciting race to win the AFC South.

13. Dallas Cowboys (5-4)- Last Week- 7(-6)

It is unclear if Tyrone Smith will be back this week against the Eagles, but Zeke Eliot and Sean Lee will be out of the game, and that hurts. Sean Lee is the most important player on that defense. When he is out, this defense is mediocre. He may be out multiple weeks, and at this point of the season, that could kill them. If Smith can’t go either, they are in deep trouble.

12. Detroit Lions (5-4)- Last Week- 17(+5)

They had a scare against the Browns, but as usual, after struggling early, Stafford made it happen late. I am still not convinced, but in a mediocre pool of teams, they have a chance of getting a wildcard.

11. Atlanta Falcons (5-4)- Last Week- 14(+3)

That was the best the Falcons have played since week 2 vs the Packers, and maybe only the second legitimately good game they have played all season. They got some help because of the Cowboys injuries, but maybe this is what they needed to turn it around. They have a tough road ahead, having to play the Saints twice, the Vikings, and the Seahawks.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-3)- Last Week- 10

An ugly win is better than an ugly loss. The game was awful, and Blake Bortles clearly did not want to win the game, but they won despite him. This defense is real, but the offense is a problem.

9. Carolina Panthers (7-3)- Last Week- 11(+2)

You never know what Panthers team will show up. Sometimes they look a mess, sometimes they look great. This week they looked great, and despite wild inconsistency, they are 7-3 and are in a position to compete if they can keep playing like this.

8. Kansas City Chiefs (6-3)- Last Week- 8 

The Chiefs needed that bye week. I hope for their sake, and for my sake as a Kareem Hunt fantasy owner, they figured something out in that off week. Andy Reid has always been great out of a bye.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3)- Last Week- 6(-1)

The Steelers got the win, but they did not look good. More and more the AFC is looking like a one team race, while the NFC has five Superbowl contenders. Still, a win is a win. If you play poorly, and still get a win, you will take it. You take the W and improve for the next week.

6. Seattle Seahawks (6-3)- Last Week- 5(-1)

Well, they won, but with the loss of Richard Sherman, it is kind of like they lost. It is insane how many great players have been injured this year. This doesn’t kill the Seahawks, but it does severely limit them on defense.

5. Minnesota Vikings (7-2)- Last Week- 9(+4)

The Vikings, even with Case Keenum, may be legit contenders. Adam Theilen is establishing himself as a number one WR, and the defense, while it didn’t play great this week, is real. Still, I think come playoff time, Keenum will lose the battle when he has to go against Wentz, Goff, Brees, or Wilson.

4. New Orleans Saints (7-2)- Last Week- 4

They are beating up on teams right now. Through the air, on the ground, however, they need to. And their defense has been great as well. Can they get one last Superbowl for Drew Brees? Perhaps.

3. LA Rams (7-2)- Last Week- 3

They have manhandled some bad team the past two weeks like it is nothing. I have never seen an offense turn around this fast. You have to credit Sean McVay for this massive improvement.

2. New England Patriots (7-2)- Last Week- 2

The Patriots are still the Patriots. There isn’t much else to say. They aren’t perfect like many thought they would be, but with Brady, they are always going to be among the best teams.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1)- Last Week- 1

The Eagles are still the best. Until someone proves otherwise, they will remain at one. They have a chance to virtually seal their division with a win this week over Dallas.