In week 10, I went 8-5 with my picks, bringing my season total to 80-63, good for a winning percentage of .552. Important to note that this is a better winning percentage than Marvin Lewis’s career percentage. Not sure why I bring that up, but just want to remind everyone Lewis is a mediocre coach with a career .528 winning percentage and no playoff wins. Anyway, I improved to 9-0 when picking Eagles game. Without counting Eagles games, I am 71-63. My overall winning percentage would still be better than Marvin Lewis though, as it would be .529. The Eagles are on a bye this week though, foreshadowing a mediocre week for me picking games. Still, with back to back 8-5 weeks, I am feeling confident about my ability to pick games. Let’s see how I do.

Thursday Night

Seahawks (5-3) at Cardinals (4-4)

The Seahawks are coming off one of their worst losses of the season, and now have to turn around on short rest to play on Thursday Night. To be honest, a short turnaround is the best thing for them after losing to Washington at home. They do not have time to think about it, they just have to move onto the next game. Then again, the Chiefs were in a similar situation after their loss to the Steelers, and then turned around and lost to the Raiders on Thursday. Still, the Cardinals are an inferior team and do not have the pass rush ability to exploit the Seahawks weakness like Washington did.

Seahawks 20- Cardinals 7

Sunday 1pm

Saints (6-2) at Bills (5-3)

The Bills had a bad loss to the Jets and had a long time to sit and think about it. Teams who lose on Thursday Night Football, are 2-6 the following week, with the only wins coming from the Chiefs and Patriots. The Bills also get a tough draw against the Saints. Saints have been doing everything pretty well of late, I think they take this one.

Saints 31- Bills 20


Packers (4-4) at Bears (3-5)

The Packers won their first contest, but that was with Aaron Rodgers. Since Rodgers was hurt, they are 0-3. But they have also been playing teams better than the Bears. John Fox has refused thus far to give his rookie QB a chance to prove himself. This one really is a toss-up, but the Bears at least have Jordan Howard so I will take them.

 Bears 20- Packers 14


Bengals (3-5) at Titans (5-3)

Another bad game. The Titans have been mediocre, but the Bengals have been a mess. I will take the Titans over the Bengals. They have at least been treading water, and as Marcus Mariota gets healthier, they will get better. The Bengals don’t have that excuse, they are just bad.

Titans 24- Bengals 10


Browns (8-0) at Lions (4-4)

The Browns lose, that is all. It is the Browns, I don’t need to explain this game.

Lions 28- Browns 9


Steelers (6-2) at Colts (3-6)

Another bad game. The Steelers should take this one with ease. The Colts are a bad team. The Steelers defense may earn themselves a shutout here.

Steelers 20- Colts 6


Vikings (6-2) at Washington (4-4)

The Vikings have lost two games this season, and those two losses have something in common. It was against a team playing good defense. The Steelers, and Lions, both had the defense playing great when they played the Vikings. The Washington defense, with the exception of the games within the NFC East, has played very well. The reason the Viking lose to good defenses is that they do not have a real QB. Their defense is great, but if they do not get a lead early, their offense is not good enough to win late.

 Washington 17- Vikings 13


Jets (4-5) at Buccaneers (2-6)

The Bucs are sitting Jameis Winston down, which basically means they have thrown in the towel. The Jets still have a chance though. It is an outside chance, but the win against Buffalo kept them alive. They stay afloat another week with a win over the Bucs.

Jets-27- Bucs 14


Chargers (3-5) at Jaguars (5-3)

This one is interesting. It is an even week, and the Jaguars have yet to win on an even week. But, they did string together two wins for the first time. Still, a pattern is a pattern, and I am just gonna let it ride. Chargers find a way to beat a better team. Melvin Gordon should have a good day against a Jaguars run D that has not been great.

Chargers 20- Jaguars 13

Sunday 4pm

Texans(3-5) at Rams (6-2)

This game would have been great if DeShaun Watson was healthy. But, he isn’t, so now it will probably be a one-sided affair. There is zero chance Tom Savage can keep up with the Rams high flying offense.

Rams 38- Texans 10


Cowboys (5-3) at Falcons (4-4)

Once again, we are in a situation where we do not know if Ezekial Elliot will play. This makes picking the Cowboys games very difficult. The Cowboys have played great lately. But, this has the potential to be a trap game. With the Eagles ahead, and the Falcons playing mediocre of late, it is easy to look to next week. Falcons are a desperate team, and I have learned to never count a desperate team out. Then again, a loss her could also kill the Cowboys season, as they are already 2 and a half games behind the Eagles. This will be a close game. If Zeke plays, I say the Cowboys win. If he is suspended, the Falcons win.

With Zeke- Cowboys 28- Falcons 24

Without Zeke- Falcons 30- Cowboys 20


Giants (1-7) at 49ers (0-9)

Yet another game that will probably be unwatchable. I don’t want to waste much time here, but I will pick the 49ers. At least they haven’t given up like the Giants did last week.

49ers 12- Giants 10

Sunday Night

Patriots (6-2) at Broncos (3-5)

Oh look, another bad game. Does Brock Osweiler have any chance to outduel Tom Brady? Even if the Broncos defense gets to Tom Brady, the Broncos do not win this game. Not with Brock or Trevor at QB.

Patriots 28- Broncos 17

Monday Night 

Dolphins (4-4) at Panthers (6-3)

The Panthers lose just when you think they are turning it around. I am getting a similar feeling to the Bears game here. They did not play well against Atlanta and should have lost the game if not for an ugly drop by Julio Jones. This week, they actually lose.

Dolphins 20- Panthers 14