When the Philadelphia 76ers take the court tonight, Embiid will not be there. The Sixers have announced he will get the game off, for “workload management.” What the hell does that mean? One, he hasn’t played in three days. if you are going to give him days off every now and then, why choose to sit him coming off a long rest? It makes no sense.I understand sitting him one game in a back to back.

I understand giving any player the occasional day off. But you have to pick your spots. This is not the time. One, like I said, he has already had a long break. Giving him an off day now, is a waste of an off day. Save this to break up a long stretch of games.

Two, they are on a winning streak, why mess with the good vibes? The Sixers have such a bright future, but the management of this team keeps making questionable decisions when it comes to managing players. Between how they handled Embiids injury last year, how they have handled the Markelle Fultz injury, the Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel situations, and now are handling Embiid’s workload, you have to question the management of this team at teams? Why be so overly cautious with Embiid, but then treat Fultz the exact opposite? Why keep Okafor around when you will not be able to trade him and have no intention of playing him?

They have made some great moves as far as bringing in talent, but they will make these weird decisions that make sense to no one outside of that front office.

I say let Embiid play. Let him keep getting close to 30 minutes a game. He seems perfectly healthy. Want to sit him every now and then, go ahead, but be wiser about when you sit him. Sitting him tonight makes no sense.