Most people with a functioning brain and even the slightest bit of Football Knowledge can tell that Carson Wentz is a great QB. This season, he is 4th in passing yards, 1st in TDs, 3rd in QBR, and beyond the stats, if you just watch him play, you can tell he is special. He makes everything look easy. The film says he is great, the stats say he is great, everything points to Carson Wentz being great.

So of course, there are some hack writers who want to say he isn’t great. Because a hack can sniff out a hot take opportunity from a mile away. Being able to make absurd hot takes, feeds them. Did you know that Skip Bayless doesn’t even eat food? No, he literally gets nourishment from the reactions he gets for the absurd things he says. But Skip is not the only person with this ability to live purely off of making hot takes.

I already discussed Cian Fahey, the self-proclaimed “Quarterback Expert” from Ireland who thinks Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson are bad Quarterbacks. Having the balls to claim any quarterback in their first year is bad is insane, but calling a QB like Watson, who put up great stats in the few games he played, is bad, mind-blowing. But it is not Cian who we are talking about today. One, because I already talked about him, and also he blocked me, so if I want to see his tweets I need to sign out of Twitter and sign into another account. No, there is another Hot Take vampire, whose recent absurd takes should score him enough ire that he can live off them for a year.

Scott Kacsmar is a writer from, hmm, to be honest, I do not know what he writes for. His Twitter bio says he writes for Football Outsiders, a site I have never heard of. But he has a verified check mark on Twitter, so he must be important. Scott, like Cian and Skip, thinks that Carson Wentz is overrated. Now in a bubble, I would be okay with that stance. It is only Wentz’s second season, and it is reasonable to hold back some expectations. But even still, if you are going to argue against Wentz, you should at least bring some quality reasons for having that stance. I am not sure if valid reasons exist to argue against Wentz, but if someone could find a valid reason to lower expectations for him, I would not attack them for making that argument. This is where Scott fails. Scott does not have valid reasons to be against Wentz. He has provided a ton of “evidence” to support his claim, but this evidence does not hold up under even a little bit of scrutiny.

Scott has been against Wentz since the beginning. Last year, he rode Wentz for not having enough “Air Yards.” Air Yards is the stat that shows how far a Quarterbacks ball travels through the air before being caught. Now Wentz, a rookie, was admittedly not very high in those rankings. But like anything, this requires context. For one, Lane Johnson missed 10 games. Wentz, a rookie, was without his star RT. When your offensive line is struggling, throwing it deep becomes challenging. On top of that, Wentz had no wide recievers capable of getting deep. He was throwing to Jordan Matthews, Dorial Green-Beckham, and Nelson Agholor. Agholor at this point had zero confidence, DGB just sucked, and Matthews is a slot receiver who cant run more than 15 yards downfield. Who was he supposed to throw it deep to?

This year, with Nelson Agholor (confidence renewed), Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith, Mack Hollins, and a healthy Zach Ertz, Wentz is 5th in “Air Yards” averaging 8 yards through the air per throw.  Amazing how with a complete O-line, talented WRs, and an extra year under his belt, Carson Wentz has improved. It is almost as if QBs get better after their first season, and thinking the case is closed after they struggle for a stretch in their rookie year is misguided.

But this revelation hasn’t slowed down Scotty. No, Scott is doubling down, and cherry picking new stats to prove his case about Wentz. Why can’t people just admit when they are wrong? it isn’t hard. I was wrong about Dak. I didn’t think he would be great because he did not impress me all that much in College. But clearly, I was wrong. Dak is a fine NFL QB and will be for some time. See Scott, this is easy.

Anyway, I want to go through some of Scott’s recent opinions on Wentz, and expose just how absurd his reasoning is here.

Hot Take 1: Wentz looks good because he constantly gets good field position

Scott has been arguing with people that Wentz’s stats have been padded because his defense and special teams keep giving him good field position. And this is partly true. The Eagles defense and special teams have both been very good, and Eagles do get good field position a lot. But again, this is where context comes in. Does Wentz struggle when he doesn’t get good field position? I will let the Eagles’ Production Manager Fran Duffy respond to this.

Again, Scott’s argument falls apart under the slightest bit of scrutiny. On top of the stats Fran provided, Carson also has 7 touchdowns of 40 yards or more, including 5 of 50+ yards, and 3 of 70+ yards. And I know what you are thinking, what about the Air Yards? All of those touchdowns were deep throws down the field, with one of them traveling 60 yards through the air. His throw to Mack Hollins against Washington, was the longest throw of the season until Goff beat it this last week. So is Wentz benefiting from Short field position? Yea, but he is playing great even without it. Wentz is 4th is passing yards. He is more than capable of driving down the field without good field position. Like Fran said, with Wentz at QB, the Eagles have put together 17 5-minute drives. The Eagles are near the top of the league in Time of Possession, which means Wentz is driving down the field a lot. Basically, Scott’s argument is invalid.

feel bad

Hot Take 2: Wentz is Andy Dalton?

I am honestly not sure what his point is here. I can just picture Scott stumbling upon Dalton’s 2015 stats, seeing they are similar to Wentz, and just getting all giddy because he thinks this will win him the argument. But what does this mean? Because Andy Dalton once had a good season, Wentz’s good season must be an aberration as well? The fact he highlighted the fact they both went 8-1 as if it means something, is hilarious. Lets put this logic to use, and see just where comparing seasons and drawing correlations gets us.

Nick foles

Well, there you have it. Nick Foles is just as good of a QB as Tom Brady is. Someone should let the Eagles know their backup is Tom Brady.


Clearly, this means Blake Bortles is better than Aaron Rodgers. The evidence here is too strong.

See where comparing players seasons gets us? I mean is there a chance Wentz takes a step back? Sure, but simply pulling up Andy Dalton’s stats to show they were similar is proof of nothing. Yes, there have been mediocre QBs who put together one or two good years before. But that is not evidence that Wentz will do the same. It is not evidence of anything. It is just a thing. A thing that means literally nothing. Acting like it is evidence of that, is beyond stupid. Either Scott has no clue what he is talking about, and just likes to cherry pick stats, or, he is a vampire who feeds off the negative reactions to his hot takes. Those can be the only two reasonable explanations to why Scott is acting like this.

Hot Take 3: Wentz doesn’t have to make difficult throws

Hmm, he is getting more points per completion that anyone else in the league. Somehow, his take away from this is that he is making fewer difficult throws. I will again remind everyone of all those 50+ yard touchdowns under his belt. Maybe that has something to do with the fact he has more points per completions than anyone except the Rams. Maybe the fact both teams have a balanced attack and like to run it a lot has something to do with that. How can you see this as a negative? I will again defer to Fran Duffy.

You are digging yourself a pretty deep hole there Scott. Scott likes to find stats, and then contort them to fit his narrative. Stats never lie, but people who use stats sure as hell lie and can frame them in ways that are misleading. Remember, Scott has a narrative, and that narrative is saying crazy things because he gets nourishment from the replies to his awful hot takes. I mean, if that isn’t the case, then Scott must just be the worst sports reporter out there. But no one can be this bad at their job, so he must be a hot take vampire.

Closing Remarks

Scott’s arguments have no basis in reality. He warps fact to fit his narrative about Wentz. Again, if he wants to offer a real reason that Wentz is not as good as we think he is, I welcome it. He could have brought up the completion percentage which is average this year. He could have brought up the fumbles, which while less of a problem this year, is still an issue. He could have argued for patience to see if he keeps this up the following season. But he didn’t do any of these things. Those I would have bought. I wouldn’t say they are proof he is overrated, but valid flaws in his game at least. Every player has flaws. But to sit there and deny that Wentz hasn’t been special, is absurd. Does Scott watch the games? Because it doesn’t seem like he does.

I would just like to say, it is okay Scott. Just admit you may be wrong about Wentz. You do not even have to say you are definitely wrong yet. I will let you have another season to see if he keeps playing like this. But stop burying your head, you are only making it worse for yourself. There is something to be said for sticking by your opinion. People should have the guts to stick to their opinion if they know it is right and the facts back them up. But at a certain point, you become the guy stubbornly staying in his house during an evacuation for a hurricane.When all the facts are saying to leave your house, and seek a safe shelter, do so, if it is possible for you to do so. But Scott is standing on his porch shouting that there will not be a hurricane.

Now, if you aren’t just a hot take artist stubbornly sticking to your opinion, and are instead a vampire like Skip Bayless, who feeds off the negative reactions, then all I can say is look out for wooden stakes and garlic. Do stakes even work on a hot take vampire? Would we have to stick the stake through their computer and phone so they can’t get online anymore and share their awful hot takes?

Anyway, congrats Scott on making a hot take that pissed off an entire city. You probably don’t even have to Tweet for the next month, the reactions you are getting right now are enough to satisfy your hunger for a long time.