I went 8-5 with my picks last week, bringing my season record to 72-58. After a cold streak, I am back on track. I improve to 8-0 when picking the Eagles game as well. The further into the season we get, the easier it should get to pick games, as it becomes obvious what teams are good, and what teams are not. Six teams are on a bye in week 9. The Browns, Bears, Chargers, Vikings, Patriots, and Steelers all get a bye week. The Browns were on a bye makes picking a bit harder because they are good for an easy pick.

Thursday Night

Bills (5-2) at Jets (3-4)

The Jets are not awful, but the Bills are clearly the better team. Their defense works better, and they have more power on offense. Even if new addition Kelvin Benjamin cannot join the Bills for the Thursday night game, the Bills should walk away from this game 6-2.

Bills 24- Jets 17

Sunday 1pm

Broncos (3-4) at Eagles (7-1)

The Broncos cannot throw the ball. Their QB situation is a disaster. The only chance for the Broncos on offense is if the running game gets going. Problem is, the Eagles are the best team at stuffing opposing running backs. The Broncos really need a win, after losing three straight, and four of their last five. But they couldn’t have gotten a worse matchup. Eagles keep rolling, and Broncos keep falling.

Eagles 20- Broncos 7


Colts (2-6) at Texans (3-4)

The Texans faced Seattle and held their own. The Colts should not be a problem for them. there is zero chance the Colts can contain DeShaun Watson. This should be similar to when the Texans played the Browns, only the Colts are a bit more capable on offense.

Texans 30- Colts 13


Falcons (4-3) at Panthers (5-3)

The Falcons and Panthers both need this game. Both have been inconsistent week to week. If the Falcons lose, they will fall further out of contention in the NFC South, and in the wildcard. The Panthers, also need a win to keep up with the Saints, and with the teams vying for the wildcard. The Panthers made a confusing trade when they shipped off Kelvin Benjamin, one of their most productive WRs, but I think they win this one still. Both team’s offenses struggle week to week, but the Panthers defense has been very good of late.

Panthers 24- Falcons- 17


Bengals (3-4) at Jaguars (4-3)

Can the Jaguars break their streak of losing every other game? The bye week may help them. They have won every game on an even week, and the bye week let them skip an odd week. The Jaguars are clearly the better team here. Their pass defense is the best in the league, while the Bengals are not very good at all. Jaguars win this one.

Jaguars 24- Bengals 13


Ravens (4-4) at Titans (4-3)

I don’t think either of these teams are any good. A game between two bad teams is hard to pick. One, because I haven’t watched much of either of them, two, because you are only picking who sucks less. I like the Titans talent at QB more so I will take them. But I am not confident.

Titans 17- Ravens 6


Rams (5-2) at Giants (1-6)

The Giants are a mess, and the Rams are a top 5 team. The Rams should roll over the Giants, who really aren’t doing anything well right now. Their high priced defense has flopped, and they have no weapons on offense. As long as the Rams do not overlook the game, they should be fine.

Rams 35- Giants 16


Buccaneers (2-5) at Saints (5-2)

I do not know what is wrong with the Bucs. They should be better than this, but so far, they have been a disaster. To make it worse, they have to play the Saints, who have been one of the better teams. Saints offense is great, and their defense is good enough so far.

Saints 31- Buccaneers 27

Sunday 4pm

Cardinals (3-4) at 49ers (0-8)

I doubt Jimmy Garoppolo will be able to play this week for the 49ers. QB isn’t a position you can just jump into, it takes a while to learn the system. So it will be CJ Bethard once again, which means the 49ers will not score very much. Neither will the Cardinals though. Carson Palmer is out, which means Drew Stanton will play, and he looked awful against the Rams after Palmer went down. I think the 49ers get a win, even if Garoppolo cannot go yet.

49ers 14- Cardinals 9


Washington (3-4) at Seahawks (5-2)

Washington is crumbling. Injuries have killed them, especially on the offensive line. The Seahawks meanwhile seem to be firmly in midseason form. They should be able to win this game pretty easily. Washington healthy is a good team, but right now, they are hurting.

Seahawks 30- Washington 14


Chiefs (6-2) at Cowboys (4-3)

The Chiefs had a hard time closing out the Broncos. They should have won that game by more than they did, but the offense sputtered with the exception of Travis Kelce. The Cowboys meanwhile looked good against Washington, but now it seems they will be without RB Ezekial Elliot, though we have said that before. The Cowboys need to win almost every game at this point to stay close with the Eagles. If they lose Elliot, it may be a death blow.

Chiefs 24- Cowboys 23

Sunday Night

Raiders (3-5) at Dolphins (4-3)

The Dolphins are pathetic on offense. They cannot do anything, and now it seems like the team is imploding. Then head coach is clashing with players, the o-line and the QB are both horrid, and they can barely move the ball. The Raiders are also a mess though. But a mess that has more potential and talent. Raiders take this one.

Raiders 35- Dolphins 10


Monday Night

Lions (3-4) at Packers (4-3)

The league probably thought this would be a great matchup when they set the schedule. But with the Lions implosion and the Aaron Rodgers injury, there is no little reason to be excited about this game. Brett Hundley is not good. The Packers only hope here is if Aaron Jones can just take over the game, and even then, they can lose, as shown with the loss to the Saints. Lions are bad, but they should beat a backup QB.

Lions 24- Packers 14