Overreaction 1: Sixers created a culture of losing

It has been three games. Three games against three of the top 4 teams in the East from last year. This is a young team. The main roster, has three rookies, three sophomore players, and a few players in their third year. In the starting lineup, there is only 1 player who played in at least half of the games last year. Two of the starters, played in no games for the Sixers last year, JJ Reddick and Ben Simmons, one played in only three games, Jarred Bayless, and then Joel Embiid played in only 32 games while on a minutes restriction. Only three of the first players off the bench played in more than half the games for the Sixers last year, and of those three, two are playing their first games in a Sixers uniform, including rookie Markelle Fultz and new addition Amir Johnson. With all of these factors considered, anyone who expected them to play well out of the gate is a fool. The Sixers have talent, and at times in this three-game losing streak to start the season, they have shown that. But they are also young, inexperienced, and lack team chemistry. Let’s not forget that Embiid didn’t even play against the Raptors. The Sixers will be fine. If they are still playing this sloppy at the all-star break, then we can be concerned.

Verdict: Major Overreaction

*And right on cue, after I initially wrote this up, the Sixers have an impressive win over the Pistons. A show of their true potential, with Simmons getting a triple-double, and Embiid scoring 30. Anyone who says they are concerned about this Sixers team is overreacting. People just need to learn patience

Overreaction 2: Sixers will win 53 games, Embiid is MVP

This makes the first overreaction even better. Only five days before said the nonsense in the first tweet, he said this nonsense. How can you go from 53 wins to saying they have a culture of losing, after only three games? I like the Sixers this year. They will eventually be a very good team once they build chemistry and the younger players adjust to the league. But 53 wins is absurd. 53 wins would have made them the first overall seed in the East last year. And Embiid as MVP? When he isn’t playing back to backs and is on a minutes restriction? Never have I seen two takes from one person, both so wrong while being the opposite of each other. When you say something this bold, and then drop it after only three games like Eskin did, you lack conviction. This isn’t him being bold. This isn’t a genuine prediction. This is someone trying to say something buzz-worthy to get attention. That is clear given he completely changed his mind only five days later.

Verdict: Overreaction

Overreaction 3: Joe Flacco not to blame for Ravens Woes

Louis Riddick is one of my favorite analysts, but he is wrong here. Yes, the Ravens do not have adequate weapons on offense. But that is not the only reason Flacco has struggled. He consistently makes bad decisions and bad throws. He is not the first QB to have to deal with a bad WR core. Donovan McNabb played most of his career with WRs who couldn’t make this Ravens team. He still managed to have an arguable hall of fame career. If Flacco was playing okay, I would buy this as an excuse. But he has potentially been the worst QB this season.

Flacco is playing bad because Flacco is bad. People should not be making excuse for a QB who has struggled ever since he got his big contract.

Verdict: Riddick is wrong, Flacco is most to blame for Flacco’s struggles. 

Overreaction 4: Lonzo Ball’s breakout game not all that impressive.

This tweet is in reference to Lonzo ball scoring 29 in his second game. I kind of have to agree. Not to say Lonzo is bad. He has been very impressive passing the ball and has been eating up boards. But scoring wise, he has struggled. 29 points sounds good on paper, but when it takes you 27 shots to get there, it is less so. Shooting that much is generally something that will hurt your team. All of this is fine, Lonzo is 19 years old, and there are going to be ups and downs. And like I said, there have been other things other things Zo has already been very good at. It is just funny to see people go from killing him after his first game where Patrick Beverly smothered him, to praising him like he is the next coming after his next game against the Suns. Can we please all calm down and just let the guy adjust to the league at his own pace. I know his dad is an ass who has laid a ton of pressure on him but ignore Lamar. Let Lonzo learn the game, and stop overreacting to every good or bad thing he does.

Verdict: Not an overreaction

Overreaction 5: Steve Sarkisian to blame for the Falcons offensive woes

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who disagrees with this. Sarkisian has been awful. Why was he running it with Taylor Gabriel so much? Why doesn’t he utilize Julio Jones more often? Why were they running it so much when down three scores? Where are the deep throws from last year? There were so many lazy check-downs in this game. They were going against one of the weakest pass defenses in the league, and never really tested them. I blame this 100% on Sarkisian. We were overrating Matt Ryan a bit after last year, but still, this is worse than they have ever been. This is so bad, the Falcons are in serious danger of missing the playoffs. To be fair, there was little reason to expect Sarkisian would be a good choice. He has never been a good play-caller, even going back to his time at Alabama.

Verdict: Overreaction

Overreaction 6: Dak is best QB in the NFC East

By what metric is he the best Skip? Dak is a good QB, but he does not have the arm, or the innate skillset, that Carson Wentz has. Dak is a B QB. He is very solid, at times great. But Carson Wentz has a chance to be the best QB in the league. Skip is just a Cowboys troll, unwilling to admit the obvious.

Verdict: Skip is still an idiot