32. Cleveland Browns (0-7)- Last Week- 32

The Browns are a mess. Dysfunction is built into their culture. Now there are talks of Deshone Kizer having gone out drinking Friday night, missing curfew. They had to send Kenny Britt and Corey Coleman home on this road trip for the same reason. Their front office has no clue how to evaluate future talent. Their head coach seems to have no control. And their players seem to just not care.

31. San Francisco 49ers (0-7)- Last Week- 31

Well, they broke their streak of losing games by only three points. This time, they decided to lose by 33 points so the 49er fans wouldn’t have to be disappointed late in the game. Get the disappointment out of the way early so the fans can move on with their day. I like Kyle Shanahan as head coach, and I like John Lynch as GM. I think the 49ers will be good eventually, but they need to be patient.

30. Indianapolis Colts (2-5)- Last Week- 30

Can’t do much worse than being shut out. They couldn’t do anything against the Jaguars. T.J. Yeldon ran all over them, and even Blake Bortles had a good game. The Colts need a new GM, and new Head Coach, they need new most things. They have been awful when it comes to drafting. They got the QB, and have failed to build a team around him.

29. New York Giants (1-6)- Last Week- 29

Eli Manning couldn’t even muster 140 yards passing in their loss to the Seahawks. As a team, they were held to under 180 yards total. That is pathetic, and this is more like what we expected to see from the depleted Giants offense last week. They had one fluke win over the Broncos, who are now crumbling, and then fell back to Earth. Russell Wilson was able to throw all over this defense as well.

28. Arizona Cardinals (3-4)- Last Week- 22(-6) 

Speaking of teams falling back to Earth, the Cardinals were embarrassed in London. Like the Giants, the Cardinals were held to under 200 yards total. Like the Colts, the Cardinals were shutout. To make it worse, Carson Palmer broke his arm and is out eight weeks. Adrian Peterson ran for only 21 yards on 11 carries. The Cardinals players can start planning their January vacations early.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (3-4)- Last Week- 26(-1)

Andy Dalton threw two interceptions and was sacked four times. Both the interceptions came in moments where the Bengals needed to drive down the field. The Bengals are yet another team who couldn’t even manage 200 combined yards. The defense did alright in the passing game, but La’Veon Bell embarrassed them. Bell had more yards than the entire Bengals team combined.

26. Baltimore Ravens (3-4)- Last Week- 20(-6)

Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense are still miserable. The Ravens defense is still average. There isn’t much to see here.The Ravens are a mediocre team. I have to wonder if the Ravens will move on from John Harbaugh in the offseason. He is a great coach, but multiple years of mediocrity in a row may mean he has to brush off the resume.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4)- Last Week- 23(-2)

The Bucs undoubtedly have talent on offense. But they are too mistake prone to be a good team. Every time they had a chance to take this game, they made a mistake to give the Bills the momentum back. Their defense needs work, and their offense needs experience.

24. New York Jets (3-4)- Last Week- 24

The Jets blew multiple chances to win this game. They let a backup QB come into the game and throw all over them. The Jets offense couldn’t get the job done when they had to. They lack serious playmakers and a franchise QB. There is certainly something to build on here, but they are not a good team, yet.

23. Chicago Bears (3-4)- Last Week- 27(+4)

The Bears offense was a mess in this game. We talked about a few teams who couldn’t reach 200 yards, well the Bears didn’t even get 150 yards. I do not know what to think of Mitch Trubisky yet because John Fox is not putting hem into a position to succeed. Still, the Bears managed to win thanks to a playmaking defense that scored twice.

22. Tennessee Titans (4-3)- Last Week- 25(+3)

The Titans won, and are still technically in first place in their division. However, there is little to celebrate about failing to score a touchdown against the Browns and having to rely on a field goal late in overtime to beat the worst team in Football. They managed less yards than the Browns. The Browns, the team with Cody Kessler and DeShone Kizer behind center.

21. Green Bay Packers (4-3)- Last Week- 16(-5)

Brett Hundley was not impressive in his first start. He does not have the arm to make use of the Packers WR core. He was able to make plays with his legs, but only 80 passing yards will not cut it. This confirms that without Aaron Rodgers, the Packers are finished. They are saying Rodgers could be back after six weeks, but that seems unlikely.

20. Oakland Raiders (3-4)- Last Week- 28(+8)

Now this is the Raiders team we thought we would see this year. A high flying offensive team, capable of shredding a team through the air. Derek Carr had over 400 passing yards, 210 of which were to the struggling Amari Cooper, much to the bane of my fantasy team. If they had been playing like this all year, they could be in first. Problem is, this may be too little too late. They aren’t out of it yet, with the wildcard, and even the division now, being up for grabs, if they can keep this up.

19. Los Angeles Chargers (3-4)- Last Week- 21(+2)

The Chargers have won three in a row. The defense held the struggling Broncos offense to 0 points. The Chargers offense was unimpressive in this game, but they did enough to get the win. Like the Raiders, the Chargers are not out of this quite yet. The Wildcard is wide open in the AFC.

18. Carolina Panthers (4-3)- Last Week- 12(-6)

The Panthers are inconsistent. That is the only word that describes this team. They were mediocre the first few weeks. Looked great against New England and Lions, and then looked mediocre against Philly, and horrid against Chicago. Where Cam goes, Carolina goes, and Cam is maybe the least reliable franchise QB in the league. He is at the core of all their success, and all of their struggles.

17. Miami Dolphins (4-3)- Last Week- 19(+2)

Jay Cutler was injured, but Matt Moore frankly looked better than him. I still do not understand what they are doing with Jay Ajayi, but they pulled out this win because of some good QB play by Moore, and great WR play by Landry and Stills. If they could commit to the run, they could be legit good, but for now, they are in a decent position to make the playoffs.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-3)- Last Week- 18(+2)

Like usual, the Jaguars won because it is an odd week. The passing defense continues to be elite, as does their rushing attack. But they are too inconsistent to really rely on week to week. If they can pull off two wins in a row, it will go a long way to convincing me they are legit contenders.

15. Detroit Lions (3-3)- Last Week- 13(-2)

The Lions didn’t play, but the more I think of them, the less I like them. Maybe the bye week will help clear their head and get them back to how they played in the first four weeks. But for now, I cannot have much faith in them given their track record.

14. Houston Texans (3-3)- Last Week- 14

Not too much to say here. They didn’t play, and they stay put. I am still not fully convinced by DeShaun Watson. I think he is good enough to play in the NFL for sure, but his arm is inconsistent.

13. Denver Broncos (3-3)- Last Week- 7(-6)

The Broncos are imploding. Trevor Siemian is obviously not the answer at QB. He is a backup, pretending to be a starting QB. The Broncos defense is great, but without a worthy QB under center, their ceiling is the wildcard and an early exit from the playoffs. When the Broncos cannot run the ball, they are going to lose. They have to play the Chiefs and Eagles on the road the next to games, before coming home to play the Patriots. A tough stretch that could ruin their playoff hopes.

12. Atlanta Falcons (3-4)- Last Week- 6(-6)

The Falcons offense is bad now. It is unimaginative, doesn’t take risks, and just boring to watch. It has been getting worse every week since the second game, and it cratered against the Patriots, who were the worst team against the pass coming into the game. I can say with confidence, this Falcons team is not going to be making the playoffs.

11. Washington Football Team (3-3)- Last Week- 8(-3)

Washington is a decent team, but they are now 0-2 against the best team in their division, and the injuries are piling up. They do not run the ball particularly well. Their passing attack is inconsistent. The defense is legit, but it isn’t so good it can make up for an offense that is this inconsistent.

10. Dallas Cowboys (3-3)- Last Week- 15(+5)

Ezekial Elliot broke out in a big way against the 49ers. Dallas dominated a weaker opponent, they controlled this game from the jump. They still have yet to show they can beat a good team, but they did what they had to in this game. Still, we do not know if Zeke will serve his suspension at some point, and until we do, it is hard to project how their season will go.

9. Buffalo Bills (4-2)- Last Week- 17(+6)

Well, their defense struggled to stop Jameis Winston, who garnered almost 400 passing yards, but they made big plays when they had to, and that is the difference between a good and bad defense. LeSean McCoy broke out and had a real game. This Bills team is a frontrunner for the first wildcard spot as of now.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2)- Last Week- 10

The defense was good two weeks in a row. I still do not think they are serious contenders. They are going to win the AFC North, you can write that in with ink, but they will not get further than that. Big Ben does not have it in him anymore. La’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown are great, but it is a QB driven league, and their defense is not so great that it will make up for Big Ben’s inconsistent play.

7. Minnesota Vikings (5-2)- Last Week- 9

The Vikings are a solid team, whose hopes this year are limited because of the QB. Case Keenum is not going to cut it. The defense is good. Even with Dalvin Cook out for the season, the running game is good. They have weapons to throw to with Adam Theilen and Stephon Diggs. But they lack a great QB. They can beat teams like the Ravens, Bears and the Packers without Rodgers because obviously, those teams lack a QB as well. But against a good QB, they will fall.

6. New Orleans Saints (4-2)- Last Week- 11

Hey, the Saints are good again. Ted Ginn Jr. was the perfect replacement for Brandin Cooks, and this offense hasn’t skipped a beat with the loss of their star WR. Drew Brees can make any WR work apparently. The defense continues to improve, thanks in big part to the rookie CB Marshon Lattimore. They are the best team in the NFC South right now.

5. Seattle Seahawks (4-2)- Last Week- 5

The Seahawks struggled for part of this game but pulled away in the end when they had to, in what ended up looking like a one-sided game. But again, their o line rears its ugly head. Russel Wilson cannot keep bailing out the line like this. Still, this defense is back to being elite. Seahawks can go as far as Russel Wilson can run from the opposing pass rush. That could mean a first-round exit, could mean a Superbowl win.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (5-2)- Last Week- 1

Two losses in a row and one has to ask if they have been exposed. One week it was the offense being exposed, and now this week, it is the defense. It is clear the Chiefs are not the juggernaut we thought they were, but they are still a good team. Kareem Hunt still has had 100 yards from scrimmage in every game, and Alex Smith is still playing fairly well.

3. St Louis Rams (5-2)- Last Week- 3

I am buying into the Rams. Sean McVay has done a fantastic job turning this team around. The defense can still be shaky, but they managed to shut the Cardinals down this week. The passing game works, the run game works. The Rams and Seahawks may be the best division matchup in the NFL going down the stretch. Though at this point, both teams should make the playoffs.

2. New England Patriots (5-2)- Last Week- 4

It all comes full circle I guess. They had to work out some issues, but the Patriots are back near the top after owning the Falcons all night. I am still not convinced by the defense fully, but Tom Brady will have this team competing until the end. With Gronk, Hogan, Cooks, Amendola, White, Lewis, and company to throw to, Tom Brady has a good a chance as ever to add another ring to his collection.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (6-1)- Last Week- 2(+1)

The Eagles are the best, there can be no question. The only team with only one loss. They are undefeated in their division and their conference. There is no glaring hole in their game. Their pass defense is great, but it has its moments. They have an elite pass rush and an elite run defense. More importantly, their QB, is elite.