The Eagles are the best team in the NFL right now, and I do not think it is up for debate. They are 5-0 in their conference, 3-0 and their division, and are on a five-game winning streak. They beat their division rival Washington by 10 points, and almost everything was clicking.

  1. Carson Wentz is a Football God- That play where Wentz escaped what seemed like a sure blitz, to then run for a first down, confirmed Wentz as one of the elite QBs in this league. Forget what clowns like Cian Fahey try to say about him, Wentz is amazing. He started out this game slow but then finished with 268 yards and 4 touchdowns. Anyone who tries to say Wentz isn’t a top tier QB doesn’t know Football.
  2. Pass Rush is Elite- The Eagles sacked Kirk Cousins four times, but they were even more productive than that stat shows. They were pressuring Cousins on almost every snap, and it had a clear impact on his throws. The pass rush created the one interception Kirk threw, as he was hit while throwing the ball causing an errant throw, that went right to an Eagle defender.
  3. Jason Peters injury- The win is great, but it is a little bittersweet with Jason Peters being carted off the field. His leg was rolled over on, and the injury looks serious. I do not want to speculate on what the injury is, or how long it will keep him out, but everyone on the team and the fans will be holding their breath to see if the future Hall of Fame player is ok. Big V has been decent in limited action this year, but Jason Peters was having an All-Pro Level season
  4. Jordan Hicks Injury- Another big injury, that looks bad. Hicks is the QB of the defense, and losing him for an extended period would hurt. Again, I do not want to speculate about the injury yet, but it did not look good. Eagles have had some luck with injuries, and couldn’t expect it to stay that way for long. Without Hicks, Joe Walker will have to step up.
  5. Only one loss team- Eagles have the best record in the NFL. There are several two-loss teams, but only one team with only one loss. It feels good to be the best.
  6. What is their weakness?- Watching this team, what is their weakness. They are not great at everything, but there is no glaring hole that can be exploited. Every other team has their kryptonite, but the Eagles do not.
  7. Schedule rest of the way- The Eagles play the 49ers at home next, who have no wins. Then they play the Broncos at home. The Broncos have lost two in a row, will be playing their third straight road game when they come to Philly, and will be in between a game against the Chiefs on Monday Night, and a game against the Patriots the following Week. Both of those games are wins for the Eagles on paper. Then they have the Cowboys on the road. Then the Bears the following week who couldn’t even gain 200 yards. Ram and Seahawks, both on the road, is tough, but then they get the Raiders, and the Giants, before finishing the season with Cowboys at home. That is a manageable schedule. Eagles could be 13-3 entering the playoffs.