Another mediocre week for my picks. To be fair, most people probably had an off week. Underdogs won 12 out of the 14 games in Wek 6, including two teams who were 14 point dogs winning. I went 7-7, which isn’t bad but also isn’t good. I am now 53-49 on the season. Though, I remain 6-0 picking my favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles. I haven’t been as good picking some other teams though. For instance, I am now 1-4 when picking Falcons games. I picked them to lose to the Lions and Packers, and they won. I picked them to beat the Bills and Dolphins, and they lose.

Thursday Night

Chiefs(5-1) at Raiders(2-4)

The Chiefs are coming off an upset loss at home to the Steelers. Meanwhile, the Raiders are on a four-game losing streak. Both teams are begging to win this game and bounce back. The vast majority of people will be picking the Chiefs in this game. The Chiefs have been the best team so far, so it makes sense. But I think the Raiders find some success here. Kansas City has not been as good against the pass, ranking only 24th in the league defending the pass. Derek Carr could have a chance to finally step up this week. I can see another upset in the works here. The Raiders need to use Marshawn Lynch more, but if they do that, I see Carr and the Oakland passing attack getting going as well. Having to play on short rest after a tough game like the Chiefs had, could be bad for them.

Raiders 24- Chiefs 17

Sunday 1pm

Buccaneers(2-3) at Bills(3-2)

The Bucs looked bad against the Bucs. They now have to pay the Bills, who have been surprisingly good, coming off a bye. It looks like Jameis Winston will be able to go come Sunday, but still, I do not like the Buc’s chances. The Bills have a good defense and should be able to give Winston trouble. I am not confident that the Bucs will be able to take this game.

Bills 20- Bucs 16

Panthers(4-2) at Bears(2-4)

The Panthers are a hard team to predict. If Cam Newton is protected, he often looks great. But like what happened on Thursday, if you hit him, he falls apart. The Bears have been middle of the pack in terms of pass rush productivity. If they can’t get to Newton, they are going to have a tough time winning this game. The Panthers bounced back after a loss to the Eagles.

Panthers 28- Bears 20

Titans(-) at Browns(0-6)

The Browns are bad. The Titans are not great, but they are better than the Browns, by far. Mariota should be set to have a really nice day, and the Titans defense will probably look great as well. Kevin Hogan looked awful for the Browns. He was incapable of making even the simplest of throws.

Titans 34- Browns 17

Saints(3-2) at Packers(4-2)

No Aaron Rodgers means no luck for the Packers. Brett Hundley looked bad against Minnesota. He was inaccurate and made poor decisions. The Saints, while erratic, have been fairly good this year. The defense, while leaky, has a knack for making plays and Drew Brees is a good as he ever is. The Saints should be able to take this win.

Saints 35- Packers 15

Jaguars(3-3) at Colts(-)

Well, it is an odd week so the Jaguars will win. Six weeks in, and this pattern has been flawless. Better yet, they get to play the sorry Colts, who are still without Andrew Luck. The Jaguars should win this game fairly easily. Colts haven’t really been able to run or throw the ball much, and it seems Leonard Fournette should be good to go after it seemed he could have hurt himself in week 6.

Jaguars 24- Colts 13

Cardinals(3-3) at Rams(4-2)

Adrian Peterson had a great debut for the Cardinals, but I do not think it changes much going forward. The Cardinals O-Line is still a mess. They may have been able to get by against Tampa who doesn’t have much of a pass rush to speak of, but the Rams D-Line is a lot better. The Rams defense isn’t great, but they can rush the passer, and that should be enough to throw the Cardinals off.

Rams 34- Cardinals 26

Jets(3-3) at Dolphins (3-2)

Even in an upset win over the Falcons, Jay Cutler still looked awful. They are not going to be very good with Cutler at QB. Unless they make a change this week before the game, he will be a problem. Though, Jay Ajayi seems to have gotten going at least. Still, the Jets are no pushovers. They have an ok offense now, and a decent defense. Jets already beat the Dolphins once in week 3, they should be able to do it again.

Jets 24- Dolphins 17

Ravens(3-3) at Vikings(4-2)

Joe Flacco is bad, really bad. It’s pretty pathetic that Case Keenum will be the best QB in this game. Flacco is literally, one of the worst starting QBs in the league this year. Of the 49 players who have thrown a pass in a regular season game, Joe Flacco is 44th with a QB rating of 66.1. There are 4 Bears with a better Qb rating than Flacco, including the punter, and a backup RB. Vikings have a bad Qb as well, but the team around that QB is better.

Vikings 20- Ravens 13

Sunday 4pm

Cowboys(2-3) at 49ers(0-6)

We do not know if Elliot will be playing in this game or not. For now, his six-game suspension has been upheld, and Elliot cannot practice, or have contact with the team. But the NFL Players Association has tried a couple legal maneuvers to get a stay on the suspension so his case can be heard by a higher court. It seems as though Zeke will have to serve his suspension at some point. Regardless of if he plays, the Cowboys should win this game. 49ers play teams close, but they still lose. I would love for the 49ers to pull off an upset, but I do not see it happening.

Cowboys 24- 49ers 22

Bengals(2-3) at Steelers(4-2)

A lot of people are suddenly high on the Steelers, after writing them off before this week. I am not so flippant. I gave the Steelers a couple chances, and they blew them. I am not going to run back to praising them because they won a game. Big Ben still looks finished. The Bengals are not great, but after getting a win over the Chiefs by sheer willpower, the Steelers are due to fall back to Earth.

Bengals 28- Steelers 24 

Broncos(3-2) at Chargers(2-4)

Trevor Siemian is a problem. He is, very average. Average QBs rarely go very far, unless under special circumstances, or if they are behind an all-time defense. This Broncos defense is good, but it is not the Bears defense that carried Rex Grossman to the Superbowl, and it is not the Broncos defense of a few years ago that won with Peyton Manning. However, they should still win this game in San Diego.

Broncos 17- Chargers 16

Seahawks(3-2) at Giants(1-5)

Like the Steelers, the Giants are due for a reality check after an upset win in week 6. They managed to pull a win out of nowhere to a far superior team, but they still are not a good team. Eli is over the hill, and they have no weapons to speak of. Seahawks are fresh off the bye, and usually, start to play better around this time of year,

Seahawks 20- Giants 10

Sunday Night

Falcons(3-2) at Patriots(4-2)

The Falcons really needed to beat the Dolphins, because their schedule gets tough from here. This game should be a high scoring affair, with two mediocre defenses, and two high flying offenses facing off. The difference is, Tom Brady is playing some of the best football of his career, and Matt Ryan looks average so far. The better QB takes this matchup, and the Falcons fall to 3-3.

Patriots 38- Falcons 30

Monday Night

Washington(3-2) at Eagles(5-1)

If the Eagles win this game, they will truly assert their dominance over the NFC and even the NFL. It will not be a cakewalk though. This is not the same Washington team they played in week 1, though to be fair, it isn’t the same Eagles team. Both teams have made major improvements. But in the end, the Eagles have a better QB, better run game, better O-line, better special teams, and better run defense. The only thing Washington does better right now is defending the pass, and even that is close. The Eagles should win this one, but it will be close.

Eagles 30- Washington 24