Over-Reaction 1: Eagles can go to the Superbowl

If you told me this in August, I would have laughed. But now, it is a completely reasonable thing to say. They have been the most consistent team in the NFL. They are near the top of the league in scoring, time of possession, rushing yards, rushing yards allowed, and many more important stats. They have a legit MVP candidate in Carson Wentz. With Aaron Rodgers out, and the Falcons struggling, they are the top team in the NFC right now. This Eagles team is legit.

Verdict: Not an Over-Reaction

Over-Reaction 2: Wentz not as good as he seems

What the hell is an interceptable pass? Advanced analytics can be great, but someone’s clowns like Cian just pull a stat out of their ass and claim it has value. Anyone who watches and understands football, can watch Wentz and realize he is a great QB. But this dude wants to say he isn’t good because maybe some of his passes could have been intercepted. Is it because he throws it into tight windows? Good QBs can do that. The passes were not intercepted, he hit his WRs, so what the hell are you talking about.

Verdict: Cian is a fool

Over-Reaction 3: The Packers are finished without Rodgers

This is completely fair to say. Brett Hundley looked bad, and they aren’t going to find a better option. Tony Romo is not coming back. He has a good job at CBS, and he knows with his back, he can’t play anymore. Colin Kaepernick would be an ok option to at least compete with Hundley, but the Packers will not sign him. They are 3-2. They need to get to 10-6 to make playoffs. Can Hundley go 7-4? I highly doubt it.

Verdict: Not an Over-Reaction

Over-Reaction 4: US Men’s Soccer is an Embarrassment

This is an all-time great rant by Taylor Twellman, and he is right on the money. Embarrassment is the only proper word to describe the USMNT losing to Trinidad and missing out on the World Cup. Everyone involved with this team should be as upset as Taylor is because there is no excuse. It goes deeper than the coach, it is an American issue. We do not do a good enough job cultivating talent, and we do not hold this team accountable enough.

Verdict: Thank you Taylor Twellman for being so right about this.

Over-Reaction 5: Superteams are hurting the NBA

This is rich coming from Jordan, who played on a team literally no one could compete with. Over an eight-year stretch, Jordan’s Bulls won six times. The two times they lost, Jordan was trying to play baseball. The Bulls were a super team. They had three hall of fame players on the team with Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. Now you can say these players didn’t all decide to join the same team, but three of the four Warriors superstars, were drafted by the Warriors, and they won once without him. The NBA is no less competitive today than it was when Jordan was playing. The NBA has been a top-heavy league for a long time. Look at how many dynasties they have had over the past 20 years. How many teams have won in that span? 91-98 was all Bulls, with the Rockets winning the two years Jordan took off. Between 1999-2010, the Lakers and Spurs won a combined nine NBA championships. The Lakers themselves were a Superteam, no team could compete with the combo of Kobe and Shaq. In fact, only one final in this period didn’t feature one of these two teams, and it was the 2006 finals between the Heat and Mavericks. Lebron didn’t create Superteams, they have been a thing for a while. You’d have to go back a while to find a time when the NBA wasn’t as top heavy as it was now.

Verdict: Michael Jordan may be the G.O.A.T., but he is wrong about a lot of stuff

Overreaction 6: Whatever this is from Jason Whitlock

This doesn’t really fit into the whole Over-Reaction/ Hot take theme of this segment, but I still wanted to share it. This is just gross. Whitlock continues to prove himself a fool. Then he added this after a woman on Twitter called him out for being gross.

Ew. In a week dominated by talks of men sexually harassing women, its typical that a creep like Whitlock would do something gross like this.

Verdict: Jason Whitlock is gross

Over-Reaction 7: “Giants have had a worse week than Harvey Weinstein”

I am all for dark humor. But there is a time and a place. In a stand-up comedy show, the joke would have been fine. On National TV, not the place to make this joke. Especially from someone employed by a network that allegedly could have broken the whole Weinstein story, but for some reason, chose not to. Al apologized later in the broadcast, but still, it is a bad look. Especially considering he is implying it is Harvey who had a bad week, and not the women that scumbag abused. Overall, I think it was more of just Al being stupid than it was him being offensive. It was wrong, he apologized, and we should all move on. There are more important things than getting Al Michaels in trouble for an awful joke. Like the fact Woody Allen, Donald Trump, Louis CK, and many other celebrities, have been accused of Sexual assault by multiple women, and nothing has happened, and there has been little to no media outrage about them. Why do we ignore some stories, and get outraged by others? Most people wait until the media tells them to be outraged, and if the media isn’t talking about it, people do not care. Bill Cosby was being accused of sexual assault and rape long before people started to become outraged. For a long time it was only his accusers, and surprisingly, stand up comedian Hannibal Burress calling Cosby out. If you only get outraged by this stuff when the media tells you to, then you are not an ally to the victims of sexual assault. If you rant about how awful Harvey Weinstein is, and then you happily go and watch the next Woody Allen movie, you are not doing anything to really help combat sexual assault. We have to fight sexual assault even when it is not easy. Attack Weinstein is easy. Complaining on Twitter that Al Michaels made a joke in poor taste is easy. Calling out celebrities who still are powerful, before the media turns on them, is tough. The victims of these men have to do the hard part. The least we could do for them is support them before the media tells us to.

Verdict: I kind of got off topic here, but yes, Al Michaels “joke” was awful.