The Eagles find themselves in prime position. 5 weeks in, they already have a 2 game lead over the Cowboys, and a 1 and a half-game lead over Washington. The Giants, at 0-5, are already out of the race. But, with 11 games left, there is no room for complacency. So I want to do a quick rundown of the NFC East teams, to see how they will fare the rest of the way. Note, these predictions may not reflect on my week to week predictions. I am going to try to be as conservative as possible with the Eagles, to truly test their chances of winning the division. So there may be games I predict the Eagles to win usually, that I will say they lose in this set of predictions, so we can truly see what their chances are even if they underperform. Let’s start with the Giants because we know they have no chance, but it is still fun to rub in how awful they are.

Giants (0-5)

The Giants are a giant mess. They are 0-5, lost two of their WRs to season-ending injuries, the locker room is falling apart, and their head coach seems to have both feet out the door. A season to forget for Giants fans. I suppose some can take solace in the Yankees playing well, but after that, all they will have is sadness. The Knicks will be bad, the Nets will be bad, the Rangers will be not good enough, and the Islanders will be not good enough. Giants fans have nothing to fall back on. So let’s see how bad their season can really be.

6. at Broncos- L- (0-6)

7. vs Seahawks- L- (0-7)

8. BYE WEEK- Can’t lose on a BYE week

9. vs Rams- L- (0-8)

10. at 49ers- W- (1-8)

11. vs Chiefs- L- (1-9)

12. at Washington- L- (1-10)

13.  at Raiders- L- (1-11)

14. vs Cowboys- L- (1-12)

15. vs Eagles- L- (1-13)

16. at Cardinals- W- (2-13)

17. vs Washington- W- (3-13)

The Giants finish 3-13. Without Odell Beckham, their offense is just too limited to really beat some of these good teams they still have to play. They just don’t have many games left against lesser teams who they can get a win over. Good news, they will get a high draft pick. Hopefully, they use that draft pick on an O-Linemen. Though the temptation to take the next franchise QB may be too much to handle.

Washington Football Team(2-2)

Washington has been surprisingly good so far. Overall, they have talent. But this is a team that is consistently mismanaged. Can they stay in it with the Cowboys and the Eagles?

6. vs 49ers- W- (3-2)

7. at Eagles- L- (3-3)

8. vs Cowboys- W- (4-3)

9. at Seahawks- L- (4-4)

10. vs Vikings- W- (5-4)

11. at Saints- W- (6-4)

12. vs Giants- W- (7-4)

13. at Cowboys- L- (7-5)

14. at Chargers- W- (8-5)

15. vs Cardinals- W- (9-5)

16. vs Broncos- L- (9-6)

17. at Giants- L- (9-7)

At one point, it is going to look like Washington can win the wildcard. But it will all be for naught when they close out the season with two straight losses. Priority number one this off-season needs to be resigning Kirk Cousins. But for some reason, Washington seems to not be too high on him.

Dallas Cowboys(2-3)

The Cowboys have a problem on their hands. Jerry Jones has ordered everyone to stand for the anthem and dictated how they stand. This could blow up and lead to mutiny. Not to mention Zeke Elliot’s suspension could be held up any week. For the sake of this article, let’s assume he is never suspended this year. I think the Cowboys will split with the Eagles. The order in which they win is irrelevant, but each team will take one win in the season series.

6. BYE Week

7. at 49ers- W- (3-3)

8. at Washington- L- (3-4)

9. vs Chiefs- L- (3-5)

10. at Falcons- L- (3-6) 

11. vs Eagles- W- (4-6) 

12. vs Chargers- W- (5-6) 

13. vs Washington- W- (6-6) 

14. at Giants- W- (7-6) 

15. at Raiders- W- (8-6) 

16. vs Seahawks- W- (9-6) 

17. at Eagles- L- (9-7) 

An impressive win streak for the Cowboys, can’t dig them out of the hole losing 3 of their next 4 will put them in. The toughest part of the Cowboys schedule is coming up. Having to play the Chiefs, Falcons, and Washington. They finish 9-7. Which is not good enough to win the division, or make a wild card.

Philadelphia Eagles(4-1)

Like I said, the Eagles are in a very good spot. Even better, 7 of the remaining teams they have to play, have losing records. Is a collapse possible, of course? But if they can play like they have the first 5 weeks, they are in good shape. As I said, I am going to approach these picks conservatively, to see if they can win the division, even by low standards.

6. at Panthers- L- (4-2)

7. vs Washington- W- (5-2)

8. vs 49ers- W- (6-2)

9. vs Broncos- L- (6-3)


11. Dallas Cowboys- L- (6-4)

12. vs Bears- W- (7-4)

13. at Seahawks- L- (7-5)

14. at Rams- W- (8-5)

15. at Giants- W- (9-5)

16. vs Raiders- W- (10-5)

17. vs Cowboys- W- (11-5)

I figured the Eagles will split the western road trip where they play the Seahawks and the Rams. I can’t see them winning bI actually have picked them to beat the Panthers in my week 6 predictions, and stand by that, but here, since I am being conservative, I picked them to lose this game. Eagles seal their division win by beating the Cowboys at home. So it comes down to the wire for the division. If they lose that final game, they will be tied 10-6 with the Cowboys, and the Cowboys will have the tiebreaker. That game will not matter as much though if the Eagles take the first game with the Cowboys. Either way, I am expecting them to split.

So things are looking good for the Eagles to win the EAST. Of course, this does not mean it is a lock. The Eagles still need to take care of business, and win the games they are supposed to win. If they steal some of the harder games, they could even end up the first seed. I am not sure if 11-5 will be good enough for a bye week. Their competition for that is the Falcons, Packers, and Panthers as of now.

A final rundown of how all the NFC East teams will fare

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)- In division (5-1)
  2. Dallas Cowboys ( 9-7)- In Division (4-2)
  3. Washington Football Team (9-7)- In division (2-4)
  4. New York Giants (3-13)- In division (1-5)