I had a bad week. My picks went 6-8, my worst record in a week yet. I went 10-6 in week 1, 14-2 in week 2, 7-9 in week 4, and 9-7 in week 4. It brings me to 46-32 on the season. I really need a good performance in week 6, as my record gets closer to .500 every week. Buffalo, Seatle, Dallas, and Cincinnati all have bye weeks, meaning there are only 14 games this week. Some teams I have been great at picking, and some not so much. For instance, I am 5-0 picking the Eagles, but only 1-4 picking the Jaguars. Let’s see if I can get back on track this week.

Thursday Night 

Eagles(4-1) at Panthers(4-1)

This is a tough one to pick. Both teams have been playing so well lately. Eagles are top 5 in both rushing yards and rush defense. They and the Broncos are the only two teams to hold teams to under 70 rushing yards per game. Panthers started out slow, but in the last two weeks, have played great football. The difference in this game will be whether or not the Eagles D-Line can expose the Panthers average O-line. Keep Cam contained in the pocket, and he is an average QB. The Panthers have not been able to run the ball well this year. Also of note, road teams are 4-1 on Thursday Night this year, with the Packers being the only team to win at home on TNF.

Eagles 24- Panthers 20


Sunday 1pm

Bears(1-4) at Ravens(3-2)

Tribisky looked promising in his first game. But his play, also showed how bad the supporting cast on the Bears is. They have no real weapons on offense besides Jordan Howards. Tarik Cohen had been impressive over the first 3 weeks but has disappeared lately. The Ravens aren’t very great either. Their defense is solid, but the offense is subpar. Still, they have more talent than the Bears do.

Ravens 17- Bears 10


Browns(0-5) at Texans(2-3)

Three straight weeks I have picked the Browns to beat a mediocre team, three straight weeks I have been wrong. Thankfully, this week they play a good team, and there is no temptation to pick the Browns. The Browns are just pathetic this year. They can’t beat anyone and are on a sure path to get the first overall pick again. The Question is, will they take a QB, or pass on a franchise talent again like they did with Carson Wentz, DeShaun Watson, Dak Prescott, and more. Texans dominate in this one.

Texans 24- Browns 14


Packers(4-1) at Vikings(3-2)

Sam Bradford got hurt again, Dalvin Cook is out for the year, and now, they have to play Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. There is zero chance Case Keenum outduels Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has 6 touchdowns in the 4th quarter this year, 4 of which came while the Packers trailed. He has ice in his veins, and even if they fall behind in this game, there is a good chance he will help them come back and win.

Packers 30- Vikings 20


Lions(3-2) at Saints(2-2)

This one is tough to pick because there is a chance Matthew Stafford will not be able to play. He injured his hamstring and sprained his ankle against the Panthers. If he cannot go, the only other QB on the Lions roster is Jake Ruddock, a second year, 6th round draft pick out of Michigan, who has never taken an NFL snap. If Stafford doesn’t play, the Lions lose this game. Hell, if he plays injured, they may lose this game.

Saints 21- Lions 16


Dolphins(2-2) at Falcons(3-1)

Falcons need this win because, in their next five games, they play the Cowboys, Patriots, Seahawks, and Panthers. Three of those games are on the road. The other team they play in that five-game stretch is the Jets. This will be a difficult five weeks, so they really need to take this one from the lowly Dolphins. Dolphins have been miserable on offense, it is hard to see them keeping up with the Falcons.

Falcons 27- Dolphins 17


Patriots(3-2) at Jets(3-2)

Time for the Jets to fall back to Earth. They have had a nice run, looking ok against bad teams, but it isn’t real. They have mediocre QB play, with not enough weapons to throw to. The Patriots have a chance to rebuild their confidence here and should win. If the Patriots struggle in this game, there is a serious problem.

Patriots 31- Jets 20 


49ers(0-5) at Washington(2-2)

49ers will have to keep looking for their first win. Washington has been surprisingly good this year. They are fresh off a bye and get to take on the lowly 49ers. Their front 7 is very strong, though they do have some injury issues in the secondary. It doesn’t look like Josh Norman will be able to go this week, but thankfully for them, it is a good week to miss him, because the 49ers don’t have the weapons to test the secondary. They will need him back for Week 7 against the Eagles though.

Washington 27- 49ers 21

Sunday 4pm

Buccaneers(2-2) at Cardinals(2-3)

The Cardinals made a trade for Adrian Peterson, so now, they are a bit more interesting. With no run game to speak of, the Cardinals will definitely give AP a chance to run the ball. But will he be good? I am not so sure. The Cardinals O-line is as much to blame for the lack of a run game as anyone. The Buc’s need a win to keep up in the NFC South, with the Falcons and Panthers looking better than them so far. I think they get a win here.

Buccaneers 28- Cardinals 16


Rams(3-2) at Jaguars(3-2)

Well, it is an even week, which means the bad Jaguars will show up. I have been so bad at picking the Jaguars this week because I have not been following the pattern. They win on odd weeks and lose on even weeks. The only time I picked a Jaguars game right, is when I picked them to lose in week 2. So, I figure just keep following the pattern. Besides, ebb and flow says the Rams will win. They lost a tough game to the Seahawks, and need a bounce-back win.

Rams 30- Jaguars 24


Steelers(3-2) at Chiefs(5-0)

The Steelers are reeling, while the Chiefs soar. Big Ben has been awful this year, LaVeon Bell has barely been a factor, and the defense can’t stop the run. Bad for them, they face the only RB to run for 100 yards in every game so far this season. The Chiefs are too good to fall to a team falling apart like this.

Chiefs 35- Steelers 17


Chargers(1-4) at Raiders(2-3)

The Raiders need a win so they might be forcing Derek Carr back from his injury early. They are in a very tough division race that they probably cannot win. They are in a tough race for the wildcard, where two of their biggest competitors already have wins over them. They need to get back on track, so they are rushing Carr back. Even with Carr, their defense isn’t great, but they will take this game at least.

Raiders 28- Chargers 27


Sunday Night

Giants(0-5) at Broncos(4-1)

Giants are a mess. They are winless, and now have no Odell Beckham Jr.,  Dwayne Harris, or Brandon Marshall for the rest of the season. Now, it is just an over-the-hill Eli Manning and Sterling Sheppard on offense. Their run game is non-existent. Rookie TE Even Engram has yet to break out. It is bleak. Even bleaker, they have to play one of the best teams in the league, the Broncos.

Broncos 28- Giants 13

Monday Night

Colts(2-3) at Titans(2-3)

What an exciting Monday Night Game… This is another game that is tough to pick because I have no idea if Mariota will be playing. As of now, it doesn’t seem likely. If Mariota can play, they will win, but if he has to sit, it is hard to say. I think the Titans may take it either way though.

Titans 10- Colts 3