Not all Hot Takes are bad takes. Sometimes, a Hot Take is just someone being ahead of the curve. They may get criticized at the time, get called stupid, but when they end up being right, they get the last laugh. Sometimes though, a hot take is laughable. It can be hard to tell the difference because sometimes Hot Takes seem so obviously bad, and turn out good, but many other times, the hot take is just a bad take. Let’s look at some of the best Hot Takes of the past week, and see whether they are good, or bad takes.

Overreaction 1: The Warriors are not a lock for the Finals

Most people would say the Warriors are already in the Finals. Nich Wright of Fox Sports says, not so fast. He says the Warriors have been lucky injury-wise, and their opponents unlucky. And yes, if there is an injury to Kevin Durant or Steph Curry, they would be beatable. But betting on an injury is a mistake. I disagree with Wright that the Rockets and Thunder got better to a point where they could compete with the Warriors if both are healthy. One, the Thunder core is very poorly put together. They took three iso players and stuffed them onto one team. That is not an effective strategy to win. The Rockets definitely improved, but it is still 2-star players vs 4. The Warriors have more chemistry, more talent, better coaching, better defense. They are just on another level. Also, whoever edited this video did an awful job. Hate to call out an editor, but this video is choppy as hell with cuts in the middle of sentences

Verdict: Awful Hot Take, it is an overreaction 

Overreaction 2: No one can stop Joel Embiid on the court

Ben Simmons gave his teammate some high praise after Embiid signed a massive new contract. But is it true, is Embiid unstoppable when healthy? His first season certainly suggested as much. Embiid was scoring with ease in the 31 games he played last year. Despite a minutes restriction, he was putting up numbers that would be great over a full game. 20.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and 2.5 blocks per game, over 25.4 minutes per game. In his rookie year. He can shoot, score under the basket, and has even shown a few dribbling skills at times. He is the ultimate weapon. He will be the best center by far if he stays healthy.

Verdict: Not an Overreaction

Overreaction 3: Cowboys will win the division

The Cowboys have lost two in a row, are 2-3 overall, and are two games behind the Eagles. Whether or not they will have their star RB for the rest of the year is still up in the air, and their defense has more leaks than Trump’s White House. Meanwhile, the Eagles are 4-1, playing their best football in many years, and have won their last 3 games despite many injuries. Fletcher Cox and Ronald Darby will be back soon. Sidney Jones may be back this year. The Eagles have a firm hold on this division. But not in Skip’s eyes. Hell, the Cowboys could be 0-5, and Skip would still pick them to win it all because he is a hack.

Verdict: Horrible Take, major overreaction

Overreaction 4: Big Ben needs to retire

Even when Stephen A. Smith makes a good point, he has to sensationalize it. Yes, Big Ben has been awful. He looks finished, but 5 games are not enough to say he actually is finished. I agree with Stephen A. that Big Ben is the Steelers biggest problem, I agree things look bad for him, but I am also willing to give him more time before I say he is really finished. However, by Stephen A. Standards, this is a good take. He is right on target, he just went too far. He needs to pull it back a little.

Verdict: Too early to say he needs to retire, but he isn’t completely off. 

Overreaction 5: A very expensive PR Stunt

We all knew players would kneel. 49ers have been kneeling all along. Mike Pence had to know, that players were going to be kneeling. So it is obvious he went to Indy, with the full intent of walking out, to make a scene. He used his taxpayer-funded jet, and his taxpayer-funded security, to travel from Las Vegas to Indy, to make a PR stunt. This stunt cost Americans a lot of money.

What a great use of taxpayer money. Trump and Pence love to talk about “disrespecting troops,” but Trump is the guy who criticized John McCain for being a POW, and said he prefers the soldiers who don’t get caught. Trump insulted a gold star family, Trump and Pence waste money on these PR stunts, and Trump wastes money playing golf, while many Veterans are homeless. He has no right to call out others for disrespect. Pence was also so lazy, he couldn’t even bother to take a new picture before his stupid stunt.

Verdict: Our President is a Moron, and his vice president, a Fraud. 

Overreaction 6- Cam is back to MVP form

Cam has had 2 very good performances in a row. But in the first 3 weeks, he was awful. He is so inconsistent, it is impossible to project him. Can we see him do this consistently before we anoint him and say he is back to being an MVP contender? How have we already forgotten how bad he looked at the start of the season? These same people will crucify him if he has a bad week against the Eagles.

Verdict: Too soon to tell

Overreaction 7: Carson Wentz lacks command of his position

This is the second time I have had to edit this story after it is posted because Skip sneaks in a stupid comment after I schedule it to be posted. I have no clue what Skip is even talking about. Wentz is a deer-in-headlights? May I remind him that in week 2, Wentz led a late TD drive, and came close to another one to tie the game up, all under 2 minutes. In week 3, he led a late drive with about a minute left to set up a game-winning field goal. In week 4, he led a late drive, to run six minutes off the clock, and seal the win. So what the hell is Skip talking about? I will let the great Eagles write Reuben Frank finish the argument.

Wentz is the best QB on third down. That is not an opinion, it is a fact, the stats back it up. He is completing 71% of his passes on third down, with six TDs, 30 conversions, and a 137.8 passer rating.

Verdict: Skip has no clue