There was a whole lot to like from this week for the Eagles. I already talked about the great play of Carson Wentz, the running game continuing to perform, and more in my Instant Observations after the game. There were some things, I didn’t get to talk about yet though. Most of it is good, some of it, a little concerning. However, the reaction this week is overwhelmingly positive.

+Patrick Robinson

Robinson has been nothing short of spectacular in the nickel. He has quietly been one of the best players on this team all year. Nickel cornerbacks don’t often get much love, but he has been huge when it comes to covering inside. Pro Football Focus regularly grades him as one of the best players. He struggled on the outside in camp and in the preseason, but moving him inside has been a genius move. Thye gave him a grade of 91.5 in today’s game.

+Zach Ertz

Ertz continues to solidify himself as one of the best TEs in the game. He is currently the most dangerous weapon in the Eagles passing attack and comes up big time and time again for big third-down conversions, and today, a TD. He has caught at least 5 passes in every game and has almost 150 yards on third down so far this season. 3rd and longs are no longer a low conversion play for the Eagles, as the Wentz to Ertz connection seems to come up huge whenever they need a conversion.

+ Wentz continues to be among best QBs on Third Down

Wentz had 3 touchdowns on third downs today. They converted 9 out of 1 third downs, and his passer rating on the season on third down is over 100. He now has 6 touchdowns on third down plays and seems to covert the third and long plays fairly often. This type of poise on third down plays from a sophomore QB is amazing. He has made some mistakes this year, but he continues to prove he is the real deal.

+Kenjon Barner Dangerous in Punt Returns

Barner gained 110 yards on 3 punt returns. By the end of the game, the Cardinals were intentionally punting it out of bounds to avoid Barner. He never broke one and scored a TD on a return, but when he got a chance, he would give the Eagles great starting field position. There was some concern about punt returns after Darren Sproles was injured, but Barner seems to have this role taken care of.

– Alshon Jeffrey

Jeffery gained 31 yards on 3 carries. He has by no means been bad this year, but neither has he been as productive as most Eagles fans would hope. He has only one game with more than 60 yards. Only one game with more than 4 catches. He isn’t winning those 50/50 balls like many thought he would. He has been solid, but unspectacular so far. He needs to step up, and play to earn the contract he seeks in the offseason.


Seems obvious, but the fact they are 4-1 is huge. They have sole possession of first in the East. They are winning these games that they are supposed to win. They could go -5 the rest of the way, and still make the playoffs. They are giving themselves some room for error the rest of the way. Though hopefully, they will not need much room for error.

– Jalen Mills

Again, like Jeffery, Mills was by no means awful. But he did pretty much single handily give up the Cardinals lone TD drive. He had a facemask penalty, and gave up some big plays, allowing the lone score of the day. Mills is tenacious, plays hard every snap, and knows how to hit. But his lack of speed sometimes costs him. Mills makes for a great number two corner, and will eventually be a fantastic number 3. But he doesn’t have the speed to keep up with faster WRs like John Brown and JJ Nelson.

+Nelson Agholor

Agholor had disappeared after his big first game. But today he showed up with a huge 72 yard TD, that was partly due to his great route, part due to a great pass from Wentz, and part due to Agholor running tough to fight for the end zone. He added 3 other catches in the game, including one for a first down late in the game. It remains to be seen which is the real Nelson, but the good one showed up today.

+Cowboys Lose

The Cowboys lost again and fell to 2-3. The Eagles have a 2 game lead over the Cowboys. They have a 1 and a half-game lead over Washington, plus, a win over Washington. They are firmly in the driver’s seat right now. Even better, the Cowboys seem to have serious issues on defense.