32. Cleveland Browns(0-4)- Last Week- 32

I have gone out on a limb for you Browns, but no more. It is one step forward, 3 steps back. The Browns were embarrassed by the Bengals, only scoring one garbage time TD. There isn’t much to say at this point. They are winless and seem to be getting worse every week. At least they get a jumpstart on planning for the draft. The Browns are not only winless, but they haven’t even had a lead in a game. Just remember, they passed on Carson Wentz two years ago, and Deshaun Watson this last draft. DeShone Kizer looks like he can maybe be a decent QB, but there is a long way to go for him.

31. Indianapolis Colts(1-3)- Last Week- 31

No better way to remind people how bad you are than being blown out by an average team on national TV. They lost to Seattle, 46-18 on Sunday Night. When people tell me Andrew Luck is overrated, I will point to the fact that he led a team not too different than this one, to an AFC Championship game, and multiple 11-5 records. Colts have been awful at drafting for a very long time, back to the Peyton Manning era. They only have stayed relevant because they stumbled into two generation QB talents.

30. San Francisco 49ers(0-4)- Last Week- 29(-1)

Of all the 0-4 teams, the 49ers probably have had the easiest schedule. Yet, they have still lost all of their games. I like the new GM and head coach combo, but they have a long way to go, and hopefully, the owner has some patience and doesn’t pull the plug. Because even if John Lynch is the greatest GM ever, it is going to take a couple years to turn it around. One good thing, they will be in good position to get Sam Darnold or one of the other QBs in what is being called one of the best QB drafts ever.

29. Chicago Bears(1-3)- Last Week- 26(-3)

The Bears have had two weeks where they played well, but two weeks where they were just awful. Now, they seem to be making the switch to Mitchell Trubisky. The rookie QB will make his debut next week on Monday Night Football against the Vikings. It is a move that could make them soar up the rankings. But Trubisky has only 13 starts in college, so expecting him to come in and be good out of the gate, may not be wise. Bears need to have patience with their young QB and wait through any struggles he might have. As a Tarik Choen fantasy owner, I sure hope Trubisky is hot of the gate though.

28. New York Giants(0-4)- Last Week- 25(-3)

The Giants are better than 0-4, or at least they should be. Alas, they are 0-4 and barring a historic run, their season is almost over. They can’t block for Eli, don’t have enough weapons after Odell Beckham Jr., and have no run game to speak of. They have the Chargers, Broncos, Seahawks, and Rams coming up. It will be interesting to see how the Giants use the high draft pick they will end up with. Take their next QB? Finally, fix that O-Line? Take Saquan Barkley? FINALLY, FIX THE O-LINE!?

27. New York Jets(2-2)- Last Week- 30(+3)

The Jets have no business having two wins. They pulled off two upsets in a row, though the performances of the two teams they have beaten leave me questioning how good those wins were. But just watching the game against the Jaguars, I can’t help but question how incompetent they are on offense, especially at the QB position.

26. Los Angeles Chargers(0-4)- Last Week- 23(-3)

Once again, the Chargers lose a close game by a field goal. This time, they didn’t have a chance to miss the field goal to sail the loss, because they couldn’t stop the Eagles running backs on the final drive, and the Eagles were able to run 6 minutes off the clock and end the game. The Chargers couldn’t run, they couldn’t stop the run, and the only thing they did well was throw the ball. To make it worse, the LA move seems like a complete failure as the local fans were outnumbered by Eagles fans.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2)- Last Week- 20(-5)

The Jaguars continue to amaze me with their inconsistency. The blow out the Texans and Ravens, but then lose to the Jets and Titans, the Titans loss being a blowout. Their defense is dynamic, but their offense is anything but dynamic. With that defense, they for sure have a bright future, but quite simply, they need a good QB. For now, they will need to rely on their defense making huge plays to win games.

24. Cincinnati Bengals (1-3)- Last Week- 28(+4)

Has the Bengals offense awoken? Maybe. But they still are not a good team. Honestly, the Bengals turning it around this season, is the worst thing that can happen for them. They need to be able to move on from Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton, and making a comeback and competing for the playoffs will give them an excuse to not do it.

23. Arizona Cardinals(2-2)- Last Week- 27(+4)

The Cardinals are the definition of mediocre this year. They aren’t awful, they aren’t good, just mediocre. They are never going to get blown away, but will never look good, even in a win. The loss of David Johnson has crippled this offense. Their defense is okay, but nothing special.

22. Miami Dolphins(1-2)- Last Week- 14(-8)

I was very wrong about the Dolphins. I thought Jay Cutler would be good with them, but he just isn’t. I do not get the gameplan here. They have weapons, but they just don’t use them well. Ajayi continues to struggle with a lighter workload, not sure if that is by design or because of an injury. But if Ajayi can’t get going, they will continue to be bad. Getting shutout by the Saints is embarrassing.

21. New Orleans Saints(2-2)- Last Week- 21

Like I said, when they play a team that can’t score, they will look good. I had thought the Dolphins were a team that could score, but I was wrong, oh so very wrong. The Saints are going to score points, it is just a question of whether the other team can. That sounds like the most obvious thing ever, but it takes on a different meaning with the Saints. The other team’s defense doesn’t really matter, a Saints came is almost always a battle of offenses. Miami’s offense forgot to get on the plane to London.

20. Tennesee Titans(2-2)- Last Week- 13(-7)

Not only did the Titans lose, but they lost a divisional game that could have been a statement game. It is one thing to miss the chance to make a statement in week 1 against the out of division Raiders. To miss this chance to take over the division, is embarrassing, and they let the Texans take the reigns over this division for now. I can forgive one loss in a vacuum. I can forgive getting upset by a bad team like many teams did last week. I cannot forgive getting blown out of the building like they did against their biggest competition for the division.

19. Carolina Panthers(3-1)- Last Week- 19(+1)

Cam Newton finally decided to show up. Why he waited until I was playing against him in fantasy, I don’t know, but he finally broke out. I do not buy it yet. They were going against the Patriots, whose defense has been miserable so far this season. I need to see them do this multiple weeks in a row to buy in.

18. Buffalo Bills(3-1)- Last Week- 22(+4)

Bills may be the surprise of this season. Most people rightfully thought they were tanking, because they traded away many of their best players. But now, they find themselves at the top of the AFC East, and have beaten multiple good teams in a row. They toppled the Broncos, and followed it up by beating the Falcons. More impressive, they bottled up the Falcons offense. Their defense is legit.

17. Houston Texans(2-2)- Last Week- 24(+7)

DeShaun Watson, despite the ramblings of one of the worst “football minds” in the business, Cian Fahey, looks legit. He makes plays left and right, with both his legs and his arm. With him behind center, their only loss was to the Patriots, and that was a very close game that they only lost because Brady did what Brady does. They walked all over their division rival the Titans, and took the drivers seat of the division.

16. Minnesota Vikings(2-2)- Last Week- 12(-4)

Not only did they lose to their division rival the Lions, not only were they held to 7 points, but Dalvin Cook tore his ACL and is lost for the season. The loss of Cook, I think, will cripple their offense. Sam Bradford may be back soon, but without the dynamic running game, I think he will struggle to repeat the success he found in week 1. In a tough division which they are now behind it, it will be tough to claw up.

15. Washington Football Team(2-2)- Last Week- 17(+2)

It isn’t often a team goes up in the rankings after a loss, but Washington gave the Chiefs a good game. They ended up losing by nine, the in reality, it was a 3 point loss, with a meaningless TD on defense after Washington fumbled on their last ditch effort as the clock hit 0. I gave the Eagles credit for playing them close, I have to do the same for Washington. I am tempted to put them over the Cowboys, but will hold off on that for now.

14. Dallas Cowboys(2-2)- Last Week- 11(-3)

The Cowboys were offered a chance to make a statement, and failed to rise to the table. It isn’t the end of the world for them, and there several positive takeaways from this, such as Elliot getting his groove back. But the defense did not play well, and it is starting to look like a concern. They have now played two good teams, and lost to both of them. If they want to compete, they have to be able to beat teams that are better than the likes of the Giants and Cardinals.

13. Seatle Seahawks(2-2)- Last Week- 16(+3)

The offense has shown up two weeks in a row now. Bad part is, they have serious competition in their division now with the Rams. Russel Wilson still had to run around and makeup plays on his own to make the offense work, and that is not a long-term winning formula. They have beaten the 49er’s and Colts, two teams with only a win between them.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(2-1)- Last Week- 15(+3)

The Bucs bounced back pretty nicely in week 4. Sure it was against the winless Giants, but the offense impressed. Winston pulled together a late drive down the field to get the team in position for a game-winning field goal. The defense is mediocre, but they can score. With the Falcons stumbling, the Bucs still have a chance to win that division.

11. Baltimore Ravens(2-2)- Last Week- 6(-5)

Well, all year we were waiting for one the Steelers and Ravens to separate, and one finally did. Unfortunately for the Ravens, it wasn’t them. They were outclassed at home by the Steelers. They couldn’t score,and couldn’t stop Laveon Bell. Now they have lost two in a row, both in frankly embarrassing fashion. Getting blown out twice in a row, and once by a division rival at home, is no bueno. Ravens are falling apart.

10. Los Angeles Rams(3-1)- Last Week- 18(+8)

If the Bills aren’t the surprise of the year, the Rams are. Head coach Sean McVay has turned this team around. I don’t know if that says more about McVay, or about Jeff Fisher. Whichever it is, the Rams offense looks great. The defense isn’t so great, but they got their statement win beating Dallas in Dallas. This week, they get a chance to truly take over their division with a game against Seattle. This will be the first good defense they get to play, so it will be interesting to see.

9. Oakland Raiders(2-2)- Last Week- 5(-4)

Raiders, like the Ravens, have now lost two in a row, with their loss this week being against a division rival. The difference between them and the Ravens, they weren’t embarrassed by their rival. Still, the Raiders had a chance to really step up, and failed. They are now in third in their tough division. They need to get their act together.

8. Green Bay Packers(3-1)- Last Week- 10(+2)

The Packers finally got their act together and put together a complete game, but it was against the Bears. They have struggled through the first 3 weeks, and I think that says more than one win against the Bears. If they can beat the Cowboys this week, I will reconsider them, but as of now, they are the worst of the second tier teams.

7. New England Patriots(2-2)- Last Week- 1(-6)

Tom Brady is crazy good for a 40-year-old QB, in fact, he is playing some of the best football of his career. The Patriots defense, however, is bad, worst in the league bad. Literally, they are the 32nd rated defense in the league. They are giving up almost 33 points per game. As good as Brady is, he cant be forced to make comebacks every single week like he has been forced to this year.

6. Atlanta Falcons(3-1)- Last Week- 3(-3)

The Falcons are 3-1, but they have been outplayed in 3 out of the 4 weeks. The Bears outplayed them for 3 quarters, and only lost because of one broken play. The Lions outplayed them, and only lose because of one inch, and a rule about time running off the clock that should be removed, and of course, the Bills outplayed them. Colin Cowherd made a great point on his show today. Take away the worst year of a QB, and the best year, and what remains is who that QB is. Matt Ryan and the Falcons were great last year, but they have regressed to the good, not great, team they have been in his career. The team that plays better at home, and only ever won one playoff game before last year.

5. Philadelphia Eagles(3-1)- Last Week- 8(+3)

I am an Eagles fan, but I am uncomfortable putting the Eagles this high. Watching them it is clear they are a good team, but a flawed team. Injuries have heavily hampered them, and they give up way too many big plays. They tend to fall apart in the 4th defensively. Yet, what teams are better than them. Patriots cant play defense, Falcons are wildly inconsistent, and the Packers struggle with consistency as well. The Eagles while flawed, have played fairly well every week. Their only loss a close game against the best team in the league. They are not great, just better than the rest of the muck in the league this year.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers(3-1)- Last Week- 5(+1)

Something about the Steelers is unimpressive. Yes, they are 3-1 and firmly in control of their division, but Big Ben just is not on his game this year. Thankfully for them, the defense is, and Laveon Bell finally broke out. On paper, they shouldn’t be this high, but there just isn’t enough great teams this year, so a merely good team rises to 4.

3. Detroit Lions(3-1)- Last Week- 8(+5)

The Lions have probably been the second most consistent team in the NFL. Their only loss was a very close game to the Falcons, which they lost by one inch. They didn’t put up a ton of points this week, but they made up for that by playing lockdown defense. They are a complete team overall, and while there is certainly room for improvement, in a year of so many flawed teams, they seem to be less flawed than most others.

2. Denver Broncos(3-1)- Last Week- 7(+5)

The Broncos could be here at two, they could be all the way down at 8. These teams are all so interchangeable. I had to find a way to sort them, so I decided the fairest way, was to look at how consistent they are, and their overall makeup. Of these 7 teams, the Broncos are the least flawed. They have one bad loss to the Bills, but they made a statement beating the Raiders, and their defense looks superb.

1. Kansas City Chiefs(4-0)- Last Week- 2(+1)

The Chiefs solidified themselves as the best team in the league, and it isn’t close. Their offense works, their defense works, they are the only complete team in the NFL. I had trouble ranking the next 7 teams that followed them because they are all so interchangeable. All of them are decent teams, but all have glaring flaws that hold them back. But the Chiefs, are unflappable right now.