In the age of Twitter and 24-hour news coverage, hot takes are at an all-time high. Hot-Takes get coverage online. Hot-Takes get you noticed. But just because a take is hot, doesn’t mean it is wrong. There are certainly many times people wildly overreact and say frankly stupid things, but sometimes they actually make sense. Here are some of the best hot takes, bad and good, from the last week. As we get closer to the NBA and NHL seasons and approach the MLB Playoffs, there are more than just NFL Hot Takes to ponder.

Overreaction 1: Sixers “Breathtaking Incompetence”

Oh really Le Batard? Don’t you think this is a bit of an overreaction? The video they are discussing is of Sixers practice, a practice early on in camp. In it, 3 players miss 8 shots over 44 seconds. Two of those players are bench players. They took a 44-second video, from a long practice, of 3 player shooting, and want to act like it defines the entire team. I am surprised, for once, Skip Bayless won’t have the worst hot take of the week. Dan Le Batard had such a wild overreaction to this, I have to assume it was the first time he has ever watched basketball. How about we wait until we actually start to play basketball before we passing around terms like “breathtaking incompetence.” Whats a matter Dan? Couldn’t find enough material to pad your awful show so you needed to pull some garbage out to overreact to?

Verdict: Early contender for worst take of the NBA Season. Even if Sixers end up being bad, it has nothing to do with a 44-second video of 3 players in practice. 

Overreaction 2: Eagles Will Lead the League in Rushing 

Over 4 weeks, the Eagles 572 rushing yards. That is good for being tied for third in the league with the Broncos, the Chiefs and Jaguars are ahead of them. This, after struggling on the ground over the first two weeks. This running game has been completely reinvented and has morphed into a three-headed monster. Now, they were playing two of the worst rush defenses in the league the last couple weeks, but still, they have been impressive.  Can they keep it up and lead the league in rushing? I don’t personally think so, but it isn’t a ridiculous thing to say.

Verdict: I don’t agree with it, but it is not an overreaction

Overreaction 3: Mike Glennon is Aaron Rodgers

Okay, this is actually really old take from over three years ago. But it made the rounds on Twitter this week because of 1, how absurd it is, and two, it is classic Cian Fahey. For those who don’t know, Cian Fahey is a “football genius” who regularly has awful takes like this. And when you disagree with his awful takes, he blocks you. Hee is another awful take of his, that is more recent.

I actually got blocked for questioning this take of his. I had to sign out to even get the links for these tweets of his. He also has called DeShawn Watson’s performance this year average, compared Dak Prescott to Aaron Rodgers, among other awful takes. He also has had the gall to say he has never actually been wrong. I guess there is no one to disagree with that since he blocks everyone who disagrees with him from viewing his “content.” It should come as no surprise this fool is a regular contributor to Dan Le Batards shows. He won’t admit to being wrong about Goff this year. We were all wrong about Goff, but most of us will admit it. But not Cian, no Cian is never wrong. Goff hasn’t been good because he took a step forward, he has been good because he hasn’t played a good defense. Deshaun Watson hasn’t been good because of his skill set, no it is bad defense making him look good. Carson Wentz isn’t a franchise QB who has a veteran level understanding of pre-snap adjustments, no, he is just Blake Bortles. Cian Fahey is worse than Skip when it comes to Hot Takes. He is the most pompous, obnoxious “Football expert” currently in the game.

Verdict: Cian is Awful, and lives off the hot take

Overreaction 4: Patriots have the worst defense ever

The Patriots defense has been miserable this year. They are on track to set records for yards and points given up. Is it too early to say this is a serious problem? It is hard to say. That front 7, is not good. They do not get pressure on the QB, and it puts a ton of strain on their cornerbacks. They are giving up over 5 yards per run. Even worse, they are giving up 9.4 yards per pass, which is 1,5 yards more than the next worse team. Players are getting wide open on them. They have essentially turned into a more extreme version of the Saints. They can put up as many points as any other team in the league, but they can’t stop anyone, as week after week teams find themselves easily carving the Patriots D up. This is not just early season jitters.

Verdict: Not an Overreaction

Overreaction 5: Rams are the best team in the NFC West

I don’t think this tweet needs the word might. Rams are indeed, the best team in that division. They will get a chance to prove as much this week. The Rams have shown up every week. The Seahawks skipped the first 3 weeks. They managed to beat the 49ers in a low scoring game, and then beat up on the hapless Colts.

Verdict: Not an Overreaction

Overreaction 6: The Seahawks are back to form

It was one game against the Colts. Let’s wait until they play a real team to start saying the “have finally arrived.” If they beat the Rams, sure, they are back. But they beat up on one of the worst teams in the league. They still lost to the Titans, still got trampled by the Packers, and still barely beat the 49ers. Their o-line was still bad. They suffered multiple injuries, including one to rookie RB Chris Carson, The offensive gameplan was still questionable at times. I don’t believe this team has come back, they just had one game.

Verdict: Overreaction

Overreaction 7: Alabama and Clemson are in a class of their own

This is absolutely true. They are the only two teams to receive first-place votes in the poll. Both of them, are double-digit favorites in pretty much every game they play for the rest of the season. The other top teams, like Ohio State, USC, Penn State, etc, have all struggled at times while Clemson and Bama roll over their competition like it is nothing. Parity is no longer a thing at the top of the NCAA football-wise. Lock both of these teams into the playoffs, barring some miraculous upset.

Verdict: Not an overreaction

Overreaction 8: Washington is one of the Best Teams in the League

This tweet was in reference to the Chiefs vs Washington game on Monday Night. Chiefs are for sure a top team, but let’s pump the breaks on saying Wahington is one of the two best teams. Have we forgotten who beat them in week 1? They are a very impressive team that deserves a ton of credit, but top two team they are not.

Verdict: Overreaction

PS: I am half amazed that Skip Bayless and Stephen Smith both managed to stay off this article this week. Neither made a hot take so egregious I felt I had to put them on here, at least not one that I saw.

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