I already released one set of bad hot takes this week, but after I posted it, Colin Cowherd decided to see how much stupid crap he can say in one day. A lot of it was a weird obsession he had with Philadelphia fans. He stopped his show, at least three teams, maybe 4 times, to talk about this weird obsession of his. I am not sure where it came from. It might have been because former Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid is having a good season with the Chiefs, and he seems to think that means the Eagles fans were stupid for criticizing him back when he was here. Throughout his show, and after, he made many awful, awful, just dumb, incorrect, absurd, and at times, flat out idiotic takes. Here are some of the dumbest things Cowherd said.

Overreaction 1: Philadelphia fans are the dumbest fans in the country

We will get into the actual dumb things he says to back up this claim next, but first, let’s just address his actual statement. He says Philly fans are stupid, even at one point made a statement that it is about 75% of Philly fans who are dumb. Take note of the fact he completely pulls this number out of his ass. Good reporters usually back up their “facts” with proof. Colin likes to just make up numbers on the spot. But are Philly fans dumb? I will admit, we can be a bit overzealous, but that is just passion. Let’s use some actual research, to figure out how wrong Colin is. One, Grammarly, did a study to see which fanbase has the best grammar. While grammar isn’t a true test of intelligence, it does show if somehow bother to proofread what they write or say. That type of awareness and foresight shows someone is at least semi-intelligent. Eagles ranked third, with only 5.2 mistakes per 100 words.

Brookings Institute looked into which MLB Fanbases had the most “brain power,” (which they measured by the percentage of fans with a graduate degree). Phillies fans ranked 8th, with 12.6% of fans holding an advanced degree. Again, is this a sign of overall intelligence, no, but still flies in the face of Colin’s absurd, “dumbest fans” statement.

People who actually spend time around Philly, listen to the talk radio, and see the fans, say the opposite of Colin, that Eagles fans are the most knowledgeable fans. 

When polled, the players themselves said the Eagles were a top 5 smart fanbase, with 8% of players polled saying Eagles fans were the smartest, the 4th highest percentage.

So basically, the stats are wrong. Despite many people calling Eagles fans annoying, rude, and overzealous, most people except for you, at least acknowledge that they know what they are talking about. Also, not how I actually gathered real stats for my argument. Cited sources, backed up what I say with facts. You know, like a real reporter is supposed to do. It is pretty sad when a little blog with less than 20 followers has more journalistic integrity than a show with a host that gets paid upwards of $6 million dollars.

Verdict: Colin has no clue what he is talking about

Overreaction 2: Philly fans chase away good coaches 

Okay, so now we are out of the territory where facts come in, and it is all opinions. Colin is doing revisionist history here. Let’s start with his claim Eagles fans stupidly chased Andy Reid out of town. Andy Reid is currently in a very good place and is coaching the best team in Football. It is easy to just look at this out of context, and say that the Eagles fans calling for Andy to lose his job when he was here, were dumb. Listen, Andy is a good coach, but he wasn’t coaching well at the end of his time here.

Let’s start with his claim Eagles fans stupidly chased Andy Reid out of town. Andy Reid is currently in a very good place and is coaching the best team in Football. It is easy to just look at this out of context, and say that the Eagles fans calling for Andy to lose his job when he was here, were dumb. Listen, Andy is a good coach, but he wasn’t coaching well at the end of his time here. they went 12-20 over his last two years. The locker room was a mess. You could say “oh he had no talent,” but the same team that went 4-12 for Andy went 10-6 and made the playoffs for Chip Kelly. Andy hired an offensive line coach, as his defensive coordinator. He brought in a defensive line coach in Jim Washburn and gave him free reign to run the D-line as a separate entity from the rest of the defense. As GM, he brought in a bunch of overpriced free agents, which created the infamous dream team scenario. Most of those free agents flamed out. Jason Babin, gone in 2 years. Dominque Roger Cromartie, gone. Nnamdi Asomugha, complete failure. Andy Reids last couple years in Philly were an abject failure. He got into a coaching rut, where he wouldn;t run the ball and made the same mistakes every week. It is easy to look from the outside and say that Andy Reid is a good coach, but both sides needed to move on here.

Colin also said the Phillies fans ran Terry Francona out of town. Terry Francona, during his time in Philly, had a record of 285-363 over four seasons. This, in his first job as a Manager. There isn’t a city in this country that wouldn’t have fired him. That record over 4 seasons, is abysmal. Granted he didn’t have great talent, but there was no way to tell what type of manager Francona was. Also, there is the little caveat that 8 years after they fired him, the Phillies won a World Series. And they went on a run of winning the NL East 5 years in a row. And Made two straight world series. And had a 100 win season. No, let’s not mention that firing Francona would eventually lead to hiring Charlie Manuel who would go on to be one of the best Phillies managers ever. These facts are so inconvenient to Colin’s idiotic narrative.

He also made the absurd claim they chased Chip Kelly away too soon. Was he watching the Eagles under Chip? Yes, they went 10-6 his first two seasons, yes they made the playoffs once. But Chip also made a power move to become GM, then systematically gave away all the talent on the roster. The team was a mess in his last year here. Players were upset at the coach. Chip would go onto SanFransico, where he lost another job after only 1 year. Chip had the bullheaded notion that time of possession doesn’t matter. By the way, Colin touts time of possession as important on his how but conveniently forgets this when defending Chip and trashing the Eagles for firing him. Chip killed his defenses by refusing to control the clock. By seasons end, the entire team was tired. Opposing defenses routinely called out his plays before the snap, because his playbook was way too simplistic. Chip Kelly doesn’t even have a coaching job right now, are all 32 GM’s stupid for not giving him a job, or is it that people who understand the NFL realized Chip cant coach in the NFL?

He also claimed the fans tried to run Jay Wright out of town. This one perplexes me because I have no clue what he is talking about. No Villanova fans I have ever met, heard on talk radio, seen on chat boards, has ever called for Jay Wright’s job. There are people in the city who just don’t like Villanova, because, you know, they are Temple fans, or La Salle fans, or Saint Joesph fans, or U-Penn fans, but no Nova fans dislike Kay Wright. Is this another example of Colin flat out making stuff up? Probably. He is a millionaire, he doesn’t need to be held down by something like ethics, integrity, or having a spine.

Verdict: Colin has no backbone


Overreaction 3: Donovan McNabb was an ‘average QB’

While touting how great Reid is as a head coach, Colin made the claim that everything he did, he did with ‘average QB’s.’ Now anyone who knows anything about football became curious about this. Does he think Donovan McNabb was an ‘average QB.’ Apparently, yes? He threw out these out of context stats, to make his case that McNabb was average. Maybe without comparing those stats to other QBs, one would think they are average. But stats are meaningless without context. If I were to throw out the ratings of Fox Sports shows, without also telling you what other networks pulled in the same time slot, it would be pointless. There is no way to tell if a statistic is impressive or not if you cannot compare it something else. So one, we have another example of Colin being lazy, unscientific, and lacking integrity. Luckily, I did Colin’s work for him.

Here is where I got the stats for the QB Ratings. 

I was actually wrong about him being 33rd best, on second look, he is tied for 32nd best of all time.

Here is where I got the stats about his TD/Int ratio.

For every interception McNabb threw, he scored two TDs. He is also top 30 in passing touchdowns.

Check out this stat courtesy of ESPN

“McNabb is one of just four players in NFL history to have at least 30,000 passing yards, 200 TD passes, 3,000 rushing yards and 20 rushing touchdowns. (The others are John Elway, Fran Tarkenton and Steve Young.)”

I rest my case. Colin Cowherd calling Donovan McNabb an ‘average QB,’ is the greatest sign if all of how clueless this guy is. Like I said, McNabb is a borderline HOFer. The only thing holding him back is the fact he never won a Superbowl. His stats are up there with HOF QBs. Since that is an undeniable fact, Colin must agree with me that McNabb deserves to be in the HOF. After all, he says rings don’t matter.

I actually agree that rings shouldn’t define people. But seeing as how I statistically disproved his “McNabb is average,” claim, rings are the only option he can fall back on.

Verdict: Colin has no clue what he is talking about


Overreaction 4: Marvin Lewis is a ‘very good’ coach

Marvin Lewis has been the coach of the Bengals for 15 years. In that time, they have 0 playoff wins. Also…

In his 15 year career, Marvin Lewis has a record of 119-106.  By no means is that awful. But pair that with the fact he has zero playoff wins, it is nowhere near ‘very good. Even on its own, 13 more wins than losses over 15 years, is average. That tells me he is usually around 8-8, or 9-7. His team is out to a 1-3 start this year, with the only win against the Browns. All of this is ‘very good’ I guess. This all came up after Colin’s statement about rings not being as important, which again, I agree with. Someone mentioned Marvin Lewis and asked if Colin also thought Marvin was a great coach. Colin answered. Marvin Lewis has more than worn out his welcome in Cinncinnatti. He is a decent coach and deserves a chance somewhere else, but they need to move on. But Colin would seem to agree with that. Colin is the little kid who tries over and over again to get that circle peg through the star-shaped hole. No matter how many times it fails, Colin keeps wanting to pound the circle peg. His logic, it is a fine peg and it will work eventually.

Verdict: Colin needs to stop talking, he keeps getting shown up by us ‘dumb Eagles fans.’

Overreaction 5: Sixers fans are dumb to get excited about the Sixers

During one of Colin’s rants on his show about Philly fans, he brought up the Sixers. He scoffed at the idea that the Sixers are on the verge of breaking out. He said something about how the Sixers wouldn’t even win 10 games in the west as well.

Once again, Colin didn’t offer any real evidence of this claim. He didn’t break out stats, or any facts, to back up this claim. He just stated a random opinion and acted like it was absolute. Here is the truth though. With Embiid on the court, the Sixers are a much better team.  With Embiid playing on restricted minutes, he was still able to get them to be a .500 team. That is without Ben Simmons, and with Embiid only playing 24 minutes. He put up stats in 24 minutes, most people cant put up in a full game. Check out this quote from the Fox Sports article in the above link.

“When Embiid is on the court, the team plays like the best defensive team in the NBA by a good margin. When he’s off the court, the team’s defense plummets to bottom five. The team has a 99.3 defensive rating with him on the court, and a 108.3 defensive rating with him off the court which would rank 25th in the league. Talk about making a difference. The team is a full 9 points better defensively per 100 possessions with Embiid on the floor.”

So just having Embiid on the court, made the Sixers an elite defensive team. Imagine when they have Markell Fultz, and Ben Simmons out there as well.

Also, when Embiid is on the court the team has a true shooting percentage of 55.4 percent compared to 51.8 percent when he’s off. That 55.4 percent number would be 11th best out of 30 teams. The percentage when he’s off the court would be 29th.

So Sixers become a good, not great offense with him on the court as well. Again, that is without Simmons and Filtz, in his first year playing. Colin can talk all the crap he wants. I, as a proud ‘dumb Philly fan’, have the raw statistics to back me up. All Colin has is his big mouth.

Verdict: Just stop Colin, you are embarrassing yourself. 

Now I do not hate Colin Cowherd. It may seem like I do because of the harsh words I have used, but I don’t. He can sometimes be entertaining and even insightful. But there are also times like today, where he just takes a nonsensical stand that has no basis in reality. I do not mind my city and teams being rightfully criticized when they deserve it. And Philly teams do have their many flaws. But if you are going to call the city or its teams out, bring the facts. Do not just talk out of your ass. Because regardless of what Colin says, we know our stuff, and we will call you out for it. Because while we are not dumb, we are rabid. And it is not smart to come at a rabid dog without protection.


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