Week 3 was chalk full of upsets. Titans over Seahawks, Saints over Panthers, Bills over Broncos, Bears over Steelers, Jaguars over Ravens. It was a crazy week. In a crazy week like this, it is important not to overreact. I am sure many power rankings will see the Ravens plummeting, and Jaguars shooting up. I, on the other hand, realize that a single week can be misleading. Some teams definitely fell, but not because they sucked during this one week, but because they have struggled in multiple weeks now and now it cost them a loss, looking at you Panthers and Seahawks. Other teams rose, and again, not because they put up one amazing week, but because they have consistently impressed like the Titans have. So without further ado, here are my week 4 power rankings.

32. Cleveland Browns (0-3)- Last Week 26(-6)

Oh Browns. Just when you think they make it up the hill, they take a tumble and skid their knee up. They lost to what I thought was the worst team in the league. I guess that makes them the worst team again. Honestly, the bottom of the power rankings is hard, because there are so many teams that are equally bad. For now, Browns are the worst.

31. Indianapolis Colts (1-2)- Last Week 32(+1)

Colts won a game! They beat up on a bad Browns team. When a bad team beats a bad team, how do you judge that? As I said below, these bottom 6 teams are almost interchangeable at this point, and they will just move around depending on who takes the worse beatdown and who beats the worse team.

30. New York Jets (1-2)- Last Week 31(+1)

My apologies to anyone taking the, “pick against the Jets,” strategy in a suicide pool. This week in general probably ruined a lot of pools. It didn’t ruin my pool though because I was out of my pool in week 1. Jets upset the Dolphins, in a win that may one day be called, “The Game That Cost Them Sam Darnold.”

29. San Fransisco 49ers (0-3)- Last Week 22(-7)

The 49ers got into a shootout with the Rams and lost. Their offense was pathetic is first two weeks, and then showed up last week, while their defense semi impressed in first two weeks, and didn’t show up. This flipping of the script makes me think this was a fluke game. Next week they will be back to scoring less than 10 points and playing hard defense.

28. Cincinnati Bengals (0-3)- Last Week 30(+2)

Well, they almost beat the Packers and then blew it. It doesn’t matter what they do. I have no faith in Andy Dalton or Marvin Lewis going forward. Andy Dalton had his best game in almost 16 games and still wasn’t that good. He missed a lot of throws, throws that could have been touchdowns. This game said more about the Packers than it did the Bengals.

27. Arizona Cardinals(1-2)- Last Week- 25(-2)

The Cardinals got out to a fast start against the Cowboys but failed to capitalize. They ended up losing, in what by the end, was a poorly played, and poorly coached game. If the Cardinals O-Line was the worst part of their game, Bruce Arians was the second worst. He wasted way too many timeouts, one via an awful challenge in the 4th quarter. There was also some awful play calling, particularly on that last drive for the Cardinals. There is no excuse for getting down into the red zone, and walking away with no points because you poorly managed the clock. That short pass play call was flat out dumb.

26. Chicago Bears(1-2)- Last Week- 28(-2)

They got an upset win over the Steelers, but several teams near the bottom of the rankings got an upset win. They still do not appear to be any type of legit contenders, playing in the division where they are absolutely the worst team. There is something to build on there, they have two very good young RBs, but with a stop gap QB under center, I cant take them seriously.

25. New York Giants(0-3)- Last Week- 21(-4)

Giants were not in that game for the first 3 quarters. They managed to put up 24 in the 4th quarter and still lost. They fall to 0-3, 0-2 in their division, with the two divisional losses being to their main competition to win the division? Is their season over, no, but it is on life support. With a tough stretch coming up, their season could be over very soon.

24. Houston Texans(1-2)- Last Week- 29(+5)

The Texans gave the Patriots a very good game but ended up losing. The game showed some promising signs from Deshaun Watson, and the offense finally got going. But it didn’t change the flaws they have. Until they fix that O line, they will not go anywhere.

23. Los Angeles Chargers(0-3)- Last Week- 19(-4)

The Chargers should be good, but they aren’t. They shoot themselves in the foot all the time. Two missed field goals stands between them and being 2-1. Instead, they are 0-3. This last game completely got away from them, and they never really had a chance to beat the Chiefs. On top of that, the Los Angeles move seems to be a disaster as they have next to no support in the city. Their schedule doesn’t get easier from here, they get the Eagles at home, but their home games aren’t really home games with the stands mostly empty.

22. Buffalo Bills(2-1)- Last Week- 24(+2)

The Bills are bad at tanking. Even with all the players, they traded for draft picks, they still somehow arent bad enough. Their defense is still pretty solid. They are by no means competitors, but they are good enough to ruin their chances at getting a top 5 draft pick.

21. New Orleans Saints(1-2)- Last Week- 23(+2)

The Saints haven’t changed for several years. They can score, but can’t defend. Because of it, they will be a middling to mediocre team. They can win some games if they play bad offenses, but against any good offense, they will always lose. How much longer will Sean Payton keep this job? He probably has until Drew Brees retires.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars(2-1)- Last Week- 27(+7)

The Jaguars are hard to nail down. They come out in week 1 and trounce on the inferior Texans. Then they play the Titans and fall apart. But in week 3, they take on the Ravens and dominate. Their defense seems to be legit. Still, their offense isn’t good enough. They are 1 QB short of being contenders.

19. Carolina Panthers(2-1)- Last Week- 17(-2)

The Panthers offensive struggles finally cost them a win because they played a team that can score. Their season is about to take an ugly turn with 3 more teams who know how to score coming up on their schedule. If Cam Newton doesn’t figure out whatever his problem is soon, their season will fall apart.

18. Los Angeles Rams(2-1)- Last Week 20(+2)

We still have yet to see the Rams play a good team, but the offense definitely looks much improved under the eye of Sean Mcvay. Goff has made huge strides, and Todd Gurley has recovered from an awful season last year. With a chance to take on the Cowboys next week, we will see how real this transformation actually is. They could pull out a division win this year if the early success is for real. They did give up a lot of points to a bad 49ers offense though.

17. Washington Football Team(2-1)- Last Week 18(+1)

I really don’t know what to think of this team. They looked so bad and out of sync in Week 1. Then they were in a close game with another mediocre team in week 2. But then they come out and dominate the Raiders. Chris Thompson looks legit, but anytime it seems like Washington is going somewhere, they fall back down. I need more games to accurately judge them.

16. Seattle Seahawks(1-2)- Last Week- 11(-5)

I probably have them lower than most people. I am sure many people give the Seahawks the benefit of the doubt because of who they are. But I can’t, I see a team falling apart. They certainly have a lot of talent and could turn it around, but the flaws they do have, are massive. They may not even win the division this year, with the Rams looking much improved.

15. Tampa Bay Buccanneers(1-1)- Last Week- 13(-2)

Jameis Winston has a ton of potential but needs to learn to take care of the football. Losing in Minnesota to Vikings isn’t necessarily anything to be ashamed of, but they showed their youth losing by 17. They still have a little ways to go before they are legit contenders.

14. Miami Dolphins(1-1)- Last Week- 12(-2)

Jay Ajayi’s injury completely changes this Dolphins team. It was when he emerged last year that they started playing well and pushed themselves into the playoffs. With him limited this last week, they were back to playing like they did in the first half of last season. If Ajayi gets healthy again, they will be back to being a pretty decent team.

13. Tennesee Titans(2-1)- Last Week- 16(+3)

Titans have a good young QB and are building a decent team around him. They aren’t real contenders this year, but you can see the makings of something in this team. Add a few better weapons for Mariota, sure up that defense, and they could turn into serious contenders. They should make the playoffs this year at least.

12. Minnesota Vikings(2-1)- Last Week- 15(+3)

I am more impressed by this week’s win than I was of their dominance in Week 1 against the Saints. They went up against a good team, with a decent defense, without their starting QB, and still played well. Their offense put up points with a backup QB, and their defense played well against a young talented Tampa Bay offense.  I was wrong about the Vikings it seems.

11. Dallas Cowboys(2-1)- Last Week- 14(-3)

Cowboys struggled out of the gate in this game. But the Cardinals took their foot off the gas, and the Cowboys took advantage. It wasn’t a perfect game, but they still managed to win, and by 11 points. They seem to have gotten past their struggles in week 2. The Cowboys in the Eagles will be fun to watch as thy fight to take the NFC East crown.

10. Green Bay Packers(2-1)- Last Week- 8(-2)

They won, but it wasn’t easy. With Aaron Rodgers and the weapons he has, they have the chance to go all the way. But the last two games have exposed some flaws. Their defense isn’t as good as it looked week one, and Rodgers doesn’t have enough time to comfortably throw the ball most plays. I will never count a team with a QB like Aaron Rodgers down, but he may have to carry this team on his back.

9. Detroit Lions(2-1)- Last Week- 9

One inch, one inch is all that was between the Lions being 3-0, and beating the reigning NFC champions the Falcons. I can not knock a team down when one inch is what lost them the game. They went up against a very good team and showed they were evenly matched. The Lions are serious competition to push the Packers for the divisional crown.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)- Last Week- 10(+2)

It may have taken a 61-yard last second field goal, but the Eagles beat the Giants. The win made them 2-1, and 2-0 in their division. They were finally able to run the ball. The loss of Darren Sproles for the season will hurt them, but even with many players hurt, they are holding it together. Once Ronald Darby, Rodney Mcleod, and Jaylen Watkins get back, they will be even better. They are in a great position to keep this up, and push to win the division.

7. Denver Broncos (2-1)- Last Week- 7

They had a bad loss, but they remain at 7 just because there is no team I feel comfortable letting jump them. Same goes for the next two teams. They rank below the Ravens and Steelers just because I trust the QB’s on that team more. Siemian has been great, but he doesn’t have the body of work to make me trust him completely.

6. Baltimore Ravens (2-1)- Last Week- 6

Ravens were embarrassed in London. Was it jet lag? Were they too busy seeing the sights in London that they tired themselves out? Who knows. Maybe they just had a bad game. They stay at 6 because with all the upsets this week, it may be best to just view these games as flukes and move on. I will give the 2-0 teams that got upset a pass and watch them closer the next week.

5. Pittsburg Steelers (2-1)-  Last Week- 5

Pretty much everything I said about the Ravens applies here. They lost to the Bears, a team ranked near the bottom of my rankings. They get a pass for now, but these teams won’t get a pass next week. Consider this week a verbal warning for teams like the Raiders, Broncos, Steelers, and Ravens.

4. Oakland Raiders(2-1)- Last Week- 3(-1)

I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say the loss on Sunday Night to an inferior team was a fluke. Derek Carr had an off night, the entire offense had an off night. They fall one spot only because the Falcons were able to jump them. They are still a very talented young team, and will still be the favorites for one of the wildcard spots.

3. Atlanta Falcons (3-0)- Last Week- 4(+1)

I was wrong, a post-Superbowl loss slump is not in the works here. They look every bit the team they were last year. Another impressive win, this time over the Lions in a close game. It is one thing to blow a team out, but being able to pull out close games, is the mark of a true contender.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)- Last Week 2

Chiefs could easily be number 1, and I wouldn’t criticize anyone for putting them there. Kareem Hunt has changed this team, to the point where they are not only a defensive powerhouse, put an offensive powerhouse. They have finally taken that next step from a good team, to an elite team.

1. New England Patriots (2-1)- Last Week 1

I am going to stick by my principle here until the Patriots stumble. Patriots are the best, until they prove otherwise. They won a close game against the Texans, but Brady dominated. At this point we know in close games, it is advantage Patriots because of Tom Brady.


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