In a week of protests, upsets, and intense games in the NFL, there were bound to be many people with hot takes, bad opinions, and overreactions. People making claims of seasons being over, many people claiming they will never watch again because of players exercising their free speech, and more. Here are some of the more out there takes, and my take on whether or not the hot takes are an overreaction or not.

Overreaction 1: The NFL Rating will fall because of the protests

I don’t like to give this guy more attention than he gets. He is a troll who feeds of the attention. But this is literally a flat-out lie. Ratings are not down in the NFL because of the protests. TV Ratings are down across the board. People are getting rid of their cable boxes and opting for streaming services. CBS ratings were actually up this week. Jumping to the conclusion that this was fans boycotting because of the protests is absurd. Ratings drops could be for a variety of reasons. More people could be illegally streaming, or even legally streaming games, skipping the cable box. More people could be using Redzone to watch Football. Until there is further statistical analysis, attributing it to the protests is irresponsible. NFL Ratings are still relatively high compared to other things on Sundays.

Verdict: Overreaction, Don’t Listen to anything that liar says

Overreaction 2: After Trading for Carmelo Anthony, the Thunder can Compete with the Warriors.

I use Skip a lot in these pieces, but he is the number one artist of saying dumb things. The Thunder now have Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony. Are those players all very talented? Yes. But they are all essentially the same player.

The Thunder have three players, who need to be the primary ball handler to be most effective. I do not see how this will be an effective combination. They are three players who do not have any chemistry together. The Warriors have 4 top 20 players, a solid supporting cast, and chemistry. The Thunder will not compete with the Warriors, they may not even be as good as the Rockets.

Verdict: Major Overreaction

Overreaction 3: Cam Newton Isn’t ‘Superman’ Anymore

Cam Newton has looked awful this year. Like Tony says in the above clip, he isn’t the same QB now that he cant run. I don’t think what Tony said was an overreaction, even if many Panthers fans will say it is one. Panthers fans are defensive of their QB, but he is just average at this point. His entire career has been inconsistent. His best trait has always been his legs, and without them, he is not a good QB.

Verdict: Not an Overreaction at all

Overreaction 4: Doug Should be Fired for 4th and 8

Just to specify, this tweet came before the Giants TD was overturned near the end of the first half. But still, while the 4th and 8 play was bad, people way overreacted to it. Calling for Doug to be fired is ridiculous, especially when he got the Eagles a TD by going for it on 4th down twice in the game. And it isn’t even this guy from Barstool, though Barstool is known for their antics more than their coherent takes on sports, it was many people. Eagles fans on the Philly Talk radio stations were more keen to talk about this than they were to talk about the great position the Eagles find themselves in.

Verdict: Overreaction

Overreaction 5: The Giants season is Already Over

The Giants are on life support, there is no doubt about that? But is their season already. It is rare for a team to start 0-3 and still make the playoffs, but not impossible. They would most likely need to go 10-3 the rest of the way to pull it off. If they play the way they did in the 4th quarter against the Eagles, they can do that. It is, however, very unlikely. I will stop short of saying their season is over, but Giants fans should start shopping around for coffins to bury this 2017 Giants season because coffins are expensive and you don’t want to be buying one at the last minute.

Verdict: Slight Overreaction, but not invalid. 

Overreaction 6: Time to Worry About the Oakland Raiders

The Raiders had a down week, there is no doubt about that. But a lot of teams in the AFC seemed to have down weeks. The Patriots had a close game with the Raiders. The Ravens got blown out by the Jaguars. The Steelers couldn’t beat the Bears. The Broncos got topped by the Bears. The Dolphins lost to the Jets. The only legit playoff contenders in the AFC that had good weeks, were the Chiefs and the Titans. I am willing to give all of these teams mulligans. It is too early to worry about the Raiders.

Verdict: Overreaction

Overreaction 7: Washington is Better Than the Eagles

Washington had a very impressive win over the Raiders in week 3. But have we already forgotten who they lost two, in embarrassing fashion, in week 1? Only a complete buffoon could say Washington is better than the Eagles, when the two teams have played, and one of them won in commanding fashion. If anything, Washington is second to the Eagles. All three have played a tough AFC West opponent. The Eagles gave the Chiefs a close game but were overmatched. Washington pulled off an upset win. Cowboys got embarrassed against Denver. Cowboys lack a statement win and have an embarrassing loss on their record. I will still put Dallas at 2 behind the Eagles because I am not a hot take artist with an awful tv show with tanking ratings that needs to say ridiculous things to get attention. The Eagles and Cowboys are both more talented teams than Washington is. Only a paid troll would say Washington is better than either of them.

Verdict: Skip is almost always wrong