+Running Game- I already mentioned this in my observations, but the running game finally got going. It wasn’t one breakout player putting up an amazing game, but 3 different running backs all having good games. If the Eagles can do half of this on most weeks, their offense will be a lot more dangerous

-Injuries- Eagles came into the game hurting and left it hurting even more. These injuries will eventually start hurting them, and I think that is what we might have seen in the 4th quarter.

+Defense Held Up for Most of the Game– Eagles held the Giants scoreless through 3 quarters. With all the injuries, that is super impressive. Rasul Douglass stepped up, so did Patrick Robinson. The D-Line didn’t have much time to get to the QB with how fast ELI was getting rid of the ball, but they did a great job stuffing the run. They get two more interceptions.It wasn’t a flashy day, and they struggled in the last quarter, but they did what they could.

-Going for it on 4th and 8- One of the dumbest decisions I have seen Doug Pederson make. They were up, near the end of the half, and it was a low probability conversion in a game where you haven’t been throwing it well. The bonehead decision to go for it almost allowed the Giants to score a TD before the half, lucky for Doug, his defense stepped up. Still, a stupid move that could have cost them the game.

+Record Setting Field Goal- Sorry to say Caleb Sturgis, but you may not have a job for much longer. The rookie Jake Elliot is the hero of the week after nailing a 61-yard field goal to win the game for the Eagles. It was the longest field goal in Eagles history.

-The implosion in 4th Quarter- It wasn’t just the defense, the offense fell apart as well. They all stepped up at the end of the quarter to help win it, but the Giants had no business getting back into this game. Letting up 24 points in a quarter is inexcusable, and fumbling it on your own side of the field, is even worse.

+Eagles Record Looking Good- Eagles are 2-1, and 2-0 in the division. They have done everything they were supposed to do so far. It may not be as hard to win the division as though with the Giants looking bad, and the Eagles can easily swoop in and take it if they keep this up.

-Jeffrey Laurie Comments on Anthem- I thought Laurie came off a bit weak compared to the statements from other teams. He tried to ride the fence, as opposed to adamantly defending his player and criticizing Trump.

+Team Stands Together- The team was united, with their arms linked, during the anthem. It was a really inspiring act and one that would be hard to considered disrespectful, even if some may say it was. Not all the players on the team may agree with the anthem protests, but they showed they still support the people on their team who choose to protest.

-Couldn’t Put Game Away Earlier- Eagles had many chances to run away with this one and never did. They allowed for the Giants to come back and make it close. This won’t go well when they play better teams.

+Giants in a Ditch- Giants falling to 0-3 with the even tougher part of their schedule coming up, is great for the Eagles. They put a nail in the Giants coffin. A couple more losses and they will be buried. Eliminating one of their division rivals this early would be huge, and make it a two-team race for the division.

-I am Running Out of Stock Pictures of Eagles- Getting pictures to use on blogs is tough. You can’t just rip pictures off the internet because you may be violating a copyright. So your options are to find stock photos that are free to use, pay to use professional photos, or request permission to use them for free. Well, my blog makes no money and I am a broke college grad, so I cant pay, and since my blog is still very small, my emails requesting permission go ignored. Solution? Use free to use stock photos of actual Eagles. But the site that offers free to use photos is running out of photos of Bald Eagles. Still have a few good ones left, but what will I do when I run out?