I made many predictions in week 2. I picked every game, I ranked all the teams, and I put out my season predictions. Some of my predictions made me look good, and others, not so much. I think a person who will brag about their success, also has to be able to own up to mistakes they make. So without further ado, her is me simultaneously bragging about the things I got right, while also openly admitting to the things I was very wrong about.

Wrong- The NY Giants

This isn’t super clear in my articles, but I was pretty high on the Giants coming into this season. I didn’t get a chance to write my predictions until after their first game, at which point I took my foot off the gs a little bit, but still, I was wrong about them. I predicted they would beat the Lions, and they didn’t. I predicted they would be in it for the division, and now they are 0-2 and go into a very tough part of their schedule. Their LT Ereck Flowers is about as useful as a sandbag and continually gets beat. Eli Manning looks near retirement, they can’t run the ball, and their vaunted WR group doesn’t look too good so far except for OBJ, who is playing hurt. I knew their running game and O-line would be bad, but it was bad last year, and they still made the playoffs. Seems like this year, those issues are catching up with them. Still plenty of time for them to turn it around, but now they have to go into Philly, 0-2, and play a team whose biggest strength is their d-line. Not a good matchup. Giants are in trouble, and I have egg on my face because of it. The saving grace for me, I don’t like the Giants and get great joy out of their struggles, even if it makes me wrong.

Right- Most of my game predictions 

I went 14-2 in week 2 with my predictions. I could just go through every game and say how I got them mostly right, but that would be a lot of not very interesting writing. So I will just leave it at, I got 14 out of the 16 games right, and if it wasn’t for me underestimating two NFC North teams, the Lion, and the Falcons, I could have been 16-0.

Wrong- Atlanta Falcons

I was down on the Falcons after week 1. They had a mediocre game against the Bears, and I thought it was a sign of a slump coming. But then they did a complete 180 in week 2, and walked all over a Packers team I have going to the Superbowl in my predictions. Not only did they prove me wrong about themselves, they have made me question my Packers pick a little bit, though I am sticking to it for now. I should have followed my own mantra, don’t overreact to one game, especially a week one game. Speaking of not overreacting to one game though.

Right- New England Patriots

A lot of people were a little down on the Patriots after their embarrassing performance week 1. I kept them number 1 in my rankings though. I don’t get why people keep doing this with the Patriots. It is clear some people are just biased against them. I hate the Patriots as much as the next guy, I don’t like Nill, I don’t like Brady, and would love to see them fall on their faces. I also know that is unlikely to happen yet. Age will eventually catch up to Brady, but until that happens, I am not going to make any bets against New England. They are too good and too pedigreed. People need to stop going over the top anytime they have one bad game.

Wrong- The Eagles secondary 

I was sure the Eagles secondary would be a problem against the Chiefs. But it wasn’t. Even without Ronald Darby, they held up. Even when Rodney Mcleod and Jaylen Watkins, they somehow held up. The rookie Rasul Douglas came in and played pretty damn good. Tyreek Hill was held in check for most of the day, and only Travis Kelce had success, and I don’t expect any secondary to hold up against every player on a team, especially not Travis Kelce who may be the best TE in the league. I am still concerned about them long term, but they impressed me, and proved me wrong, in week 2.

Right- Minnesota Vikings 

 I wasn’t in on the Vikings after week 1 like most people were. I saw them start fast last year only to collapse, and they were playing the Saints. Low and behold, they lose week 2 and now have an injured QB and no clear sign of when he will be able to play. I don’t think the Vikings will be proving me wrong anytime soon. They will be a decent team, but I have learned the hard way not to put faith in Sam Bradford.

Wrong- Eagles O-Line

I brushed aside concerns over the Eagles O-line in week 1 as first game jitters. Then they struggled again in week 2. Now there looks to be some glaring issues. One, Jason Kelce. Kelce is too small and gets pushed around by bigger DT’s. Also, Issac Seumalo. Seamalo has already been benched after 2 weeks. Maybe the change can stabilize the line, but Chance Warmack didn’t look too great in the preseason. The run blocking is horrendous and shares a bulk of the blame for Eagles poor rush attack, and the pass blocking has Carson Wentz running around way too much.

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