Going into the Sunday Night Football game between the Packers and Falcons, I was 14-0. Then, of course, the Packers and Giants lost, and I ended up going 14-2. Oh well, no one is perfect. Can I keep my hot streak up in week 3? Probably not, but let’s find out. This week, there are still eight 2-0 teams and 2 more teams that are 1-0. There are also nine 0-2 teams left. What teams can keep up their win streak, and what teams will continue their losing streak? Honestly, this week makes me nervous. 11 of the 16 matchups are between a top 16 team in my rankings, and a bottom 16 team. Some of those are sure to be upsets, but which ones? Here are my week 3 predictions.

Thursday Night

Rams(1-1) at 49ers(0-2)

Another great Thursday Night Game. Were you happy with the offensive snoozefest that was Texans vs Bengals? I sure hope so, because here comes another battle of heavy weights with the Rams playing the 49ers. Can Thursday night Football be done with now? It is like they don’t want it to work with the way they keep putting these awful matchups on Thursday night. Rams win this one, they have more firepower on offense, which is saying almost nothing, and are better on defense. Do yourself a favor, and don’t watch this game. Alaskan Bush Peoples comes on Thursday nights at 8pm on Discovery. I have no clue what that is, but it sounds better than Rams vs 49ers.

Rams 14- 49ers 10


Sunday 1pm Games

Giants(0-2) at Eagles(1-1)

Giants LT Ereck Flowers is bad, very bad. It is a good thing he isn’t playing a team with a good defensive line… Oh wait, he is playing the Eagles and will be trying to block Brandon Graham, Derek Barnett, or Chris Long all night. The Eagles already have 7 sacks this season. Flowers isn’t the only issue along the line either. Eli Manning is going to have a long day. Neither team can run the ball, but one of them has been much better at passing the ball so far, hint, it is the Eagles. Giants are a very desperate team, and they have to go into Philly, to take on a division rival, potentially with their season on the line. Their only hope is that the Football gods deign to give them a break. Eagles should take this one, but notice I said should.

Eagles 27- Giants 20


Ravens(2-0) at Jaguars(1-1)

I can’t see a path to the Jaguars winning this one. Their defense has talent, but the Ravens defense is actually good. The Jaguars have a promising young RB, but their QB is Blake Bortles, so that is a problem. The Ravens are just a better team, a much better team.

Ravens 24- Jaguars 10


Broncos(2-0) at Bills(1-1)

Broncos are rolling on all cylinders and heading to Buffalo looking to keep up in a deep AFC West. Lucky for them, they get the easiest draw of the 3 teams at the top of the division. Of all those teams, they are the most likely to make it out of this week 3-0. Bills aren’t very good, and Denver seems to be putting it all together this season. Not only their defense but even Trevor Seimian is playing great. Denver wins.

Broncos 28- Bills 17


Steelers(2-0) at Bears(0-2)

If Steelers want to make the playoffs in a deep AFC and what should be a tight race with the Ravens for the AFC North, they cant afford to lose a game like this. The Bears are not going to win very many games this year. Maybe they can get a spark if Mitch Trubisky is put in. but for now, this should be a simple win for the Steelers.

Steelers 24- Bears 13


Falcons(2-0) at Lions(2-0)

In my predictions so far, none of the 2-0 teams have lost. Obviously, that changes here with two of them facing each other. So who wins, the defending NFC champs who struggled week 1 but then rolled over the Pack, or the team that just showed up in a big way on MNF. Lions seem to finally have putten it together, with a running game, passing game, and defense. I will take the upset, and pick the Lions to win a  tight one.

Lions 28- Falcons 24


Browns(0-2) at Colts(0-2)

The sad sack matchup. Whereas Lions- Falcons was a battle to stay undefeated, here we have a battle to finally win one. It has already been reported that Andrew Luck will sit this one out. That is enough for me to say Browns take this one. Neither team is good, but the Browns actually have a little bit going on, whereas the Colts have nothing.

Browns 13- Colts 3


Buccaneers(1-0) at Vikings(1-1)

It is tough to predict this one with Sam Bradford’s status in flux. It is believed he will play this week, but most people didn’t expect him to be out last week. Even if he does play, how effective will he be? Will the bone bruise keep him from being at 100%? All these questions make them a risky pick so I will take Tampa. Tampa didn’t even have to play at their best to walk all over the Bears last week. With the Vikings dealing with injuries, and sloppy play, I just can not trust them, especially against a very good team like the Bucs.

Buccaneers 24- Vikings 10

Texans(1-1) at Patriots(1-1)

Texans can’t score, the Patriots score a lot. I can’t see any scenario where the Texans can keep up with the Patriots here. They will most likely fall behind early, and be forced to throw to catch up. Deshaun Watson, with no offensive line, being forced into a duel with Tom Brady, I am sure that will go very well for Houston. Patriots win.

Patriots 31- Texans 13

Dolphins(1-0) at Jets(0-2)

If you have a suicide pool, the best strategy is probably to pick whoever is playing the Jets. Dolphins are a decent team. They have a very good running back, and a good passing attack. Their d-line is also stacked. They should roll over the weak Jets.

Dolphins 24- Jets 7

Saints(0-2) at Panthers(2-0)

The offense hasn’t worked for Carolina thus far. With Greg Olsen hurt, fixing that problem will not be easy. Is the problem Came Newton? He has had some great moments in the NFL, but he can look very mediocre for long stretches of time. I never quite bought into his hype, but he should be better than this. They have managed to squeak out two wins, but that stops here. Saints are a bad team, but they can score. If Panthers don’t figure out their offensive woes during this week, they will lose. I guess if they are going to figure it out against anyone it will be the Saints sorry defense, but I will believe it when I see it.

Saints 24- Panthers 17

Sunday 4pm Games

Seahawks(1-1) vs Titans(1-1)

The Seahawks, like the Panthers, have been awful on offense. But their issue is obvious, the offensive line. That isn’t really an issue you can fix. Russel Wilson will have to keep running for his life trying to make magic happen. They managed to sneak by San Francisco because the 49ers also have a pathetic offense, but the Titans don’t. The Titans can run, they can pass, and they can play a little defense if they have to. They aren’t a fantastic team, but they are a good team.

Titans 20- Seahawks 14

Bengals(0-2) at Packers(1-1)

If you want to beat the Packers, you have to be able to score a lot. That is how the Falcons beat them, with an explosive offense. Bengals do not have that. What they trot onto the field, barely qualifies as an offense. Bengals haven’t even scored a TD yet, how are they going to keep up with the Packers scoring wise? Bengals will score a little this week, but nowhere near enough to win.

Packers 34- Bengals 20

Chiefs(2-0) at Chargers(0-2)

This is a tough one. Chargers seem to play everyone tough, and it seems to come down to whether the Chargers choke or not most times. The Chargers should be a good team, but something always keeps them from achieving their potential. The Spanos family, who owns the Chargers, made their money developing apartments. I think they may have built an apartment on top of some cemetery, like in Poltergeist, and it has cursed their family. However, I will be bold here. I think the Chargers take one from the Chiefs. Don’t have any flawless logic, just a gut feeling.

Chargers 27- Chiefs 24

Sunday Night Game

Raiders(2-0) at Washington(0-2)

If I am right, and the Chiefs lose this week, that will give the Raiders a prime chance to pull away a little bit. They will not waste the opportunity. They continue to roll and embarrass Washington on National TV.

Raiders 28- Washington 17

Monday Night Game

Cowboys(1-1) at Cardinals(0-2)

Cowboys looked bad in week 2. Dak was overwhelmed, Zeke nowhere to be seen, and Dez a non-factor. They get a good chance to bounce back though against the Cardinals. I really want to pick the Cardinals to win, but I can’t see it.  The Cardinals are not the Broncos. But the Denver game did expose one Cowboys player. It wasn’t Dak or Zeke, I will gift the young players a bad game, it happens. It was Dez. Dez Bryant is no longer an elite WR. He is at best, a jump ball WR.

Cowboys 20- Cardinals 10

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