In fantasy football, I am always the guy who does really well in the regular season, then fall apart in the playoffs. I draft well, but injuries, slumps, and even players getting rest, always kills me in the end. I don’t know if it is bad luck on my part, or if there is some logic failing in my fantasy football strategy, but it always happens. Still, while in the regular season, I feel like I am someone who can be trusted on these matters.


Stock UP

Carson Wentz- Philadelphia- Two weeks in, and Wentz has put up two games where he was in the top 5 in fantasy points scored by a QB. In week 2, only Tom Brady scored more than him. He is currently the third-ranked QB overall in fantasy points scored. Yet he is owned in less than 50% in ESPN leagues, and in less than 70% in Yahoo Leagues. Without a running game in Philly, he will probably get to keep throwing the ball a ton. Scoop him up while you can. No reason for him to not be owned.

Trevor Siemian- Denver- Carson Wentz is 3rd in fantasy points, but Siemian is 2nd. Some people expected Wentz to turn into an elite fantasy player, but I doubt many expected this from Trevor. There is no reason to expect this to stop. Is he the most talented QB? No, but he is efficient and has some of the best WRs in the game. All he has to do is hit Demaryius Thomas or Emmanuel Sanders. Maybe he won’t stay at 2, but he can definitely stay in the top 10. Best part, he is barely owned across fantasy settings, so he is most likely available if you need a replacement at QB.

Stock Down

Cam Newton- Carolina- Cam Newton has yet to top 250 yards in a game this year and has only two TDs. Even worse, he is losing one of his best weapons in Greg Olsen. I have never trusted Cam in fantasy. He can be great, but he can also be wildly mediocre at times. An inconsistent QB in fantasy isn’t going to get you a title. Maybe consider benching Cam until Carolina figures their offense out.

Sam Bradford- Minnesota- After week 1, he looked like he could have a breakout fantasy year. Then, as usual, the injuries crept up. Maybe if he is healthy he can turn this into a great fantasy year, but until he is cleared he is too risky. You don’t want to be going into Sunday unsure if your QB will be active. Even if he plays, will the injury impact his play? Store him on the bench for now, and pick up Wentz, Siemian, or hell, Alex Smith to hold down the starting spot until the Sam Bradford injury is cleared up.


Stock Up

Derrick Henry- Tennesee- Henry is barely owned in any ESPN leagues, and available in 1/4th of Yahoo leagues. Yet he is pushing to win the starting job from Demarco Murray. Henry didn’t play well in week 1, but he has outplayed Murray going into last season. He had a great performance in week 2, and will eventually force the Titans hand and get the bulk of the carries. Murray has struggled lately, and Henry is taking advantage. By the way, this also means Demarco Murray’s stock is down.

Chris Carson- Seattle- Carson seems to have taken over the starting spot, and put up good numbers there. He didn’t have an amazing fantasy performance, but he got a lot of carries and averaged over 4 yards a carry. The production and usage will eventually equal more fantasy points, and he is available in 90% of ESPN leagues. Pick him up while you can.

Stock Down

Adrian Peterson- New Orleans- Peterson was mad in the middle of the week about his lack of carries. He said, “I didn’t sign up for 6 carries.” So this week, he got 8 carries. Peterson just isn’t getting enough use, nor is he doing anything with the chances he gets. Maybe something will change, but it doesn’t seem like it. He is over the hill and stuck in an RB rotation. Don’t cut him yet, but maybe see if anyone will trade for him. Maybe try asking the person in your league who doesn’t pay attention as much.

Chances are, Peterson owners are already well aware that he won’t be doing much good for them this year. Tweet Via Over The Top Sports

Christian McCaffrey- Carolina- Many thought the rookie would come into the league and be explosive. It hasn’t happened yet. It may be the Struggles of Cam Newton and the Panthers offense, or it may be something else, but he hasn’t been productive. In a PPR league he may be getting by with ok points, but in a standard league, he isn’t giving owner anything. He just isn’t big or strong enough to run between tackles. He will need to get into space to be productive, and that won’t happen until Cam figures out what he is doing. He will be a great weapon in the passing game if the Panthers cant get that part of their offense working.


Stock Up

Allen Hurns- Jacksonville- Someone has to make up for the loss of Allen Robinson. Blake Bortles may be more likely to throw an interception than a completion, but he will still get over 200 yards most weeks, and those yards will go to someone. We are only a year removed from 1000 yard season with 10 TDs. He is available in over 90% of leagues as well.  In the first game after Robinson got hurt, he registered 80 yards and a TD.

J.J. Nelson- Arizona- Nelson has quickly developed into a legit deep threat. He has 10 catches, for 163 yards, and 2 TDs so far this season. That is great production for someone available in the majority of leagues. I don’t necessarily trust the Cardinals offense, but you can’t argue with that production.

Stock Down

Dez Bryant- Dallas- Dez has been targeted 25 times this year. He has only caught 9 of those targets. That is good for a 36% reception percentage, which is the worst in the league. Those jump balls he used to convert automatically, he isn’t converting. I don’t know what is wrong with Dez. He is too young to be physically breaking down. Were we overrating him before, or has something changed? Whatever it is, Dez is on the decline, and if you can trade him, trade him.

Terrelle Pryor- Washington- During one of my drafts this year, my computer froze up. I ended up getting Pryor drafted to me on auto pick. Unfortunately for me, he has struggled in his new home. Every time he and Kirk Cousins try to connect, either Kirk overthrows him, or Pryor misplays the ball. In two games he hasn’t even earned 100 yards. Being a WR isn’t as easy when you aren’t the primary target on a team pretty much always playing in garbage time, is it? Is it too late to ask for a redraft?


Stock Up

Benjamin Watson- Baltimore- The teams that targeted TEs the most last season, in order, ar the Texans, the Eagles, and then the Ravens. Dennis Pitta was Joe Flacco’s favorite target last year, and with Pitta gone, Watson seems primed to take over that role. He had 8 catches in week 2 of 91 yards. He should be a capable, and reliable TE, in a season where that seems to be rare from the position. He is also owned in less than 1% of ESPN leagues.

Stock Down

Jordan Reed, Greg Olsen, Jimmy Graham- All 3 suffered injuries, with Greg Olsen’s being the most serious putting him on the IR. TE was already thin, now it is worse. If you have one of these 3, pick up Watson fast while you still can. Olsen is obviously out several weeks. Graham may miss a week or two, and it seems like Reed will try to play through the injury. Gronk also suffered an injury, but it seems it isn’t too serious and he will be able to play.


Stock Up

Baltimore Ravens- Still available in 50% of ESPN leagues, they have been the number 1 defense so far fantasy wise. They have 8 sacks, 8 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries, and have only allowed 10 points. All of these adds up to 37 points scored. They play Jacksonville this week, they will be scoring a lot again.

Stock Down

Minnesota Vikings- Haven’t gotten a single takeaway in 2 weeks, only have 3 sacks, and altogether, this unit has given owners 3 fantasy points in 2 weeks. To make matters worse, with Sam Bradford on the shelf, the defense will be on the field a lot, and they are playing an explosive Buccaneers team in week 3. They are not a good option for week 3.

Detroit Lions- I actually like the Lions defense for the rest of the season. I, however, do not like them this week. They take on Atlanta in week 3. Don’t play any defenses against Atlanta. Leave the Lions on the Waiver or the bench this week, and then think about starting or adding them after that.

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