Week 2 is in the books, and it was a great week for my predictions. I made guesses for 16 games and went 14-2. If it wasn’t for the Packers and Giants, I would have been perfect. The bad part, I can only disappoint from here. A few wrong predictions and my stock goes down. Speaking of stock going down, a lot of teams fell apart this week. Cowboys looked awful. Seahawks although they won looked bad, and Vikings couldn’t do anything without Sam Bradford. But some teams took a step forward. So, without further ado, here is this week’s Power Rankings. Pay attention to them, because if this last week is any sign, I seem to know what I am talking about. I sure do hope I don’t fall on my face this week, that would be embarrassing with all the boasting I am doing.

32. Indianapolis Colts (0-2)- Last Week- 32

I debated if I should put the Jets or Colts here. Then decided it didn’t matter. They are both really bad. I went with the Colts as being worse, because while both teams have had one close loss and one blowout loss, the Colts blowout loss in week 1 was against the Rams. At least when the Jets get embarrassed it is by a team that is actually good. Poor Andrew Luck eventually has to come back and play for this team.

31. New York Jets (0-2)- Last Week- 31

Two weeks into the season and the Jets barely have 350 passing yards on the season. I feel bad for Sam Darnold. He may want to throw a few games, make himself look a little worse, so the Jets pass on him. I am pretty sure that is what Lamar Jackson was doing against Clemson.

30. Cincinnati Bengals (0-2)- Last Week- 29 (-1)

I would rather watch a middle-school basketball game than watch that Bengals- Texans game again. They have been so bad, they already fired their offensive coordinator. Hopefully, they will finally get around to firing Marvin Lewis as well. Move on from Andy Dalton while you are at it. Two weeks in, with no touchdowns, is pathetic out of the Bengals.

29.Houston Texans (1-1)- Last Week- 28 (-1)

Yes, they won, but they looked bad in doing so. The defense can be good, but the offense is bad. Deshaun Watson looks out of place, and the embarrassing state of their o line isn’t doing the rookie any favors. They go down mostly because they contributed to putting Football fans all over the country to sleep. Also, Thursday Night football is awful and needs to go away, but that is a topic for another day.

28. Chicago Bears (0-2)- Last Week- 21 (-7)

I gave them credit after week 1. I thought they had a little potential. I was wrong. They were playing a good team, but they looked like they didn’t belong in the game. Couldn’t run the ball at all. Turned the ball over multiple times. It was ugly. I still think that if they could get a spark, they could be better. Perhaps the rookie QB Mitch Trubisky would be that spark.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1)- Last Week- 24 (-3)

The defense that looked good in week one, didn’t show up. The running game that looked good in week one, didn’t show up. Blake Bortles showed up like normal though. Add two more interceptions to the collection. I am embarrassed that I thought he would be a good QB when he was coming out of college.

26.Cleveland Browns (0-2)- Last Week- 27 (+1)

The Browns didn’t o anything to deserve going up into the rankings. In fact, they played poorly this week and took a step back. Their one position jump up is purely based on the fact they were less bad than the teams that fell under them. Still, think they have some future hope with Deshone Kizer.

25.Arizona Cardinals (1-1)- Last Week- 26 (+1)

Same situation as the Browns. The Cardinals didn’t deserve to move up. They didn’t look good. But one, they won their game, and two, they didn’t play as bad as teams like the Bears and Jaguars. They still aren’t a good team and have no chance to compete this year. This win may hurt them in the QB sweepstakes coming up in the next draft.

24. Buffalo Bills (1-1)- Last Week- 25 (+1)

Deja Vu. The bills did not deserve to move up, but they played less poorly than other teams. I feel like I have said this before. Their defense held up against Cam Newton, but their offense is bad. Another team hoping to win the QB sweepstake in the 2018 NFL Draft, which better is back in Philly.

23.New Orleans Saints- (0-2)- Last Week 23

Me “The Saints Defense is bad.” Readers “How bad is it?” Me ” So bad, the city of New Orleans has been thinking of replacing the defenders with a turnstile.” I know, that was a bad joke unworthy of using a Johnny Carson line for. But bad as I am at telling jokes, I am still better at it than the Saints are at playing defense.

22.San Fransisco 49ers- (0-2) Last Week- 30 (+8)

Going up 8 spots with a loss? I know it is crazy, but they gave a team ranked in my top 10 a run for their money. Thier offense is complete garbage, but at least they showed up to play, unlike the teams ranked below them. They are still bad and have no shot at winning anything, but they are the best of the depressingly bad teams right now.

21. New York Giants- (0-2) Last Week- 18 (-3)

The Giants have an impressive defense. It is just a shame their offense is so bad. Well not a shame, as an Eagles fan I find it hilarious. But the offense wastes the potential of the defense. One by failing to give them a lead to protect. But also because they fail to control the clock, putting the Giants defense on the field too much. I don’t care how good you are if you are on the field as much as the Giants defense is, you will get tired and make mistakes. Also, Eli Manning is overrated, and Giants need to prepare to move on from him.

20. Los Angeles Rams- (1-1) Last Week- 20 

The Rams are, well they are getting there. They aren’t a good team yet, but new head coach Sean Mcvay has something happening. Jared Goff didn’t look as crisp as he did against the Colts, but he still looked like an NFL QB, unlike when he was under Jeff Fischer.

19.Los Angeles Chargers- (0-2) Last Week- 19 

The Chargers is was, is, and will always be, that they shoot themselves in the foot. How many times have they been in a position to win or tie games, only to miss a field goal, or have a field goal blocked? This year, that number is 2. 2 times in 2 games, they have lost, because of a missed field goal.

18. Washington Football Team (1-1) Last Week- 22 (+4)

Kirk Cousins still looked bad, but the running game and defense both looked better. A huge run by Chris Thompson helped them win. They didn’t play great, but they didn’t make many mistakes either. In a close game, the team that messes up less will usually win.

17. Carolina Panthers (2-0)- Last Week- 16 (-1)

They have played two bad teams and scraped by with two ugly wins. Their offense should be very good with the weapons they have, but it has just been invisible so far. Maybe they will get going eventually, or maybe Cam Newton is getting worse. Defense seems to be very good, but they won’t be able to win games against real teams if they cant even score 10 points.

16. Tennesse Titans (1-1)- Last Week- 18 (+2)

Titans are the class of the AFC South. They aren’t an amazing team, but they are easily the best of their sorry division. Even with Marcus Mariota having an off game, they still rolled over Jacksonville, who are sadly the second best team in that division. Titans are a middle of the pack team compared to the rest of the league, but the future for them seems bright.

15.Minnesota Vikings (1-1)- Last Week- 12(-3)

I can’t give them too much flak since they were playing with a backup QB against a top 5 team, but they looked bad. Sam Bradford being out didn’t make them play sloppy of defense. Defensive pass interference penalties, offsides penalties, killed any chance they had of keeping the Steelers out of scoring position. When the news broke that Bradford was out, I expected the Vikings to not do much on offense, I didn’t expect their defense to make so many careless mistakes though.

14.Dallas Cowboys (1-1)- Last Week- 5 (-9)

Cowboys looked awful. The defense fell apart. Zeke got all of 8 yards. Dak looked lost for the first time in his career. They couldn’t do anything in Denver. Even worse, there is a chance Zeke’s suspension could be upheld soon. If this game is any indication of how they play when Zeke isn’t running the ball well for them, that will be a long 6 weeks.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0)- Last Week- 15 (+2)

Tampa Bay ran away with this one early. Ran away with it so much, that Jameis Winston ended up having what seems like a bad day stat wise since they could just stop throwing it after the first half. Truth is, he looked good, just didn’t get the chance to keep throwing and stuff the stats. Unfortunate for me as a Winston fantasy owner, but great for the Bucs. They will have a chance to compete for the division title.

12. Miami Dolphins (1-0)- Last Week- 14 (+2)

Dolphins didn’t look amazing in their first game, but they pulled out a tough win. The tough part for them will be playing 16 weeks in a row. But they have an offense with potential, with Jay Ajayi at the front of it. I don’t think they will repeat their success from last year and make the playoffs, but they will stay close.

11. Seattle Seahawks (1-1)- Last Week- 8 (-3)

Two weeks in, and they have scored one touchdown. Their o line is a mess. If anyone other than Russel Wilson was back there, they would have no points this season so far. Wilson had to make magic happen, dodging two sacks, before throwing their lone touchdown of the season. Defense is good, but I cant put a team that struggles to score this much in the top 10.

10. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1)- Last Week- 10

They lost, but they played well. Eagles probably aren’t serious Super Bowl contenders, but they may be the best team in their division. Giants, Washington, and Dallas have all fallen on their face over the course of two weeks. Eagles, however, outplayed Washington and outplayed Kansas City for most of the game. They make too many mistakes to go all the way, and the running game is a serious concern, but their defense and passing game, is good.

9. Detroit Lions (2-0)- Last Week 11 (+2)

The Lions dominated on both sides of the ball against the Giants. How far can they go this season? That depends, they have the pieces but have a history of not getting the job done when they have to. They have the talent to go all the way, but until they prove they can come through in the clutch I don’t know if I can pick them to go far.

8.Green Bay Packers (1-1)- Last Week- 3 (-5)

All that progress on defense disappeared. Perhaps I overreacted to them stopping what now seems to just be a bad Seahawks offense. Still, despite their bad loss, I still think the Packers will be good the rest of the way. They made too many mistakes, and defense couldn’t help make up for those mistakes. With Aaron Rodgers, they will always be in contention though.

7.Denver Broncos (2-0)- Last Week- 13 (+6)

The Broncos could go 11-5, and still miss the playoffs. Unfortunately for them, there are currently two wildcard teams ranked ahead of them. The Chiefs will Probably win their division, and the Raiders and Ravens will take the wildcard spots for now. They are a damn good team though and will have every chance to take one of those spots. They not only owned the Cowboys, they completely stuffed Zeke Elliot, allowing him only 8 yards. Their biggest weakness on defense last year was stopping the run, seems like they fixed it. The offense also looks improved. The only thing that can stop them, is the strength of their division. They don’t get to play the Bengals and Browns twice like their competition for the wildcard.

6.Baltimore Ravens (2-0)-  Last Week- 7 (+1)

Again, the Ravens are pretty much interchangeable with the Steelers. They are in a virtual tie with them and are only ranked one spot lower because Steelers won the division last year. Ravens continue to look good, especially on defense. Jeremy Maclin scores another TD, and just goes to show that they have been missing a number 1 WR for the last few years.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0)- Last Week- 6 (+1)

Big Ben didn’t quite break out like I predicted, at least not in the stat sheet. A lot of Pittsburgh’s yards came from drawing pass interference and holding penalties. They did what they had to do though. They went up against a good defense and put up points. Doesn’t have to be pretty or flashy, just have to score.

4.Atlanta Falcons (2-0)- Last Week- 9 (+5)

Maybe week 1 was just rust. The controlled this game with the Packers throughout, in which they debuted their new stadium which looks great. Matt Ryan reminded us why he was MVP last year, and both of their running backs put up big numbers. I am man enough to admit when I am wrong, and I was wrong about the Falcons this week. Though I am mad at the bastards for ruining my perfect week of picks.

3.Oakland Raiders (2-0)- Last Week- 4 (+1)

Raiders showed up and did what they were supposed to do against the Jets. If they weren’t in the best division in Football, I would say they would be the favorites to win their division. Derek Carr is a star, they can run the ball, and the defense seems to always show up when they have to.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (2-0)- Last Week- 2

They fought a tough game against the Eagles and pulled out a win. Not every game can be won convincingly, sometimes you have to pull out a win. Their game was close until the fourth quarter, where they pulled away. Smith still looked pretty good, though obviously not as good as he looked against the Patriots.

1. New England Patriots (1-1)- Last Week- 1

I stuck by the Patriots after they were blown out by the Chiefs, and was rewarded. Sure, they were playing the Saints, but they did what they are supposed to do against bad teams. Patriots have earned the benefit of the doubt. Until they prove they aren’t the best team, they will continue to be at the top of these rankings.

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