Now two weeks in, and the picture of this NFL season is getting clearer. It is still too early to make any sweeping generalizations based on what we have seen so far, but that won’t stop people from overreacting anyway. Let’s look at some of the biggest hot takes after two weeks, and see just how valid they are.

Overreaction 1: The Eagles are the Best Team in the NFC East


This seems like it should be considered an overreaction. Most people would have said they were at best the third best team in the division before the season. But the Giants have been embarrassed on National TV twice, and Dallas barely showed up in Denver this week. It may be a bit too early to say they are the best team in the division, but honestly, it isn’t that much of a stretch. They have put together two solid games, even if one of them was a loss. They have played exclusively on the road so far. Eagles have their issues, but fewer issues than the other three teams have right now.

Verdict: Not an overreaction

Overreaction 2: Aaron Rodgers Looks Like Blake Bortles at Times


Can always count on Skip to say something stupid. Skip has had it out for Rodgers for a while now, and I have never understood why. Aaron Rodgers is the most talented QB in the NFL. Saying he looks like Blake Bortles because he makes some mistakes, is not only an overreaction, it is downright stupid. Skip’s idiotic hot takes on a week to week basis have been rewarded with his show having awful ratings.

Verdict: Major Overreaction

Overreaction 3: The AFC West has Better Teams than Anyone in the NFC


The Raiders, Chiefs, and Broncos are all 2-0 right now. The Chiefs blew out the defending champion Patriots in week 1. The Broncos blew out the Cowboys in week 2, who last year only lost 3 games. There is little doubt that the AFC West is the best division in the league. But are those 3 teams better than the entire NFC. It’s certainly possible. In my power rankings, only the Falcons are ranked above the Broncos, while the Raiders and Chiefs are ranked higher than every NFC team.

Verdict: Not an Overreaction

Overreaction 4: Alex Smith is an Elite QB

Alex Smith looked great in week 1, but he only looked ok in week 2. Saying the benchmark for mediocre QBs, Alex Smith had morphed into an elite QB after only 1 and a half good games, is a tad extreme. Does it look like he has improved? Sure. But let’s pump the breaks a bit before we toss around the ‘elite’ label. People are way too quick to dub some QBs elite.

Verdict: Overreaction

Overreaction 5: Thursday Night Football is a ‘Poopfest’


Pretty much. I am sure Sherman had a bit more colorful language in mind, but he kept it pg here. Thursday Night Football is awful. This last week, in particular, made me want to drink some Nyquil and go to sleep early. What is the point of it? It’s a night people don’t want to watch the NFL. Is usually between two teams no one wants to see play. And on a network, many people don’t have. It is bad for the players, and bad for the fans. Keep Thursday night Football for Thanksgiving, and spare us the torture.

Verdict: Not an Overreaction, perhaps an Underreaction. Thursday Night Football is completly miserable.

Overreaction 6: Eli Manning is a Mediocre QB


Before the Giants-Lions game, Five Thirty Eight tweeted this story out. Their take was vindicated after Eli Manning in the Giants were embarrassed on their own field. This is something I have been saying for a while now, back to before he won his Superbowl. I thought he was merely a good QB before winning the first ring, after winning his second ring, and I still say it. Look at his actual track record, and you will see a mediocre QB, capable of having great moments here and there. Like they said in the story, he is more Vinny Testeverde than he is Eli Manning.

Verdict: It is the truth, not an Overreaction.

Overreaction 7: Skip Thinks Dak is the Best QB in the East, and Cowboys the Best Team


Oh, I am sorry Skip, who just got blown out in Denver? Which QB threw 2 interceptions and threw for under 250 yards. The Eagles gave the Chiefs a game, the Cowboys got blown out. Claiming the team that got run out of a city, is better than the team that almost beat a top 5 team, is absurd. Wentz has looked far better than Dak so far this season.

Verdict: Shut Up Skip

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