The Eagles were giving the Chiefs a game, until the 4th quarter came along and they fell apart. Unfortunatly for the Eagles, a good effort doesnt show up in the standings and they lost 27-20 to their former head coach Andy Reid and his Chiefs. They had a chance to win it with a hail mary, but couldnt connect. Here are some quick observations on the Eagles game, and why they lost.

  1. Mistakes cost them big time- The Eagles turned the ball over twice, but those two turnovers came at the worst times. The first was a fumble on a punt return by Darren Sproles. It crushed the Eagles momentum, and gave the Chiefs the ball back with great field posistion. Eagles held them to a field goal, but it took away a chance to drive down the field and take a lead into half. The second turnover, a interception thrown by Wentz, came in a tied game, and ended up giving the Chiefs a TD. Thats 10 points given up off turnovers, in a game they lost by 7. Rookie kicker also missed an easy field goal, which would have sent them into halftime with a tie.
  2. Running game is a huge problem- On paper, the Eagles got 107 rushing yards off 17 carries, not a bad game for a rushing attack. But take Carson Wentz out of that, and their runngbacks got 52 yards. Wendell Smallwood continues to be a non factor, and LaGarrette Blount was nowhere to be seen. Sproles was the only effective running back, and he can only do so much with his age and size. Eagles will not be succesful if their runningbacks continue to have so little impact on the game.
  3. Any concerns about new additions at WR were overblown- Alshon Jeffery caught 9 passes for 92 yards and a TD. Torrey Smith caught 4 passes for 66 yards, though also had some drops. Both contributed to th teams offense consistently, and both should continue to be productive, Side note, Zack Ertz with another good game, with 5 catches for 97 yards. Another side note, Nelson Agholor was a non factor for most of the game, though did have a nice TD catch at end of game that gave Eagles a chance to win.
  4. Eagles Run defense is legit- Box score is misleading here. Yes they gave up a huge 53 yard TD to Kareem hunt, but with the exception of that one breakdown, the Eagles were smothering the Kansas City running attack. Beyond that run, the rookie running back was getting hit at or behind the line every time he touched the ball. Its tough to keep talent bottled up forever, but the Eagles did a great job against Hunt and the KC running attack.
  5. Injuries in the Secondary? No Problem-Eagles came into the game without CB Ronald Darby. Everyone as concerned they would have no one to cover Tyreek Hill. Then, CB Jaylen Watkins and S Rodney Mcleod both went down with injries, and most people were sure the Eagles secondary would be exposed. But it wasnt. I mean they didnt shut down the passing attack, and gave up a couple big plays, but overall, they held up. In fact, the majority of the damage through the air was done by Travis Kelce, and not Tyreek, who was hld in check for almost the entire game, gaining only 44 yards through the air.
  6. Doug Pederson was fine- If you asked every Eagles fans what their biggest cocern was, most would say head coach Doug Pederson. But in this game, he seemed to do a fine job calling plays. I wouldnt say he was great, but the Eagles passing game was mostly effective short of the mistakes. There were multiple chances for big plays, that failed because of drops. Eagles lost, but you cant place this loss at Doug Pederson’s feet, at least not because of the usual concerns with his playcalling.
  7. Carson Wentz belongs- This is nothing new, but it is always nice to say. He made some mistakes, but made even more plays. With almost no time left, he drove down the field, while down 14, to cut the lead to 7. They had a chance to win because of his play. He still has a lot to learn, and some bugs to fix, but no one with any Football knowledge can deny he belongs in theis league.
  8. Eagles D-Line continues to dominate- 4 more sacks, and many more QB pressures. Combine that with how they stuffed the run, which we have already talked about, and this d-line is elite.
  9. All of my picks have been right- Nothing to do with the Eagles, but so far I am 9-0 with my predictions for this week. I wish I was 8-1 and the Eagles pulled it off, but I am proud of the way the Eagles played. They went up against a very good team, and outplayed them for 3 quarters. The Eagles are not perfect, and in the end, are not contenders this year, but they are still a pretty good team that can stay in it with anyone.