This may be late, but since I didn’t start writing on this blog until this week I am making these now. I have already talked about a few of my predictions, but here they are in full, just so it is clear what they are, and people can judge how wrong I was after the season.



Lombardi Trophy (Photo taken By Dylan MacKinnon at NFL Draft in Philly)


1st Seed- Green Bay Packers- NFC North Winner

2nd Seed- Dallas Cowboys- NFC East Winner

3rd Seed- Seattle Seahawks- NFC West Winner

4th Seed- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- NFC South Winner

5th Seed-

Atlanta Falcons- 1st Wildcard

6th Seed-  Philadelphia Eagles- 2nd Wildcard


1st Seed- New England Patriots- AFC East Winner

2nd Seed-Kansas City Chiefs- AFC West Winner

3rd Seed-Pittsburgh Steelers- AFC North Winner

4th Seed- Tennesee Titans- AFC South Winner

5th Seed- Oakland Raiders- 1st Wildcard

6th Seed- Baltimore Ravens- 2nd Wildcard


NFC Wildcard Round

Seahawks 24- Eagles 17

Buccaneers 31- Falcons 20

AFC Wildcard Round

Steelers 27- Ravens 24

Raiders 34 – Titans 24

NFC Divisional Round

Packers 28- Buccaneers 24

Seahawks 24- Cowboys 16

AFC Divisional Round

Patriots 34- Raiders 31

Chiefs 20- Steelers 10

NFC Championship

Packers 24- Seahawks 13

AFC Championship

Chiefs 31-Patriots 24


Chiefs 35- Packers 31

After years of being called the best coach to never win a Superbowl, Andy Reid leads the Chiefs to one this year.


Offensive Rookie of the Year- Leonard Fournette RB Jacksonville- Looked explosive in his first NFL Game, and should get a lot of carries.

Defensive Rookie of the Year- T.J. Watt LB Pittsburgh – Made a big debut with 2 sacks and an interception. If he keeps that up, he is a lock for Defensive ROY.

Offensive Player of the Year- Aaron Rodgers QB Green Bay. Best Qb in the league could be poised to put up big numbers with a full and healthy compliment of receivers and not much of a running game to speak of.

Defensive Player of the Year- Brandon Graham DE Philadelphia- Has always been among the most efficient pass rushers, graded very highly by PFF. The only problem has been he didn’t finish sacks. This year, he will finish those sacks.

Coach of the Year- Andy Reid HC Kansas City- Reid is a great coach. He can struggle with time management, and in-game adjustments, but no one gets his team ready to play better than Big Red. A big year from the Chiefs equals big year for Andy.

MVP- Aaron Rodgers QB Green Bay- See Offensive Player of the Year.


And there are my 2017 season predictions. Do you agree? Disagree? Think I know nothing about Football and should delete my blog and never write about sports again? Share your opinion in the comments. As usual with predictions, most of this will be wrong. But as is tradition, I will gloat about the few things I get right while ignoring how wrong I was about everything else.