One Week in the books of the NFL season. Some teams looked good, some teams looked okay, and a bunch more teams looked horrible. Here are my power rankings after 1 week.


  1. Indianapolis Colts (0-1)

Without Andrew Luck, this team would go 0-16. They can’t run, they can’t block, they can’t defend the pass, they can’t defend the run. If I was Andrew Luck, I’d fake a more serious injury see if I can be shelved for the season, and hope the Colts draft me an offensive line.

31.New York Jets (0-1)

New York Sports are a slowly becoming a joke. Nets are a tanking team with no first round pick, Knicks are a mess, Mets have wasted a talented pitching staff, Giants can’t protect their QB(we will get to them later though), the Yankees are the only team in that city moving in the right direction. Yet somehow, the Jets are still the worst team in the city. They seem to be tanking, hoping to be the worst team so they can take Sam Darnold. Lucky for them Colts don’t need a QB unless Andrew Luck is broken during this season.

30.San Francisco 49er’s (0-1)

49’ers are on their 3rd coach since they made the dumb decision to fire Jim Harbaugh. Latest coach Kyle Shanahan isn’t in a great position to start, with a roster devoid of offensive talent.

29.Cincinnati Bengals (0-1)

30 teams took the field this weekend. Only 1 team managed to score 0 points. Andy Dalton threw 4 interceptions. He was also sacked 5 times. The time to fire Marvin Lewis has come. It came several years ago. He is not a bad coach, but they need to move on.

28.Houston Texans (0-1)

While audiences all over the world flocked to see the new Steven King horror flick it, Texans QB Tom Savage experienced a horror show of his own. Jacksonville registered 10 sacks on Sunday. And the Texans want to put their rookie QB in? Good luck with that.

27.Cleveland Browns (0-1)

Do moral victories count? Browns may have walked away from their Sunday matchup with the rival Steelers, but in a way, it was a win. Rookie QB Deshone Kizer looks promising. He has a ton to work on, like getting rid of the ball faster so he doesn’t get sacked 7 times. But at this point, I imagine Browns fans will take any hope you can give them.

26.Arizona Cardinals (0-1)

Could things have gone worse for the Cardinals? The offensive line looked awful, Carson Palmer looks finished, the pass rush they hoped for just wasn’t there, but worst of all, their star RB David Johnson went down with an injury that will keep him out until December. Cardinals won’t be making any noise this year.

  1. Buffalo Bills (1-0)

The Bills spent the offseason trading away many of their best players, presumably in an attempt to tank. Bad news for them, their defense still isn’t bad enough to give them the number one pick. Albeit they were playing the Jets. Also, with LeSean McCoy at RB, they will always be productive on the ground. Still, this team isn’t talented enough to compete with real teams.

24.Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0)

The only Florida team that got to play this weekend, and they showed up, or at least their defense did. I already mentioned the defensive stats they put up when talking about the Texans. On offense, Leonard Fournette looks like the real deal. But Blake Bortles is still their QB, and they lost star WR Allen Robinson for the season to injury.

23.New Orleans Saints (0-1)

Their defense made Sam Bradford look like Aaron Rodgers. I don’t care how good Drew Brees is, with that defense, the best they can hope for is 7-9. Their rush attack looked pathetic and unbalanced. Sean Payton is on the clock.

  1. Washington Football Team

When Kirk Cousins wasn’t over throwing the ball, the WR’s were making bad plays on the ball. A non-existent rush attack didn’t help. Eagles D-Line dominated the Washington O-line. Perhaps Cousins made a mistake when he turned down the long-term contract offer.

21.Chicago Bears (0-1)

The Bears should have beaten the Falcons. They outplayed them for most of the game. If it wasn’t for the blown coverage on that 88-yard TD to Austin Hooper, Bears would have won. Alas, they lost. Even worse, Kevin White has been lost to injury yet again. With Mike Glennon at QB and no real weapons to work with, Bears at best are mediocre. Tarik Cohen looks good though.

20.Los Angeles Rams (1-0)

Defense looked stout, though it was against Scott Tolzien and the Colts. Jared Goff looked improved as well, though again, against the Colts. Coming into the game I had no faith in Goff, after the game, I can see him being an NFL QB. Cooper Kupp looks like a steal in the draft. However, how empty that stadium was, pathetic. I’d go to a Rams game for how cheap those tickets are, and I don’t care about the Rams.

19.Los Angeles Chargers (0-1)

The Chargers were barely involved for most of the game. The offense couldn’t get moving at all. However, they did fight back and were a blocked FG away from tying the game. The Chargers have always had potential, but always shoot themselves in the foot. This game was no different. Countless mistakes cost them a chance at winning.

18.Tennesee Titans (0-1)

The lowest team in the rankings who I think has a legit shot at the playoffs. Granted, that may be because their division is a dumpster fire, but it is also because the team isn’t half bad. They lost to a tough Raiders team in week 1. But Marcus Mariota is legit, and they have some pieces around him.

17.New York Giants (0-1)

I don’t like putting them here. Well, I do because I don’t like the Giants, but I had them as being a dark horse to win their division. But they looked so bad in week 1. Blame it on Odell Beckham Jr. being out, but the issues go deeper than that. No run game, the offensive line is putrid, and Eli Manning looks old. That defense gives them a chance because it is impressive, but their issues on offense may cost them.

16.Carolina Panthers (1-0)

Cam Newton has the weapons, with Kelvin Benjamin, Christian McCaffrey, and Greg Olsen. He had decent protection. So what is the problem? To be fair he got almost no time to prepare in the preseason, but “Superman” didn’t look so super, only throwing for 171 yards for 2 TDs and 1 interception. And that was against the 49ers. Their defense is real though.

15.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-0)

I have no clue where to place the Bucs this week. On one hand, I liked them coming into the season, I even have predicted them to win that division. But they didn’t get a chance to play last week because of Hurricane Irma. I will place them here for now, but I expect Jameis Winston and company to work into top 10.

  1. Miami Dolphins (0-0)

See Tampa Bay. Although I don’t expect them to win their division like I do with the Bucs, they are coming off a playoff season. Granted their starting QB got hurt and replaced with the hard to predict Jay Cutler, but it isn’t like Ryan Tannehill is some great player. Jay Ajayi is who helped them make playoffs last year, and I could see Cutler doing well with a nice set of weapons.

13.Denver Broncos (1-0)

They looked very good against the Chargers, but how much of that had to do with the Broncos new Offensive Coordinator having been the head coach of the team who formerly played in San Diego. Some good signs, the offensive line looks much improved. Still, they are in a tough division, and I  am not sure if Trevor Siemian is a legit QB yet.

  1. Minnesota Vikings (1-0)

They looked amazing against the Saints, but it is the Saints. People over reacted to a hot start last year from the Vikings, and that didn’t turn out well. However, Dalvin Cook looks like he is for real. Defense is stout, although it has some cracks the Saints failed to exploit. The most surprising thing though, Sam Bradford seems to have reinvented himself. He isn’t as good as he played Monday night, but he is a suitable QB.

  1. Detroit Lions (1-0)

The Lions struggled on offense throughout much of the game, but they showed up at the end when it mattered. Their defense looked improved, but still can’t generate much of a pass rush, at least from the edges. Their running game is non-existent, but Matthew Stafford continues to prove himself as a top level QB.

10.Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)

As an Eagles fan, I want to put them higher, but just can’t. 10 may even be too high. But, they have an elite front seven, and their passing offense is legit. I have doubts about the corner play though, and nightmares about their rushing attack. Carson Wentz continues to prove himself as a franchise QB though. Their front seven and their passing attack will give them a chance to win any game they are in though. Their running game and cornerbacks will keep them from being serious contenders this year.

9.Atlanta Falcons (1-0)

I put them here out of respect for them being the reigning NFC champs. I predicted them to have an off year, and nothing from the game on Sunday changed my mind. By no means do I think they will be bad, but their offensive line was pushed around, and the only big play they managed to create was due to broken coverage by the Bears. They would have lost this game if the Bears didn’t mess up.

  1. Seattle Seahawks (0-1)

I don’t care how good their defense is, they aren’t going to win anything if their offensive line continues to play like they did against the Packers. Russel Wilson is a magician, but even he can’t make it work when he is being chased around like he did Sunday. The defense played amazing. They broke down at the end of the game, but any defense would when they are on the field that much.

7.Baltimore Ravens (1-0)

That defense is legit. They dominated the Bengals offense all day. A dominant front seven, that can stop the run and get to the QB, and a solid secondary behind them. As for the offense, it is solid. I loved the addition of Jeremy Maclin in the offseason. They will make a push for the playoffs for sure.

6.Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0)

Honestly, they are interchangeable right now with the Ravens. Antonio Brown continues to prove he is the best WR in the league. While La’Veon Bell may have struggled week 1, he is still one of the best running backs. The defense is solid, but not unbreakable. Who wins this division will probably come down to who wins the head to head matchups.

5.Dallas Cowboys (1-0)

It pains me to put them this high, but they are just good. They got a first down on every single drive. That is no small feat. The defense was good as well, though going against the Giants sans OBJ. I think as they go up against offenses that can test their secondary they may not look quite as impressive. But there is no doubt they are serious contenders.

4.Oakland Raiders (1-0)

Derek Carr is a star, and worth every penny they paid him. The addition of Marshawn Lynch seems to be paying off in a huge way. They could be the best offense in the league come years end. Their defense is no slouch either. They held an impressive Titans rush attack to under 100 yards. I picked them to win their division this season, though the emergence of another team may make that tough. Still, they are a legit contender this year.

  1. Green Bay Packers (1-0)

I still claim Aaron Rodgers is the most talented QB to ever play the game. With a laundry list of weapons like Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams, Martellus Bennett, and more to throw to, the passing game alone will bring them far. Last year the defense held them back, but they did a great job of improving that this offseason. One issue, the offensive line is still shaky. Can a team win it all if they can’t protect their QB? We will find out this year.

2.Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)

No team impressed more in week 1 than the Chiefs. They took on the defending champs and dominated the game. Rookie running back Kareem Hunt played out of his mind. Also, when the hell did Alex Smith develop a deep ball? Smith has been replaced by a young QB once, I doubt he is going to sit down again without putting up a fight. Chiefs and Raiders are going to be fun to watch duel it out for the AFC West this year.

  1. New England Patriots (0-1)

Yes, they lost in week 1 to the number 2 team. Yes, they looked bad, but I refuse to over react to one week with the Patriots. Patriots more than any team have earned the benefit of the doubt. If they go out to New Orleans and fall on their face again, I will re-evaluate. But for now, I will leave them at number one.