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Philadelphia Phillies

phillies depth chart


The Phillies would have possibly the best top of the lineup in the league with Trout, Goldy, and Frazier on board. After that though, their team is pretty weak. Whether it is the middle infield with players no one would even recognize, or the outfield full of disappointing players like Blanks and Heisy. Not to mention the fact they would need a minor leaguer to step up to be their number one pitcher. Biddle, who is actually in the Phillies system, has showed potential, but isn’t quite ready to take the mound as an ace. If Biddle works out, the Phillies could be a pretty good team. if he doesn’t work out, well at least they would be able to enjoy the careers of two potential future hall of famers in Goldy and Trout.



Atlanta Braves

Braves depth chart


The South East is a place where many baseball players grow up, and the Braves benefit by being one of the only south east teams not in Florida, so they get the best players from multiple states. It clearly worked out for them as they would have a scary good team. Wainwright is one of the best pitchers in the league, and is currently in a neck and neck competition for the NL Cy Young. Besides him, they have the best young catcher in the league, one of the best young third basemen, and a strong middle infield with two guys enjoying breakout years. Their outfield is a little old, but still talented. They would be one of the best teams in the league.




New York Mets

Mets depth chart




The Mets have always lived in the Yankees shadow, but in this league they would both be on even playing field. Like the yankees, the Mets would struggle to put up runs. The Yankees lineup probably gets a slight edge, but not by much. The best player in the lineup would probably be Markakis, who has always been an underwhelming player. He isn’t bad, but just doesn’t stand out as a star.Besides him they also have the much maligned Pierzynski, who always seems to leave behind enemies every where he goes. He can still contribute with the bat at least though. The stregth pf this team would definitely be Hector Santiago, who is a very promising young pitcher.They would still probably end up competing with the Phillies for fourth place every year though.



Miami Marlins

marlins depth chart


They may not be as strong as the Rays are, but the Marlins would still be a great team. Florida is one of the best place for baseball, with sunshine year round, meaning they get to play year round. Grienke is the best player on this team, as he is one of the best pitchers in the league. He had been an underachiever for a few years, but has finally established himself in LA, so maybe he just needed the warm weather to be good.  Besides him, the lineup has a lot of potential, but could also be a disaster. Hosmer, Machado, Miller, Morse, and Arencibia, have all looked like All Stars at times, but have also all looked like they don’t belong. In the end, if even a handful of these guys panned out, the marlins would be a team to watch.


Washington Nationals

Nats depth chart


yet another strong team in the NL East. With Hamilton, Myers, Zimmerman, Phillips, Seager, and Weiters at the top of the lineup, it is easy to see this team putting up runs. The question is, what Verlander will they get? Verlander has been among the best in baseball at times, but he has been terrible the last two years. At just 31 it is hard to believe he is already out of his prime, so he can definitely get his career back on track. If he turns up for the Nats, they could give the Braves a run for their money.