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St Louis Cardinals

cardinals depth chart


The Cardinals would have some good pieces between David Price and Billy Hamilton. They also have solid role players in Moreland, Ellis, Hunter, and Asche. Being located in the south means they have more talent to chose from. They would probably be the best team in the NL Central.


Milwaukee Brewers

Brewers depth chart

The brewers have the same problem the Tigers had, being they play in a State that just doesn’t have many pros in it.  Also like the Tigers, they are surrounded by other teams on every border, which means they also had to settle for the scraps of other teams. The only player on the team that would be considered a star player is Jordan Zimmerman, who would definitely win some games despite what would be a terrible lineup. They would be among the leagues worst team.

Chicago Cubs

Cubs depth chart

If there was only one team in Chicago, they would have a pretty good team. Unfortunately though they need to split their players having two teams in one city, and it hurt both teams. Ben Zobrist is a great player who can slot in almost anywhere, and having Sarmadzija on the mound would really help them. Still, the back half of their lineup would be very weak. They could still maybe compete in a weak NL Central though.

Pittsburgh Pirates

pirates depth chart

*Correction* It should be Neil Walker, not Niel Walker

Mesoraco, Adams, and Walker make for a strong top of the lineup. There is almost nothing after those three though, and with Dave Bush on the mound, they would struggle to win games. At least some of the other teams in the division have a strong pitcher to fall back on, the Pirates don’t even have that. If those top three wernt on their game, it would be ugly for the Pirates, all time ugly.

Cincinnati Reds

reds depth chart

Another merely average team from central america. OK so Adam Eaton and Scotter Gennett are nice young players, and Hart and Niese are solid veterans. Youk isn’t even good enough to play in america anymore though, and everyone else are no name players, who are bench players for their current teams. They would probably finish third in the division , because they are still better than the Pirates and Brewers.

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