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Cleveland Indians

Indians depth chart


Unlike the teams in the west, the central teams do not have an abundance of talent that is homegrown. At least in the Indians case though, they were able to have a team of Major Leagues players. There may not be a single all star worthy player on the team, but there is at least some potenital there, and they were able to have pretty much all teams actually from their area. Indians wouldn’t be a good team, but they wouldnt be the worse team either.

Kansas City Royals

Royals depth chart


While still not a great team, the Royals at least have a team with star players, including their staff ace Cliff Lee, and DH Matt Holiday. Other than those two, Morrison has always had the potential to be a star player, but hasn’t put it together, and Derek Norris is enjoying an all star year. Of the five teams in the Al Central, the Indians are the strongest on paper, and would be the favorites to win the division. I’m not sure if they could beat the Angels once they reached the playoffs though.

Minnesota Twins

twins depth chart


The twins are in the same place as the Indians are. Their team is full of major league role players. The difference between the two teams may be Alex Gordon, as he gives the Twins something the Indians don’t have, which is a star player. The staff ace Josh Johnson was once an elite pitcher before having his career derailed by injuries. Ike Davis and Jason Kubel could make more a nice pair of corner outfielders, but Davis has failed to live up to his potential, and Kubel isn’t a young player anymore. Overall, they are an OK team, but would be nothing special.

Chicago White Sox

whitesox depth chart


The White Sox suffer from the fact they do not only share a state with another team, but they share a city. This in a state that doesn’t have an abundance of baseball stars growing up in. So after the players from Illinois are split between the Cubs and Whitesox, the two teams had to take the scraps from the other teams regions. They still managed to get a respectable team given the situation. Kipnis and Werth are both talented players, and Lind and Thole both have always had the potential to be stars.


Detroit Tigers

tigers depth chart


Creating the Tigers team I ran into a few issues. One, Michigan doesn’t isn’t a big baseball state, meaning there weren’t many players to chose from. Secondly, every bordering state has a team of its own, meaning they have a really don’t have a second state to add to their pool of players like others. In the end, they were settling for the scraps left by the other teams looking for scraps in other states. With a team filled with some players average baseball fans have never even heard of, the Tigers may have come out being the worst team in this hypothetical MLB.


Tomorrow we look at the NL Central