With the popularity of the recent article on elitedaily.com by Josh Milford about What NBA Teams Would Look Like If Players Went Home, I thought it would be fun to look at the same thing in the MLB. Going into it I didn’t think it would be too hard, but boy was I wrong. The research for the article took me over a week, and I had to dig into some really obscure players for some teams.  The research is done though, and the teams are set. For some teams I had to borrow the left over players from other areas, because there just wasn’t enough players from their own region. it was also tough because there are a lot of baseball teams in close proximity to each other, making it hard to tell which player should go where, so for some players I had make a close decision, and base it mostly off which ballpark they were closer to. Unfortunately, it also means foreign players wouldn’t be in the league, which is a significant hit to the pool of players in baseball. I will release the teams in six different posts, separated by divisions.

Here is what the Al West would look like.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Angels Depth Chart


California is one of the best places to find baseball players. The beautiful weather allows them to play the sport year round, which is why it is the place where the most baseball players are from. Problem is, there is five teams in California, which means they have to split those five players. The Angels still ended u-p with a very strong team though, including a team favorite in pitcher Garret Richards. the only area where they are weak is the middle infield, but their outfield and corner infielders would be among the strongest in the game.  They would be my pick to win their division if players stayed home.

Texas Rangers

Rangers depth chart


Like California, Texas is the home of a lot of baseball players. They aren’t quite as strong as California though, and they also have to share the state with the Houston Astros. They ended up with a fairly strong team though, with their Ace Clayton Kershaw being the biggest strength. Like the Angels they also have a weak middle infield, but so do most teams seeing as many of the best middle infielders in the game are from other countries. They have a good outfield though, and good young corner infielders. They wouldnt be as good as the Angels, but would definitely compete for a wildcard spot.

Seattle Mariners

Mariners depth chart


Seattle makes yet another strong team in the Al West. They have the strongest Middle infield of the three teams thus far, but also the weakest corner infield. Their biggest problem would be a lack of real power. they do not have a single real power threat, only a few players with solid power.  never the less, with the amount of skill on the team, they would still be able to score runs. Jon Lester is a great, reliable pitcher at the front of the rotation as well.

Houston Astros

Astros Depth Chart


The Astros, while a solid team, seem to have gotten the worse end of the players from Texas. While researching for these two teams, it just seemed there was just a little more talent around the Dallas area, as opposed to the Houston area. Despite that, they still do have a good team. Matt Carpenter and Anthony Rendon are both strong players in the infield, and Jay Bruce is a major power source from the outfield. CArl Crawford and Michael Bourn have both been underwhelming latley, but both have the talent to be stars still.

Oakland Athletics

Oakland depth chart


With all the teams in California, one of them were going to end up with a weaker cast, unfortunately that is the Athletics. While they do get the promising young player Joc Pederson, it isnt a good sign they had to settle for a minor league player. Their middle infield is solid, but aging. Their pitcher, Doug Fister, is also just solid, but not the type of guy you want at the front of your rotation. The A’s may be the best team in the actual AL West, but they are the worst in this hypothetical Al West.


Tomorrow we will look at the NL West.