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The National Collegiate Athletic Association has become known for its ridiculous rules. According to the rules, student-athletes cannot receive compensation, in any way, shape, or form. The rule itself is bad enough, considering it is merely a way to fatten the pockets of NCAA officials while exploiting the student-athletes. The NCAA has all the power in these situations, as they can hold scholarships and a student’s place at a university over their heads.

Infractions come in many ridiculous ways. One student was penalized for washing her car with University water. Another was penalized for using his own image to support a clothes line he made himself. The NCAA likes to have complete power over the students, they like to own them.

Now in the second day of the first round of the NCAA Tournament, another idiotic NCAA rule has come into light. After San Diego State defeated New Mexico State, SDSU head coach Steve Fischer ripped the NCAA in his post-game press conference. Fischer complained about the NCAA procedure of forcing the losing team in a tourney game, to leave that day, because paying for a Hotel for that team for another night would be giving them benefits apparently.

“New Mexico State has to do this,” Fischer said. “They didn’t want to go home tonight, but they have to.”

“It’s disgraceful, for the billions of dollars that we have here, for them not to find a way to accommodate these kids, the student’s athletes.”

The game ended near 11pm, New Mexico State had to leave on a plane that night. They had to guy back to their hotel, pack, catch a plane, and most likely didn’t get home to the early AM.

The inane rules the NCAA continues to throw at these students are a joke. The entire idea of Amateurism is finally being seen as the sham that it is. The NCAA can’t hide behinds its false ideals of protecting the students by not paying them for long. Already some rules have been struck down, sooner or later they will have to break and agree to give the student a cut of the billions of dollars they make for the NCAA

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